BEENOS Co., Ltd. BEENOS Entertainment supports the EC site where original design goods of “Creative Plus”, which handles popular anime and other character goods, can be produced and purchased.

BEENOS Entertainment supports an EC site where original design goods of “Creative Plus”, which handles character goods such as popular anime, can be produced and purchased

BEENOS Entertainment Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Takuro Utsumi), a consolidated subsidiary of BEENOS Inc. (TSE Prime: 3328), supports the digital transformation (DX) of the entertainment industry. Plus (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shutaro Kato) operates an online store “Sukikuru” (https://sukikuru. com/ ) are supported.
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About “Creative Plus”
Creative Plus has a mission to be a bridge between entertainment and fans by making full use of ideas and technology. We are engaged in contract development of services such as games, and support for the introduction of VR/AR and AI technologies.
Overview of EC site “Skikuru”
“Skikuru” is an e-commerce shop that offers an on-demand goods manufacturing service that allows you to create your own original design goods by stamping characters from popular works onto materials such as T-shirts and tote bags. In addition to original design goods, you can also purchase goods designed by EC owners.
■Products handled
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■ Examples of products handled
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You can select your favorite character stamp and design it on your favorite item. You can create only one original item in the world, and it is recommended for promotion, wearing it with friends, going out, and participating in events.
Groobee support content
[Image 5d35599-490-7b3938c74eb92ffc587c-4.png&s3=35599-490-509d87927013ce9568e33e84406a59db-2700x1774.png
 Groobee ( is a site construction service that specializes in artist/animation and character content, and is packed with functions that are ideal for entertainment. You can start with an initial cost of 0 yen. If you provide us with product information, Groobee will support everything from website creative and CS support to logistics support. In addition to building a stand-alone EC site that handles one brand product, if there are multiple artists and contents, it is also possible to develop a mall-type EC site. In addition, it is possible to purchase products from 118 countries and regions around the world by linking with the BEENOS Group’s cross-border purchase support service “Buyee“. We can deliver Japanese entertainment to fans globally.
Groobee is also available as a Saas, and it is possible to flexibly respond to companies that have already created an EC site or when renewing.
Overview of BEENOS Entertainment
BEENOS Entertainment will make full use of the BEENOS Group’s three strengths of “experience,” “network,” and “accumulation of data,” as well as new “technology,” to support the digital transformation (DX) and globalization of the entertainment industry. We are doing. The entertainment platform “Groobee” (, which we operate, provides end-to-end support from site construction to operation, specializing in content such as artists, animations and characters, from stand-alone to mall-type. It is possible to support up to EC site deployment in In addition, since it can be linked with the purchase support service “Buyee”, which has the No. 1 domestic cross-border EC annual transaction value, it is packed with functions that are ideal for entertainment, such as enabling purchases from fans in 118 countries and regions around the world. increase.
BEENOS Entertainment will support the entertainment industry, which has empowered many people, with technology, and will work together with all stakeholders such as content, artists, event venues, and event organizers to develop the market and revenue of the Japanese entertainment industry. We will promote the business to help expand the entertainment industry, and realize “entertainment DX that can be enjoyed by both artists and fans by transmitting content that matches the appeal of each individual”.
【Company Profile】
Company name: BEENOS Entertainment Inc.
Representative: Takuro Utsumi, President and Representative Director Head office location: 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: February 2020
Capital: 50 million yen
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