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Best-Anniversary Co., Ltd. Parents and children enter together to change colors Start a project to support weddings with children

Best-Anniversary Co., Ltd.
Parents and children enter together to change colors Start a project to support weddings with children
1st free gift for children’s dress & tuxedo selection Start accepting from October 1st (Sat) Limited to the first 39 sets

Best Anniversary Co., Ltd. (President Kento Tsukada: 3-11-10 Higashi, Shibuya-ku)
At “Rakukon”, which produces weddings, ( From Saturday, October 1,
We will start the “Wedding Support Project with Children” at comfortable marriage salons nationwide. In the first installment, Limited to the first 39 pairs, all children’s dresses & tuxedo costumes will be given free of charge.
For couples who could not have a wedding due to various reasons, we will fulfill their wedding wishes with their children.
[Image 1

Wedding with children (image)
Those who were forced to give up the ceremony due to the corona disaster, and those who could not have a wedding due to various circumstances at the time of registration
The number of cases in which mothers and fathers become fathers and mothers after giving birth to children is increasing year by year. In our company’s “Rakukon”, we always carefully analyze the needs and trends of the times, and make your ideal wedding come true with your gifts.
“Congratulatory wedding”, “Membership party” where invited guests can participate at low cost, bride and groom’s
We have been working on the development of various wedding styles such as “Furusato Marriage” where the ceremony is held in the hometown. This time, for dads and moms who could not have a wedding, we will provide free rental costumes for children to wear on the day of the wedding, as well as reporting the birth of a child. In the first round of the support project, in addition to the “children’s dress & tuxedo costume free gift for unlimited choice”, there is also the privilege of “children can also recolor the costume together”. For work, parenting, and busy dads and moms, meetings can be held online. Why don’t you share your feelings of gratitude by presenting the wedding you’ve envisioned together with your children in matching costumes? Wedding support project for children 1st overview
【event date】
From Saturday, October 1, 2022, it will be a gift on a first-come, first-served basis, so it will end as soon as it is gone.
[Holding store]
Rakukon Grand Salon nationwide ( ・Sendai Grand Salon (Tel 022-206-0102) ・Tokyo Grand Salon (Tel 03-5201-6880) ・Hamamatsucho Grand Salon (Tel 03-5367-5154) ・Shinjuku Grand Salon (Tel 03-5367-5154)
・Yokohama Minatomirai Grand Salon (Tel 045-640-3885) ・Omiya Grand Salon (Tel 048-612-5796)
・Nagoya Sakae Grand Salon (Tel 052-955-2867) ・Osaka Umeda Grand Salon (06-6346-0388)
・Osaka Namba Grand Salon (Tel 06-6211-8889) ・Hiroshima Grand Salon (082-502-1495)
・Hakata Grand Salon (Tel 092-260-6080)
[Outline of the first wedding support project for children]
1. Unlimited selection of children’s costumes from 16 types of children’s dresses and 13 types of children’s tuxedos Free gift  The guests will be delighted with the commemorative photo with the children dressed up in formal attire.
You can choose your favorite one from a wide variety of designs of 29 types in total for men and women.
*Costume sizes from 100cm to 130cm are available.
2. One more free costume for children to change clothes
Together with the bride and groom, the children will also change their costumes. *Limited to reception plan applications
3. Equipped with a child-friendly salon
(Benefits) Drinks for children, kids space available
* The content provided varies depending on the salon.
4. One meeting is OK Easy online meeting
Having many meetings with children tends to be a burden on both the two of you and your child.
If it is a comfortable marriage, it is possible to produce a wedding ceremony that is suitable for two people from a minimum of 1 time (average for other companies: 3 to 5 times).
5. Wedding can be prepared in as little as one month
While I have time on childcare leave, before I have my second child… It is also possible to produce in a short period of time according to your convenience.
6. Experienced Mom and Dad Producer
 Many mum and dad producers with childbirth experience are enrolled. Please feel free to contact us for everything from wedding
consultations to childcare concerns.
Customers who apply for a new ceremony hall for easy marriage after October 1, 2022
Limited to 39 first-come, first-served basis
Application details are for those who apply for the dinner and reception plan. Only the wedding ceremony is excluded.
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[Image 3d53980-103-d272782767c9d80d3c56-1.jpg&s3=53980-103-9261f1416ade81537c4387c5dad492f4-1800x2700.jpg
[Image 4d53980-103-5d18c95580e07c088f1d-2.jpg&s3=53980-103-3b7d2daa7ebed4347fc843ea49b37baa-2500x1666.jpg
What is easy marriage?
Rakukon is a wedding production business with the theme of “weddings for everyone” that allows you to realize your own wedding ceremony without having to pay a large amount.
We have partnered with more than 620 venues, including famous brand hotels in major cities across the country, popular guesthouses, traditional wedding halls, and Michelin-starred restaurants, to accommodate a variety of styles. The cost of the wedding ceremony can be paid in arrears with congratulatory gifts and membership fees, the wedding meeting can be held once or more, and the wedding day can be prepared in a minimum of one month. I can do it. While it is a cheap wedding, it offers a variety of modern wedding styles, such as “papa mama marriage” and “maternity wedding” that are safe and easy even with children, and “hometown marriage” that can be realized because there are affiliated venues all over the country. Rakukon’s appeal is the wide range of products available.
[Image 5d53980-103-1c1d16418e2fab0ff7bb-3.jpg&s3=53980-103-8aa1bc8fad98185fe59743709c33e49f-2500x1666.jpg
[Image 6d53980-103-59cdf6f41327577d9c30-4.jpg&s3=53980-103-28d2beae3abac33d081c0195f740dd6e-2500x1666.jpg
[Image 7d53980-103-02ecefb6246ceb6edfb2-5.jpg&s3=53980-103-abb81fdf75a241c94d5ee1c6019cc425-2500x1663.jpg

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