bieno Co., Ltd. Launched “bieno SCOPE”, a “value visualization solution for generation Z”.

bieno Co., Ltd.
Launched “bieno SCOPE”, a “value visualization solution for generation Z”. -Miss Campus contest members and creators supported by over 1 million followers will participate. We will create a mechanism to rediscover the charm of Japan with the power of young people.

Bieno Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yukino Okuhara, hereinafter bieno), which provides branding and marketing support targeting Generation Z, will start from October 1, 2022. Value visualization solution by Generation Z. We started “bieno SCOPE” as part of our own business.
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Thoughts put into “bieno SCOPE”
Bieno Co., Ltd. has been involved in branding and marketing support for young people, such as store and product production and SNS promotion.
In fact, in the marketing measures of a major restaurant, we committed to the result of “204% increase in sales in one month” by creating content that thoroughly analyzed the insights of Generation Z. Over the past year, we have continued to work with various companies and local governments, including regional revitalization projects. In order to solve the problem, we held many discussions, actually visited various parts of the country, came into contact with nature and culture, and interviewed people who are responsible for local traditions. There is an “awareness” that was born by stepping inside and seeing it as “my own”. It means that there are many things that are “good for society” that have not yet spread to the world. For example, local culture and experience value. Good things, good things are out there, but no one has yet paid attention to them. “bieno SCOPE” is a solution created to solve such problems.
By joining hands with “things of unknown value” and the “power of communication” that we, the younger generation, are good at, we will open the door to a new future… Such a new challenge will begin. Full-fledged start as own business in addition to existing partner business [Image 2

*bieno management philosophy (from HP)
In parallel with the projects with partner companies that are currently the axis of bieno, “bieno SCOPE” will start full-scale as an in-house project that forms the basis of our management philosophy. In this project, bieno and his fellow influential Generation Z members will know, feel, and deliver new value so that it can be seen in the world.
From our point of view, we will visualize the unknown charm far and deep. Comment from Mr. Okuhara, president of bieno Co., Ltd.
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In interviews with members and students of the creator community formed by bieno, we heard many voices such as “I want to use my own perspective in the world” and “I want to use the influence of the younger generation to solve social issues.”
In the future, through “bieno SCOPE,” we will spread “new value” from our perspective together with Generation Z nationwide and expand the “circle of empathy” to all generations.
First of all, we will start by stimulating and encouraging “regional culture and experience value”.
Please look forward to the next step bieno takes.
About bieno Inc.
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Under the management philosophy of “connecting well”, we are focusing on the two pillars of “tossing new opportunities to improve the world” and “creating a society where people can exert their influence with a sense of purpose”. From brand production to real events, he works on direction in a wide range of genres.
We also operate our own business such as “bienoSCOPE” with the theme of value visualization solutions for the Z generation.
【Company Profile】
Trade name: bieno Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Yukino Okuhara
Location: 202 Sako Building, 1-11-4 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051 Established: September 1, 2021
Business content: ・ Marketing and PR for young people / event planning and management / product production
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bieno Co., Ltd.
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