Birdman Kazuya Nobe, former CMO of Mercari and Lawson, currently in charge of smart news Japan consumer business, appointed as outside marketing advisor of Birdman Co., Ltd.

Kazuya Nobe, former CMO of Mercari and Lawson, current head of smart news Japan consumer business, appointed as external marketing advisor to Birdman, Inc.

Birdman Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Securities code: 7063, Representative Director: Akihiro Date, hereinafter referred to as the Company), CMO at Lawson and Mercari, and currently Head of Japan Consumer Business at Smart News Kazuya Nobe We are pleased to announce that Mr. has been appointed as an external marketing advisor to our company effective October 1, 2022.
With the dramatic changes in lifestyles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the diversification of communication tools, and companies competing for the disposable time of consumers, it is necessary to evolve marketing and advertising.
In addition, we have a certain number of BtoC companies among our clients, and with the expansion of the business format and industry base from major companies to venture companies with remarkable growth, the level of service provided by the marketing transformation (MX) business is increasing. We have decided that this is the best opportunity to further develop the
In order to achieve these goals, it is essential to strengthen our ability to build innovative and “winning” strategies and to produce output that contributes to the growth of our clients’ businesses. [Image 1d24030-50-f4461acebe2cc2d15961-0.jpg&s3=24030-50-76c94eaadc43f3ce792ba7beb001723a-3369x2268.jpg
Photo: Mr. Kazuya Nobe appointed as Outside Marketing Advisor of Birdman Co., Ltd.
Therefore, we welcomed Mr. Nobe, who has served as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Lawson and Mercari and has continued to produce solid results with innovative strategies, as an external marketing advisor to help our clients’ businesses grow further. , we will improve the service level of the MX business.
In addition, we will also discuss the marketing and growth of our Entertainment Transformation (EX) business, MX’s new business “Touching Live (R)︎ 5D LIVE (R)︎”, and the business promoted by our subsidiary Entertainment Next. , We will promote the growth of each business by receiving support from Mr. Nobe’s knowledge of BtoC business.
Comment from Mr. Kazuya Nobe
I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed as an outside marketing advisor to Birdman.
Birdman advocates marketing transformation and has realized various projects so far.
The role expected of marketing in the future is changing, and it is required not only to communicate but also to lead the value creation process. In addition to Birdman’s strengths of creativity and ability to execute, in order to sustain growth in the future, advice on achieving growth, including products that add new value to products and services, will be sought. I’m here.
I would be very happy if my experience in management and marketing in various industries and businesses could lead to the revitalization of more companies and businesses through Birdman.
[Image 2d24030-50-cba3508c2ead8c65b01d-1.jpg&s3=24030-50-1a035836d0a7e9be0691617cddec8696-1800x2700.jpg
Kazuya Nobe
Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Business Administration. Started an IT-related business while in college. After that, he led business strategy and marketing projects at a foreign consulting company (PwC/Arthur Andersen). In 2007, he joined Revamp Co., Ltd. and realized business regrowth as the CEO of a supported cosmetics company. 2013 Lawson, Inc. Senior Executive Officer, General Manager of Marketing Headquarters. In 2019, he contributed to the growth of the Mercari Japan business as Executive Officer, CMO and CBO of Mercari, Inc. Joined Smart News Co., Ltd. in 2022, responsible for Japan Consumer Business. In addition, he has also served as an outside director of Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd. (Ponta Point operating company).
Reference materials: Recent projects of Birdman Co., Ltd.
Feel free to touch, see, buy and play. Metaverse virtual platform “Touchable Live (R)︎ 5D LIVE (R)︎”
“Touchable Live (R)︎ 5D LIVE (R)︎” features high-resolution 3D CG images shot in a dedicated studio operated by Realize Mobile Communications, and Birdman designed a high-quality metaverse with a high degree of immersion. It is a service that plans and produces experiential digital content that you can “touch” and enjoy in real time by combining various digital devices. It is compatible with smartphones, PCs, VR / AR devices, etc. By touching the image (screen), you can freely move your viewpoint at the virtual live venue, and you can immediately purchase the tapped product at the online shop. Realize a virtual experience with hidden possibilities. ・ “Touchable Live (R)︎ 5D LIVE (R)︎” website: ・ “Touchable Live (R)︎ 5D LIVE (R)︎” image video: [Image 3d24030-50-3551438b31cdf44abd91-2.jpg&s3=24030-50-7c1f11b1c0782fdd3df159b71d3a7571-2365x444.jpg
THE TOKYO TOILET “Hi Toilet” / The Nippon Foundation
Adopting voice recognition technology, we created a clean and innovative toilet that can not only open and close the door, operate the toilet bowl, but also play music. Birdman participated from the planning and experience design stage, and was in charge of design, linkage with various devices, and implementation of the voice command system. In addition to winning the top prize of the world’s three major design awards “iF DESIGN AWARD 2022”, it has won global creative awards such as the Spikes Asia 2022 Brand Experience & Activation Category Gold Award.
[Image 4d24030-50-41a7a5b3f7ff209435f6-3.jpg&s3=24030-50-053cdbc87b718b70f2e64bc6ddc4313d-2360x522.jpg

History of Birdman Co., Ltd.
July 2012: Founded Adot Co., Ltd. for the purpose of sales promotion March 2019: Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market (currently the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market)
July 2019: Moved the head office to the Oxiv Building in Shoto, Shibuya-ku November 2019: Acquired shares of Birdman Co., Ltd. for the purpose of strengthening creativity
January 2021: Karasu Co., Ltd., Rumor Co., Ltd., Round Table Co., Ltd., Spark Co., Ltd., Arca Co., Ltd. and BIRDMAN Co., Ltd. will be merged into a new structure.
February 2021: Changed company name from Adot to Birdman, renewed CI September 2021: Concluded a growth partnership agreement with 7ORDER,       Start of EX (Entertainment Transformation) business
July 2022: Establishment of Entertainment Next Co., Ltd., a subsidiary specializing in the entertainment business
July 2022: 10th anniversary of foundation
Birdman Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Image 5d24030-50-d3f9b3db26c8c3145574-4.jpg&s3=24030-50-010187f8fc7704eb07901613640fdf94-650x271.jpg
We will implement innovative ideas by making full use of creative and business solutions that break preconceived notions and technologies that make them a reality. From branding, business/product/application development to financing and advertising to make them successful. We will continue to pursue the challenges faced by companies and society by facilitating the vertical division of businesses such as consulting companies, advertising companies, and PR companies.
In addition, from 2021, in order to update the entertainment industry, which continues trial and error due to the corona disaster, we will newly establish the “Entertainment Transformation Business” to create new forms of entertainment in collaboration with up-and-coming artists and creators. In July 2022, “Entertainment Next Co., Ltd.” was established with the aim of further strengthening the existing EX business and creating a new form of entertainment with artists not only in Japan but also overseas. We aim for further growth in both the MX business and the EX business.
Company name: Birdman Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth (7063) English name: Birdman inc.
Representative: Akihiro Date, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: July 26, 2012
Capital: 392,951 thousand yen (as of June 30, 2022)
Business: Consulting, strategy planning, planning, development, branding, design, PR, EX business, MX business
Location: Oxiv Building, 1-5-3 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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