Birth of “mobica”, a car that maximizes enjoyment of work and life

Cosmosmore Co., Ltd.
Birth of “mobica”, a car that maximizes enjoyment of work and life A construction company that has worked on workplaces for about 30 years proposes a work style that utilizes mobility. Announcement of “mobica” car sharing service start

Cosmosmore Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisao Edahiro) is a work car “mobica” that allows you to work comfortably inside and outside the car while moving to your favorite place. We are pleased to inform you that we will start a car sharing service. This product is a commercial vehicle mounted in a workspace, and with the recent increase in demand for workcations, the service is being developed with the desire to propose a work style that allows you to work more freely and in your own way at your favorite place. I came to
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-Image of completed mobica- -Image of inside mobica-
Based on the idea of ​​“wellness*1”, ​​which is a state of being radiant and lively, we want you to feel free to choose your favorite place to work. Work as usual, when and where you want. With this in mind, we have been thinking about workplaces for more than 30 years, and we are expanding our horizons from real estate to movable property * 2 that can be moved, and we will propose new work styles and lifestyles using mobica.
This service is scheduled to start as a car sharing service from 2023 so that it can be used by the general public.
Since the vehicle is equipped with a solar panel, it is possible to secure the necessary power supply and private space, so we are considering providing it as a private evacuation shelter in the event of an emergency such as a disaster.
*1: A concept that comprehensively captures health in a broader sense than just the physical aspect. The first definition was proposed by Dr. Halbert Dunn of the United States as “the state of being radiantly alive.”
*2: In contrast to land and things fixed to the land that are expressed as “real estate,” anything that can be moved is called “movable property.”
Features of mobica
Mobica’s vehicles are available in two types: Hiace (TOYOTA) and N-VAN (Honda). You can choose a vehicle according to your usage scene. Both vehicles have specifications that allow you to freely choose and customize a space to work according to your work and mood.
・How you work is up to you. Variations of work styles that can be achieved with mobica
It is believed that productivity will improve if individuals can freely choose a comfortable working environment according to their work content and mood. With mobica, you can work at the desk inside the car when you want to concentrate, or use the back of the car to work outside when you want to work in a different mood.
-Variation example-
[Image 2d23149-19-6485e73245e3d1f678ff-2.jpg&s3=23149-19-3d607fe1c5b3be24b853fe05d9321b25-3000x2121.jpg
While opening the back door and looking at the open scenery. I can work comfortably.

[Image 3d23149-19-04094f9b8cf428aab88f-3.jpg&s3=23149-19-4733c4d258b4586a1dc88b40f0196872-3000x2121.jpg
At the desk in the car when you want to concentrate alone or have an online meeting. Work efficiency is also improved by using the built-in monitor.

[Image 4d23149-19-cce3ba68fb2b235d986f-6.jpg&s3=23149-19-95caae1fbd650c21ef30ca9a7b8abd91-3000x2121.jpg
Work while standing when you want to change your mood. It is said that working while standing gives you a moderate sense of tension and increases your concentration.

[Image 5d23149-19-1c3828f30245c4dfbf07-7.jpg&s3=23149-19-eb36fbce3d6e9881f0d28cbada862a27-3000x2121.jpg
When you want to work in a relaxed and calm manner, you can set the seat fully flat and stretch your legs to work in a comfortable posture.

[Image 6d23149-19-77760204ccbae0983b83-4.jpg&s3=23149-19-e49fc46528a38237252e5c2859cb2e51-3000x2121.jpg
Online meetings are held outdoors using a monitor with an arm mounted on the rear of the vehicle. New ideas may be born by arranging chairs and brainstorming with multiple people, or by talking in a different environment than usual.

[Image 7d23149-19-dc71ce1bed9b26f3159a-5.jpg&s3=23149-19-e213e5e6c86ce727862aaa0e918ade5d-3000x2121.jpg
In the car, which can be used like a private room, it is possible to work with fellow passengers, such as having meetings or brushing up presentation materials while having a conversation.

・Equipped with power supply and Wi-Fi! A power supply and network environment that allows you to work comfortably even in the car In addition to loading a portable power supply equipped with an outlet and a USB power supply, it is also equipped with a pocket Wi-Fi. We have prepared a power supply and network environment so that you can work comfortably even in the car.
・An arm-type PC monitor that allows you to hold meetings comfortably outside An arm-type PC monitor is installed at the rear of the vehicle. Not only can you use the PC by displaying it on the monitor in the car, but you can also hold meetings and video conferences with multiple people by extending the arm outside (only the N-VAN type is equipped with an arm-type PC monitor). .
・You can also stay in the car! Bed space that appears when you knock down the chair
If you fold the seat to make it fully flat, a bed space will appear where two adults can lie down on the Hiace type and one person can lie down on the N-VAN type. You can stretch your legs and work in a comfortable position, work while lying down, take a nap, or go to bed. ・Recommended passenger capacity
Hiace: 3 people N-VAN: 2 people
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About Cosmosmore Co., Ltd.
Cosmosmore Co., Ltd. (URL: was established in 1990 as a company responsible for Recruit Group’s renovation business. After that, it became a group company of Daiwa House Industry (TSE Prime: 1925) in 2013 together with the parent company Cosmos Initia (TSE Standard: 8844). We are developing an office business that creates workplaces, a general affairs outsourcing business, and a construction business including renovation.

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