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Biz Hits Recommended job ranking for working part-time in dependents Questionnaire survey of 341 women

Biz Hits
[Recommended job ranking for working part-time as a dependent] Questionnaire survey of 341 women
Awareness survey on part-timers within dependents

Biz Hits Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Representative Director: Yosuke Ito) conducted an “Awareness Survey on Part-time Support” for 341 women who work part-time in support, and ranked the data. has become
Click here for details ( Many people who want to work part-time are looking for a job that allows them to work within the support of their spouse.
What kind of work would be easier for a dependent to work?
Therefore, this time, Biz Hits (, a media operated by Biz Hits Co., Ltd. ( that thinks about solving business problems, A questionnaire survey was conducted on 341 part-time women about “Part-time work within dependents.” The results are summarized in ranking format.
Survey outline
Survey target: Female dependents who work part-time
Survey period: August 23 to September 9, 2022
Research agency: In-house research
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of valid responses: 341 people
Age of respondents: 20s 19.6% / 30s 45.0% / 40s 24.0% / 50s and over 11.4% Summary of survey results
・ The number one recommended job for working part-time within the support is “restaurant staff”
・ 77.1% of people are satisfied with working as a dependent
The number one recommended job for working part-time within the support is “Restaurant staff”
[Image 1d41309-150-36b2212221cc1b19f474-0.png&s3=41309-150-ee5953cd16d3d828f76be0be6779b8aa-700x672.png
When we asked 341 women who work part-time within the support, “recommended jobs for working part-time within the support”, the first place was “restaurant staff (61 people)”.
2nd place is “Clerical work (60 people)”, 3rd place is “Supermarket cash register / product stock (50 people)”, 4th place is
“Manufacturing / light work staff (33 people)”.
Many hospitality businesses such as “restaurants” and “supermarkets” are ranked. This is probably because people in the hospitality industry often work in shifts, and are welcomed even if they work short hours.
In addition, workplaces with a large number of staff, such as “manufacturing and light work staff” and “telephone operators”, are also ranked.
-1st Place Restaurant Staff-
・Major fast food chain. It is easy to manage the schedule because it is a shift submission every week, and it also supports sudden absence due to child’s illness (27 years old)
– Café clerk. Since we have a wide range of age groups working, it is easy to be flexible with working hours, such as working as a dependent (29 years old).
・Lunch time hall of a restaurant. This is because there are many restaurants where you can work short hours without overtime (37 years old).
Eating and drinking establishments also have “recruitment only for lunchtime” and “recruitment only for preparation”, so it is possible to work short hours and it is suitable for people who want to work as a dependent.
In addition, there are many people who want to work as dependents who are raising children.
A restaurant with flexible shifts and a large number of staff also has the advantage of making it easier for children to take sudden breaks. -Second place Clerical work-
・Clerics for chambers of commerce and organizations. I work 3 days a week and work 4-6 hours a day, so I can work without having to worry about housework (31-year-old female).
・Fiscal year appointment staff of the prefectural office. Since the working hours are fixed, there is no overtime work, and it is confirmed that the annual income is within the scope of support (33 years old)
・General office work and administrative assistance. Because I can understand “I will not be able to shift anymore this year because I will exceed the scope of support.” It is easy to understand that it is a workplace where many people work as dependents (44 years old) In the case of part-time clerical work, there are many cases where recruitment is based on the assumption that it is within the scope of support.
If there is no overtime work, there is no need to worry that overtime work will increase and the amount of support will exceed the scope of support.
It is physically easy, so it should be easy for people who are not confident in their physical strength or who have housework and childcare waiting after returning home.
In addition, “Medical office work (10 people)” is also in 9th place for reasons such as “I can work only in the afternoon and only in the morning at the clinic”.
-3rd Place: Supermarket cash register/stocking-
・Supermarket product display. There are many items on sale before the store opens, and it often ends in the morning (35 years old) ・A cash register such as a supermarket. Since it is a shift system, it is easy to adjust so that it fits within the dependents (39 years old) ・There are many women who have families, and understanding is gained when taking a break or changing hours in an emergency (55 years old). The supermarket is also a “shift system” and “a workplace where many people work as dependents”, so it is easy to work within the dependents.
Since the responsibilities are divided, such as “cashier”,
“preparation of side dishes”, and “stocking”, it is also an advantage that you can choose the work you want to do.
If you are in charge of stocking items who can only work early in the morning, there is also the advantage that you can easily make a schedule during the day.
-4th Place: Manufacturing/light work staff-
– Apparel manufacturing work in a warehouse. There is no overtime work, so it fits in the support. Easy to rest (27 years old) ·plant. There are many people, and the holiday is flexible (39 years old) – Food processing factories. He is very flexible, so if he is about to exceed the scope of the dependent exemption, he can take more days off or leave work early (42 years old).
Manufacturing and light work sites have a large number of staff, so shifts are flexible and it is easy to take days off.
Since there are many simple tasks and it is easy to learn the work, some people work only for short-term and one-off times when they are free.
Jobs that can be done sitting down, such as inspection and packaging, are also recommended for people who are not confident in their physical strength.
-5th place convenience store clerk-
・It is easy to work because there are many places that are recruiting (27 years old)
・Because I can arrange shifts according to the time and day of the week according to the convenience of my family (41 years old) ・There are many convenience stores that are understaffed, and there is an atmosphere that they want you to come even if you work shorter hours (46 years old)
There are many convenience stores where you can work shorter hours, and it seems that many people feel that it is easy to work as a dependent.
Convenience stores are everywhere, so being able to work close to home is also an advantage.
Also, there is a solid manual for work at convenience stores, and there is also the advantage that it is easy once you learn the work. -6th place telephone operator-
– Easy shift flexibility. There are many workplaces with high hourly wages, so you can work for short working hours (24 years old) ・Since the shift is relatively free, even if the child suddenly develops a fever, he can rest without looking for a replacement (30 years old)
・Because I can freely adjust the time zone and day of the week according to my convenience (41 years old)
An increasing number of people mentioned that “there are many staff so it’s easy to take time off” and “the hourly wage is high and you can earn money in short working hours” as recommended points.
Some people who make telephone appointments while working from home say, “Working hours are about 1 to 3 hours.”
However, some people worry that “the call center seems to be stressful in dealing with complaints.”
It depends on where you work, but if you’re at a mail-order reception center or a corporate call center, you’ll get relatively few complaints.
-7th place cleaning staff-
・Since there are a certain number of people, there is someone who can take care of you even if you suddenly have to take a day off due to a family member’s sudden illness (32 years old)
・Hospital cleaning. There is no overtime and weekends and holidays are off, so I have holidays with my family. Working short hours as a dependent doesn’t take much of a toll on my body (38 years old) ・Hotel room cleaning. It’s within the time from check-out to check-in, so it’s perfect for working for a short time. High hourly wage (40 years old)
Cleaning work is a relatively short-time job, so it is easy to work within a dependent.
If you work in a workplace with many colleagues, you can cooperate with each other when you want to take a break.
On the other hand, since you are often alone while working, it seems that you rarely feel the hassle of human relationships while working. 77.1% of people who are satisfied with working within dependents [Image 2d41309-150-216eb362d91a371c4fdd-1.png&s3=41309-150-ab90f1aaac3e3b323d02b3f4298ac6ac-700x485.png
When 341 women working part-time within the support were asked, “Are you satisfied with working within the support?” 77.1%.
I can see that many people are satisfied with the style of working within dependents.
Many people think that working while valuing their private life “matches their lifestyle.”
-The reason why I am satisfied with working as a dependent-
・Since I will earn pocket money, my living expenses will be enriched (28 years old)
・Working as a full-time employee pays a higher salary, but I think that making dinner will be troublesome and you will end up buying side dishes and eating out more. Working short hours and saving money suited me (32 years old)
・My husband’s salary is enough for living expenses, but if I work part-time, I can save even more (40 years old).
・The more I earn, the more taxes I earn, so now is the right time (41 years old).
・Because I can afford time and can do housework properly. Because I can have time for my hobbies (54 years old)
Many respondents who said they were satisfied with working as dependents answered that they had “less tax burden” and that they had “more time to spare.”
Those who have experience working as full-time or full-time employees may find it difficult to balance full-time work and private life, or that working full-time when their children are small is tough. In addition, some people who say they can live on their spouse’s income said, “I’m happy to be able to use my part-time salary for my own pocket money and savings.”
-Reasons for dissatisfaction with working as a dependent-
・Because I want to earn more money and buy what I like (24 years old) ・I really want to work more and earn a decent income. I’m worried about my husband’s income alone, and I have almost no money to spend (25 years old)
・I really want to work hard at a workplace with social insurance. However, it is difficult to find a part-time job where you can earn more than 1.6 million yen a year even if you are not a dependent (37 years old).
・I can’t earn money because I’m limited by the support frame (40 years old) ・It is difficult to adjust because it is necessary to limit the work at the end of the year in order to keep the income within the support (52 years old)
Many dissatisfied people commented that “the income of the dependents is small”. Although they really want to work more and increase their income, there are many people who have no choice but to work part-time as dependents due to tax and working hours.
In addition, there were several voices saying, “It’s troublesome to have to adjust my work at the end of the year in order to keep it in my dependents.”
In some cases, “If the hourly wage goes up, I have to reduce my working hours to keep it within the scope of my support.”
It’s sad that even if your work is evaluated and you achieve an hourly wage increase, your annual income won’t increase after all.
Jobs that are easy to work as dependent part-timers are jobs that allow you to work in shifts, such as restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, call centers, and manufacturing and light work. Employers are accustomed to adjusting working hours in workplaces where there are many part-time workers who work as dependents. Also, if you work in a workplace with a large number of staff or a workplace with many staff who have families, the atmosphere is likely to allow you to take short breaks without hesitation, making it easier to work.
Dependent part-time work is suitable for people who want to work comfortably with time to spare without seeking an increase in income. On the other hand, if you think that you really want to earn more money and are working as a dependent, why not look for jobs with high hourly wages such as temporary workers, call centers, and nursing care?
You may be able to find a job that allows you to increase your income without unreasonable working days and working hours.
Also, even if you are in the annual income zone where you will lose your job, there are benefits such as an increase in pension amount if you can enroll in social insurance at your workplace.
* All aggregated result data can be viewed from the following. URL:
■ About Biz Hits Co., Ltd.
At our company, we have a job, career change, and job information site ( named “Biz Hits”, which is the same as the company name, and a media that thinks about solving business problems (
In addition, based on the knowledge and experience gained in the above media management, we also provide business efficiency support, remote work, and crowdsourcing introduction consulting.
■ Biz Hits Editor-in-Chief: Profile of Yosuke Ito
Representative Director of Biz Hits Co., Ltd.
Since 2011, we have been working remotely from Tokyo to Suzuka for more than 10 years, and more than 80% of our staff operate multiple web media and recruitment sites by remote workers.
Based on that knowledge and experience, I have written “Expert in home worker management
(” in the Chunichi Shimbun’s expert guide “Chunichi Teach Navi”. /1585/ )”. After that, he became an advisor for crowdsourcing “Claudia
(” and “RS MEDIA
* Click here for profile details
■Company Profile
Company name: Biz Hits Co., Ltd.
Location: 22-21 Suzuka Heights, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture 510-0208 Representative: Yosuke Ito, Representative Director
Established: January 19, 2009
Capital: 3 million yen
Business description: Web media management and consulting
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