Bizen Hatsujo Co., Ltd. GRANDED ARMREST wide type (twice the genuine product)

Bizen Hatsujo Co., Ltd.
GRANDED ARMREST wide type (twice the genuine product)
The elbow is completely! Reduce fatigue!

It is a wider type ARMREST than normal ARMREST. It is an excellent product that is easy to replace and leads to improvement in
long-distance driving fatigue.
It is the ultimate ARMREST that is packed with the know-how of armrests that we have cultivated so far.
Easy to replace! ! “Can be easily replaced with a single bolt.” In addition, if the current type does not have an adjustment function, it is possible to change to a type with an adjustment function. ・Free diversification!
– Quality and texture comparable to urethane foam products!
・Quality and safe strength that make use of the know-how cultivated as an armrest manufacturer!
· Considering environmental issues and improving degradability Promotes Reduce, Lease, and Recycle!
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[Image 2d109945-1-fb8486d50493b5c480f1-1.gif&s3=109945-1-83bacf5aa66b4537295d532d500f6917-218x132.gif
[Image 3d109945-1-dabadefb4095f08a041d-2.gif&s3=109945-1-348620ad6e75ee9bc8fdf7da4028957f-208x132.gif
[Image 4d109945-1-9bd8e9994175574dc5e3-3.gif&s3=109945-1-1879fe32b62c94ebbd2167407846dcd5-775x447.gif
In the case of a normal armrest, the width is about 53mm, but the GARNDED ARMREST has a width of 100mm.
This is the opinion of the users who are currently using it. It is an armrest that realized listening.
Especially when driving long distances, have you ever thought that a wide armrest will make you feel calmer and less tired?
In order to fulfill such a wish, the team members who considered the armrest attached to the current vehicle
It is an armrest with a new specification that was created.
Regarding the replacement method, it can be replaced by loosening one bolt, and for those who do not have knowledge of replacing car parts, female users
But you can easily replace it. Time required for replacement is about 10 minutes We are currently preparing for next year’s release. stay tuned!! Details about this release:


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