BLANC AMOUR Reached 80 live commerce challengers. The exhibiting company has finally been confirmed! Japan’s No. 1 live commercialer deciding match “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022” will start soon.

Reached 80 live commerce challengers. The exhibiting company has finally been confirmed! Japan’s No. 1 live commercialer deciding match “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022” will start soon. Many top live commerceers from the live commerce app “Peace You” will participate.

The contest event “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022” to decide the best live commerceer in Japan, which BLANC AMOUR Co., Ltd. aims to be the top in Japan in the live commerce business, will start soon. We will announce the exhibiting companies/products and the challenge live commercials.
[Image 1

BA Collection official website The enthusiasm of the event sponsors and Japan’s No. 1 Live Commerce Contest entrants are posted on the official website. Please take a look. The ranking announcement of the live commerce challengers will also be posted on this website. (From Tuesday, November 1)
We hope that you will be able to watch the final stage on Sunday, November 20th at the Ochi Arena venue. Your knowledge of live commerce will skyrocket and a new life will be born. Click here to purchase tickets (
■ “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022” Live Commerce Contest Contest Details
All live distribution functions will be used to sell products (live commerce), and the top 5 finalists will be determined based on sales-based data aggregation. Appear on the final stage of the BA Collection Livecomer Contest, which will be held at Ochi Arena on Sunday, November 20th, and present your enthusiasm for future activities as a livecommer in front of the judges. We will award the title of Grand Prix to those who want to grow as a commerce
representative of Japan. In addition, there are many benefits on the day for those who have appeared as finalists.
[Nippon No. 1 Live Commerce Contest Semi-Final Event Period] ◻︎ Liver/creator slot: 11/1 (Tue) 0:00 to 11/11 (Fri) 23:59
◻︎ Live commercial slot: 11/7 (Monday) 0:00 to 11/9 (Wednesday) 23:59 and 11/11 (Friday) 0:00-23:59
From November 1st, live commerce will start for entrants in the Liver and Creator slots. From November 7th, professional live commerce sales will start all at once, with live commerce as their main occupation and exceeding 7-digit sales per month.
[Click here for other details about the contest]
■ About the companies participating in the memorable first “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022” Live Commerce Contest
Tomorrow, October 30th (Sunday), we will introduce 29 products that will be sold at the contest’s live commerce with 8 companies that have exhibited at Asami’s TikTok Live! !
[Image 2

[Distribution schedule]
13:00-13:35 Introduction of 7 products exhibited by title sponsor SHINBISHIN 13:35-14:15 Introducing 7 products from Tencarat
14:15-14:45 Introduction of 5 products exhibited by DRPLANT
14:45-15:00 Introduction of 3 products exhibited by KALOS
15:00-15:15 Introduction of 3 products exhibited by Mr. Kosei 15:15-15:30 Introduction of one product exhibited by ABEAGEN 15:30-15:45 Introduction of one product exhibited by WE Trading Japan 15:45-16:00 Introduction of live commerce at Tsuruya store
[Introduction of each exhibiting company and message for this event] “Companies that will serve as title sponsors of this event”
[Image 3

Symbicin Co., Ltd.
We are a beauty trading company that develops manufacturer business, trading company business, and dealer business.
[Message to this event]
This time, I’m Shinbisin Co., Ltd., and I’m lucky enough to serve as the main sponsor. The reason I chose to serve as the main sponsor is that I want to convey product information to more people. In addition, in the growing live commerce market, I have decided to run as a candidate because I would like to start the distribution of beauty products to secure the profits of the rivers who are active there. Many people will be fascinated by the world of live performances without scripts.
It is difficult to shoot commercials in terms of cost, even for wonderful products, which are stiff due to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
Ask Symbicine. We spread information through our own manpower route. viewers
Listen to the voice of the river rather than the letters.
Words can’t convey passion, and true emotions can be seen both in voice and in the eyes.
Discover the wonderful beauty products that suit everyone.
Keep an eye on this event.
It is an event that will lead the new live distribution industry, which is expected to grow significantly in the economy.
Please report the fun of live streaming.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Atsushi Uda, Representative Director of Symbicine Co., Ltd.

“Companies who fully support this event, our BA, and the future of live commerce”
[Image 4

Tencarat Co., Ltd.
Tencarat Co., Ltd. is an entertainment production company that has many models and talents who are active in the TV shopping industry, such as Anmika, who is called the “queen of mail order”, and Noriko Maeda, also known as Maenori. This summer, the company is actively promoting the live commerce business by launching the entertainment and shopping live “MoreBeautyLive”, which is a new attempt at its own company.
[Message to this event]
Asami Hara’s dream of fostering live commerce was exactly what our company envisioned. I sincerely hope that live commerce will become a leading business to revitalize the Japanese economy, and I pray that this event will be a great success.
Tencarat Co., Ltd. Live Commerce Division
“Companies that will grow together with BA to aim for listing” [Image 5

We are a company that plans and sells a variety of unprecedented products based on the three axes of beauty, health, and life. Half of our employees are engineers who were originally active in major beauty manufacturers and major listed beauty manufacturers. We develop products based on reliable knowledge and technology, taking evidence that everyone can feel at ease. The Rooomy StylishSteamer, a clothing steamer boasting the largest spray volume in the industry, Dr.Beau Grace eye, an all-in-one beauty device that can be used anytime, anywhere, and a new-feeling cleansing brush equipped with magnetism and sound waves. Starting with Faclea, we handle full-fledged beauty equipment and household appliances at affordable prices.
[Message to this event]
The development manager of a major electronics manufacturer and a major beauty equipment manufacturer creates beauty with technology! Make inconvenience convenient! A venture company focusing on beauty and health, aiming to revive Japanese manufacturing. a! We hope that KALOS BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY, which aims to provide genuine products and products that make you feel like you are, will reach everyone who sees the BA Collection.
Representative Director of KALOS BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. “Companies whose boss Asami has been appointed as an ambassador” [Image 6

Kosei Co., Ltd.
We provide various services related to product development, from planning to manufacturing, as well as the operation of our own brand, OEM/OED.
[Message to this event]
This time, we will provide products to the BA collection. Live commerce is not only a one-sided product explanation, but also a tool that allows you to purchase while feeling more real by sharing opinions and questions in real time with users and viewers. This live commerce will greatly change the current sales method in Japan and should become established as a new sales channel. I am happy to be able to participate in such a new initiative.
Kosei Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hirohiro Ishifuji
“A company that will continue to grow together with Asami, the boss, as an opportunity to meet live commerce.”
[Image 7

Kampo Skin Care Research Center Co., Ltd.
[Image 8

JAY beauty brand
[Image 9

Tsuruya Co., Ltd.


[Image 10

WE Trading Japan Co., Ltd.
A total of 8 companies cooperated in exhibiting their products. ■”SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022″ Live Commerce Contest Entrant Details
creator category entrants
[Image 11

Live Commerce Category entrants (part 1 introduction)
[Image 12

Liver category entrants (part 1 introduction)

[Image 13

■Introduction of “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022” Live Commerce Contest Final Stage Judge
The judge is Mr. Musha, the author of the first live commerce book in Japan, “Textbook of live commerce that produces results”
From October 2022, he belongs to Shiseido Interactive Beauty DX Headquarters Omni Experience Promotion Department.
[Image 14

Keisuke Musha
Born in Miyagi Prefecture Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University. Worked as a live commerce evangelist at Irep Co., Ltd. Engaged in launching the live commerce business department and consulting on corporate live commerce. Currently in charge of SNS and live commerce at a major cosmetics manufacturer. Many experts such as live commerce session speakers at adtech tokyo 2021 and Japan IT EXPO 2021. In 2022, the first live commerce book in Japan, “Textbook of live commerce that produces results” will be published. Ranked first in the Amazon category ranking.
In 2013, he established the Japan Gummy Association and has been active in spreading gummy on SNS. Spreading the gummy day on September 3, Twitter domestic trend continues to be No. 1 in Japan for 3 consecutive years. He also distributes gummy live commerce himself. ● Comments on the live commerce industry
Live commerce in Japan has been full-fledged by domestic brands since 2020 after the corona disaster, and from 2022, platformers such as LINE and Twitter will participate in full-scale participation. YouTube is also looking at live commerce functions, and the number of commerce MCNs (offices) has also increased. In 2023, it will become clear what Japanese-style live commerce should be, and the number of people who have purchased it will increase, and it will become established as one purchase channel. For brands, this is an inevitable timing, as e-commerce has become commonplace, and for commerce, just like YouTubers and TikTokers were born, it is an opportunity to see who will become a star.
● Supporting comments for BAC
Live commerce is currently at a time when there are still few distributors themselves. I think the time will come when brands will want influencer-commersers as guests who have the skills to talk about their love of products and expertise while communicating with people. In any era, only pioneers can pave the way.
I have high hopes for BAC, who is ahead of the times in discovering future stars.
In addition, seven judges will gather at the final stage of the “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022” live commercial contest held at Ochi Arena on Sunday, November 20th.

Overview of Japan’s Best Live Commerce Contest Final Stage “SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection ENGRAVE 2022”
Event name: SHINBISHIN Presents BA Collection -ENGRAVE- 2022 Date: Sunday, November 20, 2022
Time: Doors open at 13:00 Performance starts at 14:30 (all scheduled) Venue: Ochi Arena
Organizer: BA Collection Executive Committee
Content Live commerce contest/talk show/booth, etc.
Planning/Production BLANC AMOUR Co., Ltd.
Written by BLANC AMOUR Co., Ltd.
■Ticket information
VIP seats: 12,000 yen, general seats: 3,500 yen
*The number of tickets is limited, so please apply as soon as possible. *Same-day tickets will be on sale undecided. Advance purchase is recommended. [Inquiries regarding this matter]
BA Collection Executive Committee
Room 9, UK Nagahori Building 9F, 1-7-21 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0082
Always with your future.
BLANC AMOUR Co., Ltd., a live commerce company that offers new discoveries, surprises, and emotions

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