Bmap Co., Ltd. Started providing “entry and exit monitoring system” to protect precious children

Bmap Co., Ltd.
Began offering a “room entry/exit monitoring system” to securely protect precious children
Notifications can be sent to parents’ smartphones when they enter or leave a childcare facility, and the software can be customized to meet their needs

Bmap Co., Ltd. has developed and started selling a “entry and exit monitoring system” for childcare facilities that can be linked with the “EG-Keeper (R)” edge AI face authentication panel equipped with a body surface temperature detection function. You can manage your child’s body temperature and information on entering and exiting a childcare facility, and notify the facility staff and parents via SNS. Please use it as a system to confirm where you are when getting on and off the shuttle bus and to prevent people from leaving things behind. [Image 1d18483-88-95dbc371fdd2085949cd-3.jpg&s3=18483-88-9fe3ae183225eba79794fc137d577c68-1221x337.jpg
Bmap Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Fuminori Sugino, hereinafter referred to as our company) is equipped with a body surface temperature detection function developed by WDS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroyuki Yamada). We are pleased to announce that we have developed and started selling a “entry and exit monitoring system” for childcare facilities that can be linked with the edge AI face authentication panel “EG-Keeper (R)” (hereinafter “EG-Keeper (R)”). increase.
 In recent years, the safety management of childcare facilities where infants and toddlers attend, such as kindergartens and nursery schools, has become more important than ever. By linking the “entry and exit monitoring system” developed by our company with “EG-Keeper (R)”, it will be possible to notify the child’s temperature and entry / exit information to the childcare facility to the guardian’s mobile terminal. .
[Image 2d18483-88-3210d47b1c74f6fa1e92-0.png&s3=18483-88-3a9228ad07054e26f633ca42d7503dc3-2135x1197.png
[Image 3d18483-88-81942a639db586e44768-2.png&s3=18483-88-56cd0c503742b57cf31ed57de63b09ad-219x191.png

A feature of the “entry and exit monitoring system” is its high degree of freedom in customization. It is possible to link the child’s attendance log with the smartphones and various devices of nursery staff, parents’ SNS, etc., and notify the child’s arrival time and fever in real time. In addition, we will realize customization according to needs, such as immediately notifying the staff if there is a child who has taken the shuttle bus but has not entered the facility, or an alert for a child with a fever.

Our “entry and exit monitoring system” for childcare facilities meets the needs of parents who want to monitor the physical condition and behavior of their children while they are away, and childcare facilities that want to guarantee safety.
We can also make specific customization proposals according to what you want to achieve, so please contact our department in charge. ■ About “EG-Keeper(R)”
Equipped with edge AI face analysis camera Eeye technology, this face authentication panel performs face recognition, body surface temperature detection, and mask detection with ultra-high-speed processing. It can be linked with various systems such as alcohol check solutions, attendance management, smart locks, etc. It has been widely introduced in general companies, government agencies, medical institutions, educational institutions, etc.
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