BOC Japan G.K. Made with high-quality Japanese ingredients, the authentic recipe is reproduced with a “fluffy” texture. The popular Taiwanese castella, which requires a long line, can be purchased at Shinjuku Station!

Made with high-quality Japanese ingredients and reproduced in the same way as in the original manufacturing method, the “fluffy” texture is so popular that you’ll have to wait in line to buy the popular Taiwanese castella at Shinjuku Station!
“Tairaku Tangao” from October 6th to October 12th at “Keio Department Store” directly connected to Shinjuku Station on the Keio Line
Taiwan castella specialty store “Tairaku Tangao” operated by BOC Japan LLC (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Tomohiko Komatsu), which develops franchises of Taiwanese food stores, will open from October 6 to 10, 2022. Until the 12th of the month, we will open a special event on the 1st basement floor of the Keio Department Store directly connected to Shinjuku Station on the Keio Line for a limited time.
[Image 1d43435-112-7f458f9a2f2f16b40b6b-1.jpg&s3=43435-112-9546566570fea17e4c4b398889b307aa-1000x667.jpg
Dairaku Tanga will open for a limited time on the 1st basement floor of Keio Department Store Shinjuku at Shinjuku Station, which is the terminal station.
At this store, we will sell a total of 6 types, including the popular Taiwanese castella plain, which reproduces the local taste and texture, as well as cheese and Uji matcha, by incorporating the Taiwanese manufacturing method as it is. In addition, for those who want to try various flavors, we also sell greedy sets with 2 or 4 flavors in one box, Taiwanese tea and black tea that go well with castella, pineapple cake, mango cake, papaya milk, etc. do.
■ Popular Taiwan castella with long lines
[Image 2d43435-112-1432cd7f0f210d53c0f4-2.png&s3=43435-112-71bf029198020531775a5f6930f7868a-364x234.png
“Dairaku Tango” will open at Tokyu Plaza Ginza in March 2021, and currently has five permanent stores, as well as many events at department stores and station premises nationwide.
When the first store, Tokyu Plaza Ginza, opened, it attracted attention for its delicious taste and the way the large, fluffy castella was carefully cut into pieces. It became a long line. In addition, we have received a great response, such as setting sales records at events held at commercial facilities.
■Repeat customers keep coming back with the “fluffy” texture that is made using the Taiwanese method.
Taiwanese castella is a family-style sweet that has been popular in Taiwan for a long time, and is called “Xien Kao Dan Gao”, which means a cake baked on the spot. Cut into large pieces, its fluffy texture and slightly sweet taste make it perfect not only for snacks but also for breakfast.
The Taiwanese castella of “Tairaku Tanga” uses plenty of fresh egg yolks, milk, and carefully selected wheat flour, mixed with a foamy meringue made from egg whites, and baked slowly to create a “fluffy” soufflé cake-like cake. It is characterized by its texture. The combination of the sponge cake’s moist dough and the flavor of the egg and milk will fill your mouth with a happy taste. Despite its large size, it seems like it will melt in your mouth.
For the product development, a professional staff trained in Taiwan came to Japan and faithfully reproduced the local taste and texture by incorporating the Taiwanese manufacturing method as it is, a truly authentic Taiwanese castella. Made using authentic methods and using high-quality Japanese ingredients, the result is a finish that can be said to be a high-quality Taiwanese castella.
It’s been difficult to go abroad casually due to the corona sickness, but we would like you to enjoy the feeling of traveling with the authentic Taiwanese castella of Tairaku Tanga.
Overview of store opening
Opening period: Thursday, October 6, 2022-Wednesday, October 12, 2022 Place: Directly connected to Keio Line Shinjuku Station Keio Department Store Shinjuku B1F station premises
Business hours: 10/6~10/9: AM10:00~PM9:00
10/10~10/12: AM10:00~PM8:30
Open every day during the exhibition *May be temporarily closed due to natural disasters, maintenance, etc.
[Image 3d43435-112-6c4846b6bc7cd845fa8f-3.png&s3=43435-112-1a40fd9a7360c7283cca09f0d9019b99-367x691.png

Product lineup
■Premium castella series
We have a selection of special flavors using high-quality Japanese ingredients that can only be tasted at “Dairaku Tanga”.
Premium plain (1,280 yen)
Plain castella with a soft and addictive taste that is carefully baked in a special oven. Suitable for people of all ages.
[Image 4d43435-112-4097b048e0548fa561bf-4.jpg&s3=43435-112-1a43fd9ec43acc295676606f7e3b9146-500x333.jpg
Premium cheese (1,480 yen)
Rich cheddar cheese is sandwiched between dough, and parmesan cheese is sprinkled on the surface to create a fragrant texture and aroma. The exquisite combination of the milky taste of cheese and the moderate sweetness of castella is the only castella in Japan that cannot be tasted anywhere else.
[Image 5d43435-112-7b404a42c2cd006c607c-5.jpg&s3=43435-112-9404f9ea0c6a63b14fa840ba5963bffd-500x333.jpg
Premium chocolate (1,520 yen)
Cocoa powder is kneaded into the dough and baked, and the surface is decorated with chocolate chips. It is an impressive dish where you can enjoy the sweetness and bitterness of rich chocolate in the scent of cacao.
[Image 6d43435-112-32264c115efc1d77bdd8-6.jpg&s3=43435-112-0275b1911b5eb09fa2b24221c432c275-500x333.jpg
Premium Earl Gray (1,480 yen)
It is a luxurious gem that you can enjoy the rich aroma of Earl Gray by kneading the flavored tea leaves, which are flavored with bergamot, a citrus fruit of the Rutaceae family, into the castella dough. [Image 7d43435-112-fa3cf205c2c3d58839cc-10.jpg&s3=43435-112-3069920fa75a37152b37d65cd4f699c1-600x400.jpg
Premium scorched butter vanilla sugar (1,480 yen)
The flavor of butter is condensed into the standard premium plain, and burnt butter with a rich sweet scent is added. You can enjoy the luxurious scent of vanilla sugar on the top.
[Image 8d43435-112-1a4fbf3cf90fb9354719-11.jpg&s3=43435-112-80de41807c42311383534e9976bea11b-600x400.jpg
■Premium Half/Premium Quarter Series
In response to requests from customers such as “It’s too big to eat by myself” and “I want to try different flavors,” we launched the Premium Half Series, which contains half castella of different flavors in each box, as well as one in each box. We also sell a premium quarter series with a different taste for each /4.
Premium half (1,540 yen each *Plain/chocolate only 1,560 yen) ●Plain/Cheese
● Plain / Matcha
● Plain / Earl Gray
[Image 9d43435-112-5d1a315949bc9a025b72-7.jpg&s3=43435-112-1547e399914dcea666f7db4868235042-1000x630.jpg

Premium Quarter (1,780 yen)
[Image 10d43435-112-b60f925e6cc57ff11c62-0.jpg&s3=43435-112-c9b99f20ca98d47075f6a56ba5659ce3-1000x796.jpg

Main store overview
Store name: Tai Lak Tangao Tokyu Plaza Ginza store
Location: 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tokyu Plaza Ginza B2F
TEL: 03-6822-6188
Business hours: 11:00-22:00 *Last order 21:30 (Sales will end when the planned number is reached)
[Image 11d43435-112-fc920c449028a1928471-8.jpg&s3=43435-112-84eb1a06f7b30972086a096525bdd39c-378x255.jpg
*Currently, stores and manufacturing bases are as follows.
-Kanto- Tokyu Plaza Ginza store (main store): manufacturing/sales Higashi Oshima Castella Production Studio: Manufacturing/Sales -Kyushu- Hakata Canal City OPA store: manufacturing/sales
JR Kokura Station Viera Store: Sales
Hakata Sasahara Castella Production Studio: Manufacturing/Sales

Company Profile
Company name: BOC Japan LLC
Representative: Tomohiko Komatsu
Location: UDX 4F R21, 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6822-6160
Established: March 12, 2019
Business: Franchise headquarters management, restaurant management Looking for franchise stores!
For more information, click here
[Image 12d43435-112-297f5567cb187216517d-9.jpg&s3=43435-112-1bbcce42f8de334fae5499d214cd6778-600x370.jpg

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