Borderless Co., Ltd. Borderless, a developer of the smart helmet system “CrossWare” that connects construc tion/manufacturing sites and administrators in the cloud with design and technology to accelerate DX conversion, has sta rted stock investment-

Borderless Inc.
Borderless, developed by CrossWare, a smart helmet system that connects construction/manufacturing sites and administrators in the cloud with design and technology to accelerate DX conversion, starts stock investment-type crowdfunding

Borderless Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO Shin Ohno), which develops and manufactures systems for “smart helmets” equipped with specially designed HUDs (head-up displays), cameras, network functions, etc., is a stock investment type cloud fan. We are pleased to announce that we will start accepting investment applications through recruitment from October 6, 2022 (Thursday) on the investment service “FUNDINNO”.
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About our project and the purpose of crowdfunding:
[Releasing a new service for smart helmets and becoming a leading company in the industry]
The CrossHelmet smart helmet for motorcycles, which is already on sale as the first product of Borderless Co., Ltd., is a HUD (head-up display) that overlays information in the human field of vision to blend in with the surrounding scenery. It features a 360-degree field of view using a rear view camera and a display device that projects), and has received applications of over 100 million yen in domestic purchase-type crowdfunding and over 400,000 US dollars in overseas purchase-type crowdfunding. rice field.
Taking advantage of this technology and know-how, we aim to develop an industrial smart helmet system “CrossWare” that can be used at various sites such as construction sites and manufacturing sites. We have started pre-disclosure of recruitment information at type crowdfunding FUNDINNO. We will use this funding to enhance our capital strength and lead to the growth of our business.
The application period is from October 6, 2022 to October 12, 2022, and the maximum application amount is 60,120,000 yen (90,000 yen per unit, up to 5 units per person).
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Our strength lies in our unique approach to providing the system in an integrated package, linking a hardware device that attaches to the helmet with a touch of a button and a software application for management. There are companies that individually provide wearable devices (hardware) such as smart glasses and systems (software) that allow you to share photos and videos taken with your smartphone using an app. However, there are almost no services that link both, provide devices optimized for on-site work, and manage and analyze the data acquired from them all at once, and this is our strength. is a point that should be focused on.
In addition, many smart glasses are in the high price range, and we expect that it will take a long time before they become widespread. Our “Crosswear” is an attachment type that can be attached to existing helmets, so we can offer it at a relatively low cost.
In the future, we will promote the implementation of AI in the software and contribute to improving the safety of the site through anomaly detection and alert functions. In addition, we will develop a wide range of applications such as security, logistics, space activities, and VR gaming devices. In addition, we will pursue growth as a company by actively expanding globally by leveraging the experience and networks we have cultivated through our existing products.
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■ Company profile
・ Company name: Borderless Co., Ltd.
・Location: 1-4-4 Kanda Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Representative: Arata Ohno
・Established: November 2012
・ Business description: Development and operation of next-generation smart helmets and software services
・ URL:
Details about this release:


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