Born from the voice of TikTok users DRESSY ONLINE limited original dress “Wands” 3 types of 7 new designs are on sale!

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[Born from the voice of TikTok users] DRESSY ONLINE limited original dress “Wands” 3 types of 7 new designs are on sale!

Bokensha Placole (Headquarters: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Koki Muto), which operates the bride app “PLACOLE & DRESSY | Placole & Dressy”, has designed the third wedding dress born from the voice of TikTok users Started production and sales at DRESSY ONLINE. [Born from the voice of TikTok users] Original dress 3 new designs 7 types released!
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On DRESSY ONLINE’s official TikTok, we receive many comments about women’s unique worries, such as admiring wedding dresses, but worrying about body shape and exposed skin. Among them, we want to solve the problems of the upper body, such as “I’m worried about the size of my chest/shoulder width” and “I want to hide my back and upper arms”, and I want everyone who longs for a dress to wear a dress. to make a wedding dress. This time, we announced 7 types of dresses based on 2 types of dresses that can be worn in 2 ways / 3 ways and 1 type of improved popular model, and started accepting orders on DRESSY ONLINE. ■ 2way off-shoulder dress -PD-WDOR-51-
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An A-line dress layered with soft tulle is decorated with
three-dimensional flowers. It is designed with various scenes in mind, such as weddings at prestigious churches, casual parties, and location photos on the beach. The off-shoulder sleeves that make the decollete and upper arms look neat can be easily removed with snaps, so you can enjoy wearing it in two ways. The train has a clean and short design with a dedicated pannier.
It’s perfect for scenes with a lot of movement and parties where you can’t attend.
STYLE: A-line
BACK: Knitting

■3way Mikado Satin Dress -PD-WDOR-61-
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Made of thick Mikado satin fabric, this simple and classy dress can be worn by any occasion or person, and can be coordinated with both modern and classical styles. The décolleté is designed to fit the cache-coeur bust, so even those with delicate or small breasts can wear it beautifully. The sleeves can be easily removed with snaps, so you can enjoy wearing it in 3 different ways. You can change the impression in each scene such as wedding, reception, photo, etc. The puff sleeves are designed with slanted cuffs that naturally cover the upper arms and make them look neat and long. The long sleeves are made of thick chiffon material, and the contrast with the firm dress gives it a stylish finish. We have devised it so that it can be worn beautifully by those who are concerned about shoulder width, or those with straight or natural bones who are not good at voluminous sleeves. In response to many requests, the back style is a design that hides the back.
Made by Zain. The train is gorgeous with a long design. It is also recommended for use at wedding ceremonies and for shooting on stairs. MATERIAL: Mikado Satin
COLOR: Off-white
STYLE: A-line
BACK: Zipper
■ Original Georgette Dress -PD-WDOR-71-
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We created a trendy slender line dress with a design that is close to real clothing for brides who want to enjoy a natural wedding. This dress is perfect for casual weddings such as garden weddings and restaurant weddings. The georgette, light texture, and beautiful drape look great in scenes with a lot of movement, such as resort weddings and location photos. The large and small sequins and beads on the bolero sparkle every time it moves, making it very gorgeous. Although it is natural, it also has a special feeling, making it an impressive bride. The cut line is a high heart shape, so it can be worn with peace of mind even for those who have a delicate decollete or who want to refrain from exposure. The back style of the dress is lace-up and can be adjusted to 3 sizes.
MATERIAL: Georgette
COLOR: Off-white
STYLE: Slender
BACK: Lace up
■Flare sleeve dress -PD-WDOR-72-
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The popular model [PD-WDOR-41] made based on the voice of the bride has been improved and finished even more beautifully. The fabric of the bolero, the length and volume of the sleeves are adjusted, and the overall balance and stitching are also particular. It is a neat and calm dress that refrains from revealing, and is recommended for people of all ages. The light texture and beautiful drape of georgette are perfect for natural wedding scenes such as gardens, restaurants and resorts. The bolero is laced with three-dimensional flower motifs. Beads and sequins sparkle and shine when you move. The dress has a heart shape with a high cut line, so it can be worn by both those who have a delicate decollete and those who want to refrain from exposing themselves. The back style of the dress is lace-up and can be adjusted to 3 sizes.
MATERIAL: Georgette
COLOR: Off-white
STYLE: Slender
BACK: Lace up
PLACOLE&DRESSY original dress brand “Wands”
“Wands wants to be one’s special.” A wedding dress that casts magic on the wearer and space like a magic wand “wand”. We think about the bride and design it so that it will be a memorable and special one. PLACOLE&DRESSY listens to user feedback and delivers high-quality dresses with an excellent balance between design and price.
PLACOLE&DRESSY brand story
Magical in life
PLACOLE (planning collection)
-For diverse personalities-
-Gives a sparkle-
-Magic words that sparkle with individuality-
PLACOLE & DRESSY “Magic words that sparkle with individuality” A luxury brand from the ancient city of Kamakura, founded with the theme of “casting 100 ways to cast 100 ways to sparkle the lives of 100 people”. Operates a fashion media that disseminates cutting-edge and valuable items centered on wedding dresses. Original items with dress and flower motifs, such as jewelry, accessories, tableware, tea, etc., are original ideas that break through common sense while respecting the tradition of wedding dresses, with the desire to add a little sparkle to everyday life. It is a product that is produced
wholeheartedly with the highest quality.
This month’s cover
■ October issue cover cover model: artist Misako Uno (AAA)
Feature article: [Image 10
Location: JR Yokohama Tower 21F, 1-1-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Established: November 2, 2015
Representative Director and CEO: Koki Muto
Business content
“PLACOLE & DRESSY” brand business
“DRESSY ROOM & Tea” cafe/shop business
“ViKet Town” business tool (2D metaverse) business
Bokensha Placole is headquartered in “ViKet Town” (metaverse space), where you can work in the same space and time with colleagues around the world, whether it’s at the office, at home, in Hokkaido, Hawaii, or Paris. is. By eliminating restrictions on commuting time and place of residence, we are a company that aims for a “free future” that increases life options.
We are also focusing on offline environments and businesses, and in January 2022, we will open a base office at JR Yokohama Tower. In March 2022, DRESSY ROOM (a space store that casts magic on women) will open its second store in Yokohama and Kamakura, a flower, dress and tea shop DRESSY ROOM & Tea. We will expand nationwide and all over the world, and develop services that are loved all over the world from Yokohama to the world.
[List of in-house services]
◎ Beautiful bride picture book farny
◎ViKet Town
◎IG analytics
[Management SNS]
Instagram: @placole_dressy
Instagram: @farny_wedding
Instagram: @wedding_adviser
Instagram: @dressy_idea
Instagram: @dressyonline_
Instagram: @dressyroom_tea
TikTok: @placole_dressy
TikTok: @dressy_online
TikTok: @placole.hanayomereport
TikTok: @placolewedding
TikTok: @placole_music_
TikTok: @dressyroom_tea
Twitter: @placole_dressy
YouTube: DRESSY ROOM & Tea

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