Both play and relaxation New material quilt made by a long-established sewing factory that combines flame resistance and heat retention Crowdfunding start

Matsui Clothing Co., Ltd.
[Both play and relaxation] A new material made by a long-established sewing factory that combines flame resistance and heat retention [Crowdfunding start]
[New material quilt] DOTERA × ARMYDUCK = DOTERACK

Matsui Clothing Co., Ltd. (Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture) has started crowdfunding of the new material “DOTERACK”, which combines flame resistance and heat retention, on the crowdfunding site Makuake today. [Image 1

Play time “inside” the house,
Play time “outside” the house,
What are you wearing today?
Would you like to play with this outfit today?
[Image 2

For you who are outdoors and for you who are indoors
DoTERRA is a very successful single item.
We propose the name “DOTERACK”.
A wide-sleeved kimono with thick cotton lining that is worn in the cold winter months is called a dotera. Also known as Tanzen, it was used not only as winter clothing, but also as bedding due to its warmth.
[Image 3

“Doterra” x “ARMY DUCK” = “DOTERACK”.
[Image 4

Uses high-density military fabric “ARMYDUCK”
Unisex & reversible! Even more surprising, double-sided flame-retardant Heat storage and heat retention with infrared absorption!
at the same time. While maintaining the familiar shape, ARMY DUCK is used for the fabric to create a special quilt that fits the style of the current era.
High-density military fabric “ARMY DUCK” adopted
[Image 5

The high-density military fabric “ARMY DUCK” used for munitions supplies of the US Army is made by ALBERTON (R), a full-fledged AMERICAN DUCK fabric manufacturer from Japan.
ARMY DUCK is the cloth name named by having paid it as munitions to the U.S. forces right army as the name suggests.
* “ALBERTON(R)” is a registered trademark of ALBERTON JAPAN Co., Ltd., and “Protex(R)-A” is a registered trademark of Kaneka Corporation. Duck fabric is a sturdy fabric that was in circulation before denim fabric appeared in the world, and has a history of being diverted to work clothes.
Among them, ARMY DUCK is located in the middle of the duck, and is characterized by the use of thin threads to increase the tissue density, which is “thin but high density”. In addition, you can enjoy the aging that the taste comes out while using it.
(*This photo has been washed once.)
Flame-retardant even though it is a bore
[Image 6

The new material “Protex(R)-A”, which has both flame resistance and heat retention, was selected as the boa material for ARMY DUCK. ▼Excellent flame resistance
It is a carbonized type and does not melt easily, so it can be used near an open fire (carbonized and self-extinguishing)
▼Heat storage and heat retention by infrared absorption
Absorbs infrared rays emitted from open fire and creates a temperature difference of about 5.0°C
▼ Soft and comfortable to wear
Light and warm with the softness derived from acrylic
[Image 7

Flame-retardant bore The use of this is also a major feature of DOTERACK. [Image 8

Matsui Garfuku, which proposes a new standard for outdoor activities, has a heat storage function that is necessary for outdoor play. Unisex and reversible!
[Image 9

DOTERACK is a reversible design that can be worn with the ARMY DUCK on the front or the boa on the front.
The size is one-size-fits-all for both men and women, so you can enjoy exchanging with friends and partners depending on your mood that day. [Image 10

For both outdoor and indoor
warm and soft. We aimed for a dress that can be enjoyed both inside and outside. If you have one, you will definitely be able to play an active part in various situations.
[Image 13

(Model height: male 175cm, female 163cm)
[Image 14

(Model height: 170cm)
[Image 15

-Specifications (size list)-
A: 87cm
B: 69cm
C: 140cm
D: 132cm
E: 37cm
F: 67.4cm
G: 23cm
Fastener: 14cm
Pocket (outside): Length 18cm x Width 16cm
Pocket (small): Length 17cm x Width 13cm
Breast pocket: Length 18.5cm x Width 14cm (pocket opening 14cm) [Weight] 1300g
[Fabric] Outer material: 55% cotton, 45% modacrylic
Boa: 30% polyester, 70% modacrylic
[Color] British Army, Khaki
[Country of origin] Japan
■ Project overview
Period: From October 3 (Monday) to November 25 (Friday), 2022 Scheduled shipping: Sequentially from the end of December 2022 Reservation method: Support purchase service “Makuake”
Makuake special price: 29,750 yen ~ (+ shipping fee 1,000 yen) General sale price: 35,000 yen (+ shipping fee 1,000 yen)
Country of Origin: Japan
Project URL:
■Company Profile
Company name: Matsui Clothing Co., Ltd.
Matsui clothing official website: Twitter:
[Inquiries regarding this product]
Details about this release:

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