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[Bowers & Wilkins New Product] Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Px8 Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Redefines Wireless Headphone Sound Quality and Design
Bowers & Wilkins will launch its new flagship wireless
noise-cancelling headphones, the Px8, in late October 2022.
[Image 1d3601-301-1d51d2730473d9d62273-3.jpg&s3=3601-301-1aac7bad0c7f99dd1fb9145568fef65f-2795x1572.jpg
Sharing the same platform as the Px8, the Px7 S2 won numerous awards within a short time of its launch. Developed in parallel, the high-end model Px8 sets new standards in sound quality, construction and design in the wireless headphone product category.
At the heart of the Px8 is the same active noise-cancelling wireless platform as the Px7 S2, which has already garnered rave reviews and awards nationally and internationally. With the Px8, the adoption of a specially designed 40mm carbon cone drive unit has taken its excellent performance to the next level, realizing overwhelmingly high resolution and the power of spatial expression in a vast and detailed space.
[Image 2d3601-301-ec4084de58de3ef9ab8f-14.jpg&s3=3601-301-4bcda61415ad29e617f9564a2d814f81-1362x766.jpg
Inspired by the carbon dome tweeters of Bowers & Wilkins’ 700 Series premium speakers, the Px8’s new carbon cone is an unparalleled diaphragm that combines ultra-fast response with extremely low distortion across the entire frequency range. Its performance surpasses the high standards achieved by the Px7 S2 in terms of resolution, detail and linearity, delivering a more engaging and natural musical experience that comes closer to the artist’s true “True Sound” than ever before. Offers.
The Px8’s carbon cone drive unit, like the Px7 S2, is positioned at an optimal angle within the ear cups to even out the distance from every point on the driver’s diaphragm to the user’s ear canal for an immersive experience. It creates an excellent high-definition soundstage. This is arguably the most outstanding performance among the many wireless headphones that Bowers & Wilkins have created. [Image 3d3601-301-9e9c539ec3b17d4907a6-5.jpg&s3=3601-301-84f4a71c758c361db82593dc81e3b286-1967x1311.jpg
A new benchmark in headphone design
The Px8’s design is just as captivating as its sound quality. Available in black or tan leather finishes, die-cast aluminum arm construction and diamond-cut bright-edged ovals reflect the design language that characterizes Bowers & Wilkins products. It features a logo plate. The memory foam cushions, ear cups, and headband are made of soft and highly textured Nappa leather, giving you a sense of quality that appeals to both the senses of sight and touch. Along with outstanding audio performance, this beautiful design and carefully selected materials are key elements that make the Px8 not just high-quality headphones, but a true premium audio product.
24bit compatible high resolution sound
The Px8, like the Px7 S2, supports Qualcomm’s aptXTM Adaptive codec (48kHz/24bit capable). aptX Adaptive is a codec that combines high sound quality, low latency, and connection performance against sound interruptions. Provide users with audio quality. In combination with compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers, you can enjoy 24-bit high-resolution sound from high-resolution streaming services. The Px8 is equipped with a USB-DAC function (48kHz / 24bit compatible), so if you connect it to your computer with a USB-C cable, you can play high-quality sound while charging the battery. It also supports connection with equipment with a 3.5mm stereo minijack. USB-C and 3.5mm stereo mini plug, each cable are stored in the attached carrying case.
[Image 4d3601-301-2ca29b37d85e4996efb4-4.jpg&s3=3601-301-20cdbc0858d82d655a576ccc758a88c1-2795x1572.jpg
Eliminate the noise, leave the music alone
The Px8 uses the same Bowers & Wilkins proprietary, highly accurate noise-cancelling technology used in the Px7 S2 to eliminate unwanted noise without sacrificing musicality. Six high-performance microphones work together to provide the best noise-cancelling effect. Two mics inside the earcups pick up the output of each drive unit, while two outside the earcups pick up outside environmental noise. And with two call microphones and DSP processing, noise other than speech is effectively suppressed, and only the user’s voice is clearly transmitted. By optimizing the position and angle of the microphone, wind noise is effectively suppressed, and excellent call performance is demonstrated even in noisy environments.
User experience innovation
The Bowers & Wilkins Music app will receive a major update to coincide with the launch of Px8. App settings, controls and equalizer adjustments are already available, but now you can stream music directly from the Bowers & Wilkins Music app to your wireless headphones. Like wireless speakers/soundbars such as Formation Suite, Zeppelin and Panorama 3, you can now browse your Deezer, Qubuz* and TIDAL* libraries within the app and play them right on your Px8 and Px7 S2. Become. In other words, Bowers & Wilkins users will be able to seamlessly enjoy the same app and the same operation whether listening to music at home or outdoors.
*As of October 2022, Qubuz and TIDAL cannot be used in Japan. Of course, you can still use the Bowers & Wilkins Music app to connect your Px8 to your mobile device, check the battery level of your headphones, toggle noise canceling modes, set up your wearable sensors, and more.
[Image 5d3601-301-0475464651216da326c1-10.jpg&s3=3601-301-179a356c869030ea53c57089c4d10a71-2057x1157.jpg
Equipped with physical buttons on the ear cups, you can operate it quickly and reliably even if you don’t have your smartphone at hand. You can also assign buttons on the left earcup to summon your smartphone’s voice assistant. With 30 hours of playback on a single charge, the Px8 lets you enjoy music all day without worrying about running out of battery. It also supports quick charging, which allows you to play for up to 7 hours with 15 minutes of charging.
Px8 – the new flagship headphones
This all-new flagship wireless noise-cancelling headphone was developed without any restrictions as a reference-level product. The Px8 takes Bowers & Wilkins’ wireless headphones to new levels of premium design, premium materials and superior audio performance. [Image 6d3601-301-01e00f2db6d14978a3f6-0.jpg&s3=3601-301-4fa981c1cdf89994f8fa9f67c0150f61-3413x1920.jpg
wireless noise canceling headphones
Release date: Scheduled to be released in late October 2022
Open price
JAN Code: Black: 4951035077306, Tan: 4951035077313
Px8 007 Edition – Limited edition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film series
Bowers & Wilkins is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with the world-famous 007 spy film series. Bowers & Wilkins’ relationship with the long-running Bond film franchise through music production has entered a new chapter. Together, the two iconic British brands will celebrate the pivotal contribution music has made to the 007 story.
[Image 7d3601-301-3939d1fb178e186a3094-1.jpg&s3=3601-301-3c72eea9cdee81f7bb718d595f5cafc4-2085x1390.jpg
To celebrate this new partnership and the 60th anniversary of “Doctor No” (1962), we have created the “Px8 007 Edition”. In addition to all the groundbreaking technology that makes the flagship Px8 the best wireless headphones ever made, a special pair of headphones was inspired by the dinner jacket that Bond wore when he first appeared on screen. It features a midnight blue finish.
The release date, price, and product details of the Px8 007 Edition in Japan will be announced at a later date.
About Bowers & Wilkins
Founded in England in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins has been an industry leader at the forefront of high performance audio technology for over 50 years. Bowers & Wilkins has won countless awards and recognition from the world’s leading recording studios and musicians by designing and manufacturing home speakers, headphones, custom installed products and car audio products that set new standards of innovation and sound quality. I’ve received accolades. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of superior sound and an unparalleled listening experience. Bowers & Wilkins joins the Sound United LLC family of brands in 2020.

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