Bplats Co., Ltd. Revamped subscription integrated platform “Bplats(R)” New version will be available from October

Bplats Inc.
Revamped subscription integrated platform “Bplats(R)” New version will be available from October
~Subscription Infrastructure Supporting Rapidly Changing and Transforming Society~

Bplats Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Fujita; hereinafter referred to as Bplats) has launched its main product, the integrated subscription platform “Bplats (R)” (hereinafter referred to as “Bplats”) will be renewed and will be available from October as “Bplats(R) Platform Edition v3”.
Up until now, Bplats has upgraded the version of “Bplats” every three months, and has regularly enhanced its functions. This renewal will go beyond these version upgrade cycles and will be positioned as a so-called major version upgrade. It is assumed that the current “Bplats(R) Platform Edition v2” will be replaced with this new version at any time.
“Bplats Platform Edition v3” focuses on the development of the following function groups in order to respond to the responsibilities that form the foundation of a society that is rapidly changing and transforming in recent years as the best subscription infrastructure in Japan.
1. “Bplats(R) Connect”, a “connection” mechanism
2. Compliance with various laws and regulations in Japan
3. Sophistication and efficiency improvement of the cloud environment in which “Bplats” is housed and operated
-1. “Bplats Connect”, a “connection” mechanism-
Along with the expansion of the subscription market, a “co-creation model where subscription products can be traded between companies”, which can be said to be a new digital distribution, is emerging from the first stage of business, which is limited to the provision of single business operators. I have. Bplats has responded to this expectation with the function “Bplats Connect” announced last year, but in the co-creation model between business operators, which also considers smart buildings and smart cities, ” We believe that there are growing expectations for “business-to-business transactions of subscription products.” In “Bplats Platform Edition v3”, we will reflect such feedback from the market and significantly enhance the function group related to “Bplats Connect”.
-2. Response to various laws and regulations in Japan-
The form of subscription is closely related to social changes such as the transition to a sustainable society, the acceptance of the sharing economy, and the promotion of digital transformation.・New construction is progressing at a rapid pace.
For this reason, we recognize that Bplats, Japan’s premier integrated subscription platform, has expectations and responsibilities as a foundation for responding to this rapidly changing society. We will prepare a group of functions that apply to various laws and
regulations and will respond appropriately.
First, in accordance with the revision of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, which came into force on June 1, 2018, we will make contract information and billing information online for subscription contracts that have been provided by “Bplats” so far. Business operators will be able to continue to use the system of presenting cancellation rules and simple procedures without
sacrificing convenience and with a sense of security in compliance with laws and regulations.
In addition, by April 2023, we will gradually comply with the revised Electronic Book Storage Law and qualified invoice storage method (invoice system).
-3. Sophistication and efficiency of the cloud environment where “Bplats” is housed and operated-
“Bplats” has a track record of operation in various domestic clouds, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and has been operated as a modern web application.
On the other hand, as the introduction of “Bplats” progresses and its aspect as a subscription infrastructure in society increases, the stability of the environment where “Bplats” is stored, the
sophistication of monitoring, and the increasing number of ” Bplats was aware that reducing the time and effort required to upgrade and operate Bplats would be an issue.
In order to solve this problem, we have developed a centralized management tool “Bplats(C) Hub”, which makes it possible to
efficiently manage a large number of “Bplats” based on container-based operation management and various automation. did. As a co-creation model that realizes new digital distribution between business operators develops, this will enable maintenance and operation without failure even in the number of environments where Bplats is installed, which is expected to increase exponentially. am thinking.
[What is Bplats]
“Bplats” is an integrated platform for subscription business developed in-house by Bplats. You can do everything from online sales to management of various subscription-type services all at once. In addition, we have proposed solutions for each industry and industry, such as sales channel construction and suppliers. In contrast, we have realized a number of subscription businesses as a one-stop shop. Bplats will continue to go beyond the boundaries of existing industries and propose new service collaborations for the digital age through “Bplats”.
[About Bplats]
In order to realize a sustainable society, Bplats’ mission is to support business revolution by leveraging the strengths of Japanese companies through the “foundation” of the subscription business that supports business model transformation and new value creation. I’m doing it.
Company name: Bplats Inc.
(Securities code: 4381 (Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth))
URL: https://www.bplats.co.jp/
Established: November 2006
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