Branding Technology Co., Ltd. Group company Fangree, B2B material download platform Empress Official release of monthly light plan

Branding Technology Co., Ltd.
Group company Fangree, BtoB material download platform [Empress] Official release of monthly light plan
Enables disclosure of all lead information without pay-as-you-go charges. We also have a one-year discount campaign for monthly fees.
Branding Technology Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroki Kimura, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Securities Code: 7067) group company Fungly Co., Ltd. (President: Matsuoka) supports corporate marketing activities as a content production company. Yuji, head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that it has officially released a monthly light plan for the BtoB material download platform “Empress”. In conjunction with the release of this plan, we will carry out a campaign where the monthly fee will be discounted for one year if the contract is completed within a specified period.
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▼ Detailed information about Empress
・ Download service materials: ・ BtoB material platform:
・Application for material publication: [Empress] Over 1,000 downloads* of published materials
The BtoB material download platform “Empress” has been developed against the backdrop of the DX needs of BtoB-related companies and the paradigm shift after the corona crisis, and the beta version will be available from May 2022.
Based on the concept of “connecting companies with a warm “bond (circle)”, we will create connections between companies within the platform and provide a mechanism to increase opportunities for co-creation. We have continued to provide services in order to deliver to users (acquire leads) at a cost.
Thanks to the support of many users, the number of downloads* of materials posted on “Empress” has exceeded 1,000. With the launch of the monthly light plan, Empress will continue to grow and expand as a platform that connects companies.
*Includes views on platforms
[Empress] About the features of the monthly light plan
・Initial cost: Free
・ Monthly fee: 30,000 yen excluding tax (10,000 yen excluding tax for one year when the campaign described later is applied)
・Document download charge: Free
・Disclose detailed information of all leads (company name, person in charge name, contact information) without pay-as-you-go
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[Main reasons why we can provide services at low prices]
・Cost reduction by DX management system
・Managed as an investment in synergies with other businesses and future business models.
・Reduction of advertising costs on the premise of co-creation with registered companies and users
・Mechanism to create connections (cash points) by increasing the number of registered companies
[Empress] Monthly fee discount campaign
In conjunction with the official release of the monthly light plan, if you make a new contract for the light plan by March 31, 2023, the monthly fee will be 30,000 yen (excluding tax) to 10,000 yen (excluding tax) for one year. will be carried out.
In addition, this campaign will be applied after posting the materials in the trial / monthly free plan and confirming that leads have been acquired. Please contact us for more information.
▼ Detailed information about Empress
Download service materials: BtoB material platform:
Application for material publication: [Empress] Future prospects
In addition to the monthly light plan, we plan to provide higher plans and add functions in sequence. (*Including the following under consideration)
・Opening of the free registration function for partners (company that publishes materials)
・ Ability to view documents of other partner companies from the partner registration account (* β version can only view documents from the customer side)
・Addition of material posting patterns (questionnaire answers can be set as conditions for material DL, etc.)
・Direct message function to partners within the platform
・Community function (function that allows member partners to consult with each other)
・Two-step approval function at login
・Slack linkage function
・Improvement of subdivision and narrowing down function of registration category ・In-platform questionnaire function, etc.
-About Fungly Co., Ltd.-
A content production company established in October 2020 as a group company of Branding Technology Co., Ltd. (security code: 7067). With the mission of “increasing opportunities for co-creation with the power of content”, we are developing our business centered on the content marketing area, the creative area related to corporate branding, and the operation of the platform. We provide project teams and highly effective solutions that meet the client’s business objectives, issues, and budgets.
【Company Profile】
Fungly Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: October 2020
Head office location: Teito Shibuya Building 5F, 15-13 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yuji Matsuoka
Capital: 25 million yen (including capital reserve)
-About Branding Technology Co., Ltd.-
Company name: Branding Technology Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: August 2001
Capital: 51,554,300 yen
Representative Director and President: Yuki Kimura
Headquarters: Teito Shibuya Building 4F/5F, ​​15-13 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Official website:
[Inquiries regarding this release]
Fungly Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Tsubaki
Phone: 03-5457-3938
Details about this release:


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