Branding Technology establishes subsidiary “Symphonic Co., Ltd.”

Branding Technology Co., Ltd.
Branding Technology establishes subsidiary “Symphonic Co., Ltd.” Supporting branding and digital shift of medical institutions as a “medical branding company”

Branding Technology Co., Ltd. (President: Yuki Kimura, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Securities code: 7067, hereinafter referred to as the Company) will become a consolidated subsidiary on October 3, 2022 Symphonical Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yusuke Sawada, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Symphonical) has been established.
By transferring to Symphonical the business related to branding and digital shift in medical institutions and medical-related businesses, which are expected to grow in the future, in the brand business, which is our core business, we will clarify management responsibility. We aim to enhance the competitiveness of this business and increase the corporate value of the entire Group by achieving faster
decision-making, flexible organizational management, and selection and concentration of management resources.
Symfonical official website:
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[Background of establishment of Symphonical]
Our company’s mission is to “support the digital shift of small and medium-sized companies and local companies centered on brands”, and we have been supporting the development of small and medium-sized companies and local companies by providing branding and digital marketing solutions. . Since our founding, we have supported branding and digital marketing for medical institutions and medical-related companies, mainly dental clinics.
Since its establishment in 2001, the newly established company, Symphonical, has provided branding and digital marketing support for clinics as a medical business division centered on dental clinics, and has solved the management issues of medical institutions and medical-related companies. , we have accumulated know-how.
Branding and promotion of digital shift in the medical industry are high-priority issues, but securing professional human resources who are familiar with both aspects is insufficient. We have decided to establish a new company specializing in the medical field so that medical institutions and medical-related companies can provide better medical services by solving problems while accompanying the medical industry.
In addition, by accelerating the acquisition and collaboration of partners who share the desire to contribute to the medical industry, we will promote the improvement of the quality of the services we provide and the development of new services. Through Symphonical’s business, we hope to help create a society that improves QOL (Quality of Life).
■ Symphonical brand
The company name “Symphonic” is a coined word consisting of “Symphony + Medical”. The name expresses the company’s development while playing a symphony with everyone involved with Symphonical, such as customers and partners. In addition, the mission is to “support the growth of people involved in medical care with brands and digital technology”, and the vision is to “create a society that improves the QOL of all people”, and values ​​people above all else. We are determined to contribute to the development of the medical industry through our business.
[Outline of Symphonical]
Company name: Symphonical Co., Ltd.
(English notation: Symfonical, Inc.)
Date of establishment: October 3, 2022
Capital: 13,579,775 yen (including establishment reserve)
Representative Director: Yusuke Sawada
Headquarters: Teito Shibuya Building 4F, 15-13 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Official website:
■ Business content
Medical branding business (brand building such as hospital philosophy and logo production, website production, video production)
Brand penetration business (Web advertisement/SNS advertisement operation, SEO/MEO consulting, DX conversion support, etc.)
Media business (Operation of platform media that connects clinics and patients, and doctors and medical-related companies)
[About branding technology]
Company name: Branding Technology Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: August 2001
Capital: 51,554,300 yen
Representative Director and President: Yuki Kimura
Headquarters: Teito Shibuya Building 4F/5F, ​​15-13 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Official website:
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Symphonical Co., Ltd. Public Relations Hiroshi Wada
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