Breaking news Tanabe Sports Co., Ltd. Rapper SHO collaborates with Tanabe Sports’ private brand “nnoum”! A limited number of flashy items related to Gold Benz are on sale!

Tanabe Sports Co., Ltd.
Rapper SHO collaborates with Tanabe Sports’ private brand “nnoum”! A limited number of flashy items related to Gold Benz are on sale! Invitation to a mini secret LIVE event & autograph session
commemorating the release of collaboration products by purchasing Noam products

Tanabe Sports Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka) will launch the private brand “nnoum” from October 15th (Thursday) this year with the brand “S.TIME” handled by rapper and businessman SHO. We are pleased to announce that we will start selling the collaboration products for the first period on the Tanabe Sports official online site.
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Rapper SHO “S.TIME” × Tanabe Sports’ private brand “nnoum” will release a limited number of flashy collaboration products named after Gold Benz!
A former alpine skier from Japan who won 4th place at the Asian Games. The song “Yaku Boots Hayamero” is a hot topic on YouTube and TikTok. , and goggles, all 5 items will be sold in limited quantities on the Tanabe Sports official online site from October 15th (Thursday). Each of the two types of goggles, each limited to 500 points, has a serial number, so you can get your own one-of-a-kind item. In addition, for those who get SHO’s lucky number “365” goggles, we will prepare a gift of a balaclava (face mask) with SHO’s autograph. In addition, all customers who have purchased “nnoum” products, including collaboration products, will be held at Tanabe Sports Main Store (Matsuyamachi, Osaka) on Sunday, November 27th at “S.TIME” x “nnoum”. (Noam)” will be invited to a mini secret LIVE event and autograph session commemorating the release of collaboration products. On the same day, we plan to broadcast LIVE from 22:00 after the LIVE event in the store.
Prior to the start of sales, a special site was opened on Saturday, October 1st, and videos including the making video of the nouum wear shooting site were released on the Tanabe Sports official YouTube channel.
[“S.TIME” x “nnoum” special site]
[Tanabe Sports Official YouTube Channel]
[Video 3:]

[Part 1] Collaborate with that rapper SHO to create amazing clothing! The back side of the “big project” collaboration shooting is released!
[Video 4:]

[Part 2] Rapper SHO from Kinpika Wear collaboration visits Tanabe Sports! Alpine ski active return declaration!?
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As a campaign related to this project, a lottery will be held on the Twitter Tanabe Sports Online official account to win a special QUO card worth 10,000 yen by following and retweeting.
[Tanabe Sports Online Official Twitter Account]
[Purchaser invitation “S.TIME” x “nnoum” collaboration product release commemorative mini secret LIVE event & autograph session]
Date: Sunday, November 27, 2022
・ Autograph session: 13:00-/16:00-/18:00- (You can participate once at any time) ・Mini Secret LIVE: Meet at 19:30 / Start at 20:00
Location: Tanabe Sports Main Store 1st floor
5-4 Sumiyoshi, Matsuyamachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Participation conditions: If you purchase the target product on the day or on the mail order site, please do not forget to bring the event participation ticket enclosed with the product.
Target products: All “nnoum” products including 5 “S.TIME” x “nnoum” products 【Notes】
* From 13:00 to 16:00 to 18:00 on November 27, “nnou” products, including “S.TIME” x “nnoum” collaboration products, will be available to purchasers in advance or on the day. We will hold an autograph session. Don’t forget to bring the enclosed event participation ticket if you hand it over on the day or purchase it by mail order. *Shooting and recording with mobile phones and cameras are prohibited during the event.
*For each participation ticket, you will receive 1 item of your personal belongings + a colored paper signature.
*Please note that you will be responsible for your own transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue.
* The contents of the event may be changed or the event may be canceled due to various circumstances on the organizer’s side. Please note.
[“S.TIME” x “nnoum” collaboration product]
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[Image 4

・Wear (upper and lower 2 colors) Limited to 50 sets each
S.TIME x NNOUM S time x Noam gold ski wear (GDXGD)/NN22FTP02MGD S.TIME x NNOUM S time x Noam gold ski wear (GDXBK)/NN22FTP02MBK Product page [Image 5

[Image 6

・Goggles (2 types) Limited to 500 each
-Frame type-S.TIMEXNNOUM
Ski goggles toric lens/NN22STIMEGLO1
Product page -Frameless type-S.TIME×NNOUM
Ski goggles Cylindrical lens/NN22STIMEGLO2
Product page [Image 7

・Balaclava limited to 100 pieces
S.TIME x NNOUM Stime x Noam Balaclava / NN22BFNWO2M
Product page [“nnoum” product overview]
Tanabe Sports, one of Japan’s leading online retailers of ski equipment, has its private brand “nnoum” ski wear, a brand that supports winter sports created from the company’s 60 years of experience and knowledge. Even though it is in a friendly price range, it is produced in the same factory as famous apparel brands, realizing stable high quality with overwhelming cost performance. Water pressure resistance is 10,000mm H2O. Noam wear, which has excellent water resistance and heat retention, has a wide lineup for men, women, and juniors. The size adjustment function is not inferior to high-end models, and it is a brand that can be trusted in the harsh environment of snowy mountains regardless of age or gender.
[SHO Profile]
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Born June 19, 1982, from Hida Takayama, former alpine skier of Japan. Achieved 4th place at the Asian Games.
Currently active as a HIP HOP artist. Cumulative CD sales exceeded 50,000 copies.
Representative of S.TIME STYLE RECORDS, own S.TIME brand produce. In 2012, he released 365 freestyle videos on YouTube, achieving the world’s first feat. In the distribution single, the songs of Live 4 Da Moment and TOKYO TOWER are rare Asian songs that are recognized around the world. get a rating from After that, the music video was aired on Fuji TV, TV Tokyo, MTV, Space Shower, etc.
SHO’s live performances are also very popular, and he has performed with TYGA, IYAZ, NEWBOYZ, TRAVIS PORTER, ROSCOE DASH, WE ARE TOONZ, FATMAN SCOOP, and others. Accomplished the first freestyle session for an Asian with SOULJA BOY. The song “Drugs stop” was featured on Beat Takeshi’s TV tackle as a social rapper.
Also, in 2016, he co-starred with SKRILLEX, who has won three Grammy Awards, at Shibuya Scramble Crossing. SKRILLEX also praised SHO’s style.
Dealer: Tanabe Sports Online Official Website Tanabe Sports Main Store (actual store) [SNS account]
Official LINE
[Tanabe Sports Official YouTube Channel]
【Company Profile】
Company name: Tanabe Sports Co., Ltd.
Address: 5-4 Sumiyoshi, Matsuyamacho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0017 Representative: Masahiro Tanabe
Founded: April 29, 1964
Business description: Sporting goods over-the-counter/mail order (main product: ski goods)

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