Brilliage Co., Ltd. New release today! A new color “brown” has appeared in the popular eyeliner and mascar a. The mascara is even more high-spec. Update your eye makeup with a thoughtful brown color!

Brilliage Co., Ltd.
New release today! A new color “brown” has appeared in the popular eyeliner and mascara. The mascara is even more high-spec. Update your eye makeup with a thoughtful brown color!
The brown color is slightly gentle and stylish for modern makeup. Would you like to update your makeup all the time?

“Eye makeup” that is worrisome because the time to wear a mask is still long I think there are a lot of people who want to wear trendy makeup, but most of all, they are worried about “collapse”.
For those who are like that, we recommend the new items released today! [Scheduled to be released on October 3, 2022]
Briliage Lash Designer Build-up Mascara Volume Long (Black/Brown) ¥3,850 (tax included)
[Image 1

The highly popular Briliage mascara is back with even higher specs! Both the volume of the masterpiece and the long rush to attract. A high-performance mascara that combines two functions was born.
[Video 2:] Chiaki Shimada, who has been advocating for many years that “[Mascara] is an indispensable item for Japanese eye makeup,” has been redesigned with “Lash Designer Build-up Mascara”!
[Image 2

Until now, we have proposed to use two types of “volume type” and “long type” to increase the power of the eyes, but the functions have been consolidated into one. You can now achieve both overwhelming volume and sophisticated long lashes with a single swipe.
A natural and overwhelming volume that makes each lash thicker, delicate fibers that naturally lengthen the lashes as if the tips have grown one step, and the eyelashes can be neatly handled by firmly capturing the target point. brush.
This is the birth of a high-spec mascara that designs the ideal look with no technique.
[Image 3

The loose makeup that is trending these days is fashionable, but the finish is too soft and tends to fade the impression of an adult face. For an adult’s face, it’s better to make the parts stand out and create a sharp impression, rather than giving a clear impression and making it look beautiful.
A mascara liquid that thickens each strand without clumping, delicate fibers that give natural and stretchy hair ends, and a brush that captures the roots and accentuates the eye frame.
This mascara contains as many elements as possible to make mature eyes look more sophisticated and attractive. You can easily create volume and long lashes with just one swipe, but the finish is extremely natural and elegant. Please experience the power of eyes that will make a difference in the eyes that you can see through the mask. Point 1)
Realize volume up & long lash with one
Two mascaras developed to fulfill Chiaki Shimada’s commitment to the eyes and all the various concerns and desires of women about eyelashes have been reborn by consolidating their respective functions into one. The liquid adheres firmly to the eyelashes, creating a spectacular volume increase and a long lash that stretches delicately to the tip of the hair with a single application.
Point 2)
Triple proof formula that is strong against sweat, sebum, and tears In order to solve not only the beauty of the finish but also the troubles when using mascara, we adopted a triple-proof formula that is resistant to sweat, sebum, and tears. Even in the sweltering heat or when you are in tears, it keeps your eyelashes looking sophisticated. Point 3)
Contains fiber that tightly entangles the eyelashes and lengthens them Contains 2.0mm long fiber and “adhesive oil” that enhances volume. While firmly entwined with eyelashes, it gives volume and long lashes. Point 4)
Smooth texture that does not clump easily
By blending raw materials that act as lubricating oils, we adopted a mascara liquid that spreads smoothly from the roots to the ends, so much so that you won’t believe it contains fibers. It is hard to clump and has a good quality and volume and length.
Point 5)
Rich in beauty ingredients that care for eyelashes
In order to achieve the overwhelming beauty of eyelashes, it contains plenty of beauty ingredients that care for the base eyelashes. Hair growth/hair growth ingredients (acetyl tetrapeptide-3, red clover flower extract)
Hair restoration action (hydrolyzed keratin)
Firmness and hair loss prevention (Panthenol)
Point 6)
Four free ingredients that are gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes Four free formulations that take into consideration the delicate skin around the eyes and eyelashes provide a gentle feel.
ethanol free
Synthetic fragrance free
Synthetic dye free
UV absorber free
Brushes are the lifeblood of mascara! Original brush by Chiaki Shimada Firmly catch and control eyelashes while achieving a beautiful finish. [Image 4

A brown color that blends well with the skin and makes the eyes stand out is now available.
The color lineup is black and brown. Brown, the first Briliage, is a color carefully selected by Chiaki Shimada, who says, “I don’t want to weaken the impression of my eyes, but I want to soften the presence of my eyelashes.” Even the eyes of adults are clear and not blurry. It will give you a mature look.
[Image 5

[Scheduled to be released on October 3, 2022]
Brilliage Power Eyes Waterproof Liner Brown ¥2,420 (tax included) [Image 6

In addition to jet-black and stylish Bordeaux, the new color, brown, which can create an elegant and feminine atmosphere, has joined the ranks this season.
[Image 7

By using it in combination with Wonder Creation [Eyeshadow], you can easily create a seasonal make-up that gives a pure, cool, and relaxed impression, but the biggest advantage is that even the liner alone can create attractive eyes. It’s a feature.
The pinkish brown is designed to give the Japanese eyes a natural softness and elegance.
The birth of a brown that looks good on everyone while keeping the waterproof formula that is hard to bleed and easy to draw.
[Image 8d35962-29-79965d1323bbd14061a5-2.jpg&s3=35962-29-638aa9eee3d79863f0ead44c3c09592f-1231x985.jpg
Because it is a gel liner type, you can draw smoothly even on the delicate eye area and mucous membranes, and once it adheres, it will be resistant to rubbing and will not collapse easily. Clears the eye frame and easily completes a natural yet impressive eye line. How about a new brown color item that updates your usual eye makeup to give it a mature impression?
Enjoy fall and winter makeup with new Briliage items that are soft and gentle yet complete the sophisticated eyes of today.
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