Broad Enterprise Co., Ltd. IoT intercom system “BRO-LOCK” launches special campaign for large financial re sults

Broad Enterprise Co., Ltd.
IoT intercom system “BRO-LOCK” Large settlement special campaign started ~ Birth of a one-coin intercom limited to the first 200 buildings ~
Broad Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka
Prefecture, Representative Director: Ryosuke Nakanishi, hereinafter referred to as Broad Enterprise) will use the IoT intercom system “BRO-LOCK”, limited to the first 200 buildings, for a monthly fee of 500 yen per unit (550 yen including tax). We are pleased to inform you that we have started the “Large Financial Special Campaign” provided in yen).
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Overview of BRO-LOCK “Large Accounts Special Campaign”
[Holding period]
From Monday, October 3, 2022
*This event will end as soon as the first 200 applications are received. [Campaign page URL]
[Campaign details]
Limited to the first 200 homes, “BRO-LOCK” is provided for 500 yen per month (550 yen including tax) per unit, with an initial installation cost of 0 yen. *The initial installation cost of 0 yen is a plan in which the construction fee, which is usually paid in a lump sum, is 0 yen, and the amount equivalent to the initial cost is paid in installments.
・Introduced equipment
Entrance machine / Smartphone license (number of rooms x 1) / IC card for unlocking (number of rooms x 2)
Auto lock construction (electric lock, control device, release button) can be introduced separately for 100 yen (110 yen including tax) / house / month.
Additional child keys cost an additional 2,000 yen (2,200 yen including tax) x number
Purpose and background of the event
For the busy season of the rental market, condominium owners can introduce an intercom system at a lower cost by offering a license plan, which is a set of an entrance machine and a smartphone license, for 500 yen per month (550 yen including tax) per unit. , will be provided at an initial introduction cost of 0 yen.
By using it in conjunction with Broad Enterprise’s main business, B-CUBIC, a free internet service for tenants in collective housing, it is possible to convert properties to IoT while keeping costs down. In addition, by using the initial introduction cost 0 yen plan as a payment method, it has become possible to significantly lower the hurdles for introduction.
*The initial introduction cost 0 yen plan is a plan in which the construction fee is paid in a lump sum at the time of contract and the initial cost is paid in installments. Since we do not use financing contracts such as leases and loans, we do not need to be screened by financial institutions and do not use credit lines.
The background to BRO-LOCK’s “Big Settlement Special Campaign” is to contribute to increasing the added value of the property and improving the owner’s cash flow.
About “BRO-LOCK”
 An IoT intercom system with face recognition for auto-locking the entrance of an apartment building.
This system does not require wiring work to the inside of the dwelling unit for installation, and since it can be shared with the “B-CUBIC” internet line, the installation work is simplified and the cost burden for the condominium owner is reduced.
Various unlocking methods such as “face authentication”, “IC card authentication”, “QR code authentication”, and “timed PIN
authentication” are possible for the collective entrance machine. In addition to calling and unlocking from the room monitor, by using a dedicated app, residents can use their smartphones to respond to visitors from outside, check their visit history, It is possible to have various functions such as image confirmation. In addition, by using cloud services, real estate management such as the reduction of notices by message notification function to tenants, and the elimination of face-to-face key handover work by issuing time-limited PIN numbers and QR codes. It is also possible to use it as a business efficiency tool in the company.
 As an after-sales follow-up for residents, we operate a call center in-house as a point of contact for inquiries about intercoms, so we are able to quickly respond to equipment malfunctions and failures. [Image 2

Overview of Broad Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Corporate name: Broad Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryosuke Nakanishi
Head office: Umeda East Building 9F, 5-15 Taiyuji-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Established: December 15, 2000
Capital: 751,459,200 yen
Number of employees: 147 (as of June 2022)
Business description:
・Sales of high-speed internet “B-CUBIC” for condominiums
・Sales of IoT (Internet of Things) intercom system “BRO-LOCK”, etc. [Inquiries regarding this release]
Broad Enterprise Co., Ltd. Contact: Kinjo
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Details about this release:


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