BRUNO Co., Ltd. 2 roles in 1 unit! Introducing a new soup cook processor that can prepare food!

BRUNO Co., Ltd.
2 roles in 1 unit! Introducing a new soup cook processor that can prepare food!
BRUNO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Masato Mori), which plans, develops and sells interior goods and lifestyle products, prepares food from the lifestyle brand “BRUNO” that enjoys adults. On October 26th, we will release the “Soup Cook Processor” that can make everything from soup to full-fledged soup. Warm up your stomach and heart with this authentic soup where you can enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients.
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After adding the ingredients, you can have a full-fledged soup in about 30 minutes! Leave the food preparation to us
potage mode
Even with roughly chopped hard ingredients, you can create a smooth authentic potage that looks like it has been pureed.
Recommended not only for everyday meals, but also for hospitality dishes. [Image 2

Eating soup mode
You can make a very satisfying soup that is outstandingly satisfying to eat with loose ingredients.
If you transfer it to a soup jar, it is perfect for a bento. [Image 3

food processor function
Preparing time-consuming preparations such as mincing raw meat and chopping vegetables is completed in no time!
Up to 1000ml can be made with multiple ingredients. You can also put liquids in it so you can make sweets ◎
[Image 4

3 easy steps
STEP1: Put the ingredients in the pot and set it on the main unit. STEP2: Close the lid firmly so that there are no gaps.
STEP3: Press the button to start cooking! When you hear the sound, you’re done! [Image 5

3 commitments
1.1 unit 2 roles!
It works well not only for soup but also as a preparation for cooking. Everyday cooking becomes easier with this one unit.
[Image 6

2. Plenty of capacity
Plenty of capacity to make about 5 cups of 200ml potage! You can also reheat with the warm up button.
[Image 7

3. Easy to clean
The pot and lid are fully washable for easy care. Even if it gets dirty, you can wash it quickly and keep it clean.
[Image 8

– Released on October 26 –
Soup cook processor ¥ 14,300 (tax included)
(yellow, ivory)
[Image 9

The recipe is now available on the official fan site!
[BRUNO fan site]
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● 10th anniversary special page & MOVIE release
10th anniversary special page: SPECIAL MOVIE:
[Image 12

A lifestyle brand born from a gathering of adults who are good at having fun For example, turning the beachside into a workplace, turning the usual dining table into a party,
Choose interiors to enjoy fashion.
BRUNO has a lifestyle that emphasizes “enjoyment” and “changeable”. BRUNO We deliver a playful lifestyle to enjoy life.
[BRUNO Online Shop]
[BRUNO fan site]
[BRUNO Instagram] @bruno_enjoy
[BRUNO Twitter] @bruno_enjoy

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