Bulls Co., Ltd. Released a service specializing in YouTube video reviews

Bulls Inc.
Released a service specializing in reviewing YouTube videos

Bulls Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masashi Ohno, hereinafter “our company”), which provides the video production management tool “CRUNCH”, has released a service specializing in YouTube video reviews. Did. This service does not require user registration and can be used free of charge.
[Image 1

Review function
Are you communicating inefficiently with “text + screenshot”? (Example: “1:30-1:45 Please cut”, “3:30 Please enlarge the telop”) By using the review service, you can write correction instructions directly in the specified number of seconds of the video, enabling smooth communication. In addition, you can directly write correction instructions using the pen tool and figures, and you can also see the correction instructions of other reviewers, eliminating duplication and reducing input man-hours. Since these functions are all completed on the browser, there is no need to cross multiple tools. Since it is also compatible with smartphones, you can check it on the go. [Image 2

▲Video review screen

Generate review screens with one click
The newly released service specializing in video reviews allows you to create a review screen with a single click. Enter a YouTube public link or private link in the form and press the create button to generate a link that transitions to the review screen. The review service can be used by everyone who shares the link, so it is a convenient service when you want to quickly request a video review. [Image 3

▲ Form to generate review screen
■ Service URL: https://review.crunch.sh?utm_campaign=prtimes1013

CRUNCH for all-in-one video production
This service is a related service of “CRUNCH (beta version)”. “CRUNCH (β version)” is an all-in-one production management tool that supports the launch, operation, and growth of a “strong video team” that supports YouTube video production.
It is a service that allows smooth collaboration beyond roles and occupations by solving “issues” in each process of video production (planning, shooting, editing, publishing).
Since its release in January 2022, it has been introduced to many teams, and we continue to improve the service based on feedback from the production site.
As introduction support support, we provide free support from business hearings to tool design. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering introducing it or if you just want materials for the time being.
[Inquiries by email]
* There is a possibility that it will be received in the spam folder. Please allow to receive “@crunch.sh”.
[Inquiry by web form]

Notice regarding detailed materials
More detailed information about “CRUNCH (β version)” can be found below. https://crunch.sh/?utm_campaign=prtimes1013&download=1
[Image 4d59044-13-7e248ea863f9b452779d-3.png&s3=59044-13-9c3c0ebc9cb022274ef9d4fdc5ee2182-1950x1236.png
▲ “Document download” screen

About Bulls Inc.
◆ Company profile
Company name: Bullz, inc.
Representative: Masashi Ohno, President and Representative Director Head office location: 5th floor, Nakayama Building, 3-17-14
Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 21, 2016
Business: CRUNCH development, video production business, SNS marketing business, agent business, video creator introduction business URL: https://bullz.jp/
◆ List of press releases from Bulls Co., Ltd.
◆ Inquiries for press and service overview
Public Relations, Bulls Co., Ltd.
Email: support@crunch.sh

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