Bushiroad Co., Ltd. In addition to the appearance of the new unit “Abyssmare” in Gurumiku, the latest update information will be lifted on Gurumiku’s 2nd anniversary live broadcast!

Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
In addition to the appearance of the new unit “Abyssmare” in Gurumiku, the latest update information will be lifted on Gurumiku’s 2nd anniversary live broadcast!

Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Takaaki Kidani) is a rhythm game for smartphones jointly developed with DONUTS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisei Nishimura) “D4DJ Groovy Mix”. In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of (hereinafter referred to as Gurumiku), the “Gurmiku 2nd Anniversary Live Broadcast” was held, and information on various updates such as the implementation of new costume cards and the appearance of the new unit “Abyssmare” was lifted.
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▼ “Grumiku 2nd Anniversary Live Broadcast” archive is now available on YouTube https://youtu.be/NEA9ny3PP28
New event mode “RAVE” is now available!
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A new event mode “RAVE” will be held at Gurumiku from 12:00 on October 25th (Tuesday), where you can casually experience how to enjoy music, which is unique to DJs, “choosing songs and preparing sets that suit the audience on the floor”.
A huge club event “RAVE” will be held.
The rules are simple. DJ units have a performance confrontation, and “the one who excites the audience more wins”.
Such a confrontation is repeated in front of a completely different audience at a venue that changes every day.
And the unit that was able to impress the audience “anytime, anywhere, more than anyone else” will be honored.
All you need is
Capturing the “rapidly changing fashion”,
“Purchase in advance” the “next buzzing song” and connect it, To show “the performance that the current floor demands”.
Let’s prove ourselves.
Gurumiku various update information
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1. Player Rank
The maximum player rank will be increased to 350 from 0:00 on Tuesday, October 25th.
2. High score rating
“Monthly Rating” is updated every month.
By raising the monthly rating, you will be able to exchange it for members drawn by the original character designer, Yachie.
This will be implemented on Saturday, November 19th.
3. Parameter attack
We will change the parameter bonus for events held after the 2nd anniversary. Further bonuses can be obtained by organizing members with strong specific parameters.
4. Drank update
Drank missions for each character will be added.
By clearing the mission, the character’s dig rank will rise! In addition, we plan to add a reward for achieving a lower rank, so please look forward to it.
2nd anniversary new SP member pickup audition gacha held
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An audition gacha for the 2nd anniversary new SP member pickup is held! The audition gacha is a gacha that can be obtained by pulling 10 consecutive gachas 10 times and selecting your favorite 10 consecutive results.
Period: October 25th (Tuesday) 0:00 to November 3rd (Thursday) 11:59 Various campaign information
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A special diamond pack for the 2nd anniversary is now available. In addition, we will also sell a special pack that comes with luxurious items as a bonus, so be sure to check it out!
In addition, a gacha that doubles the rate of ★ 4 members and SP members will appear.
It is possible to draw only 100 times, and the new SP members who will appear in the 2nd anniversary introduced earlier will also appear. And the lineup of standard gacha and ticket gacha will be updated, and permanent members who appeared by October 24, 2022 (Monday) will be added.
Birthday campaign renewal
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You can now celebrate your character’s birthday at the Flower Stand. You can write a message on the purchased flower stand and display it in the new area “Birthday Hall”.
The displayed message will also be displayed to other Digglers, so please make your birthday exciting.
In addition, a special title will be presented in the login campaign! This update will be implemented from Rei Togetsu’s birthday on October 30th (Sunday), so please look forward to it.
New navigation member
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”Enjoy a fulfilling Gurumiku life with Navi characters.
“Navigation member” with the theme of “appears!
Navigation members are members with new functions such as “time display” and “time signal voice” on the home screen, voice playback with member illustrations, and push notifications from characters. Gacha that navigation members can get will be announced at a later date, so please look forward to it!
Story “comment share” function implementation
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The catchphrase is “Roar into space! Our music!”
Michiru Kaibara, who was the number one solo DJ of her generation, has finally formed a unit. Popularity soars with catchy electronic sound! There are many conflicts between members, but yesterday’s enemy is tomorrow’s friend? Rush ahead through ups and downs!
Hayate wrote a poem to Koai’s composition, and Michiru arranged the song. The music played by four uneven people reaches the universe beyond the electronic sea!
The unit name is “Michiru Unit (temporary)” because it has not yet been “formally” formed as a unit.
In the future, they will be formed as a unit, but in Chapter 3 of the main story, the meeting of these four people and the actual formation of the unit will be drawn in order, so the name of the unit is still a secret.
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Michiru Kaibara (voiced by Kotori Koiwai)
Michiru advances to Yoyo Gakuen High School.
There are many times when it is difficult to read the atmosphere because of his carefree condition as usual, but as a DJ, he is still the number one ability of the generation.
The speed of growth will be further accelerated by encounters with friends. For some reason, she is an enemy to Kokoa.
Rumina Ichihoshi CV: Karin Takahashi
A virtual singer who suddenly appeared on the internet and quickly increased the number of registered users.
Calling herself a space idol, she has a wide range of online activities, from live play to posting original songs.
In order to become the best songstress in the universe, she proposes Michiru, Kokoa, and Hayate to form a unit.
Lumina is a mysterious character who works virtually and only communicates through the screen.
Kokoa Shinomiya (voiced by Shuai Yura)
A first-year student at Arisugawa Gakuin, she is usually an honor student suitable for the academy.
His true personality is quite bullish, and the fact that he has thorns in his remarks is proof that he is letting his guard down.
In junior high school, he formed a duo unit with Yate, and now their relationship has progressed further and they are dating.
He shows reluctance to the proposal from Lumina to form a four-member unit. Hayate Tendo (voiced by Yuki Tenma)
A first-year student at Arisugawa Gakuin.
Since his parents were on bad terms from an early age, he felt lonely because he didn’t get along with the students around him who grew up peacefully.
When I was in middle school, I listened to Koai’s song and was so moved by it that I wrote a poem for the first time, and my talent as a lyricist blossomed.
Although he seems to have a self-paced personality, he observes his surroundings deeply and occasionally says something that hits the point.
I’m in a relationship with Kokoa.
Participation in the mysterious overseas unit “Abyssmare”
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YouTube “D4DJ Channel”
The PV is now available!
The MV will be posted at a later date.
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The catchphrase is “A solitary abyss that overruns everything.” A black ship unit that suddenly burst into the Japanese DJ world from overseas. In the background is the shadow of Sho Mitsuhashi, a member of the legendary DJ unit “L.M.O.”
Neo’s overwhelming singing ability, Sophia’s DJ sense that accurately reads the voltage of the floor, Elsie’s cute singing voice and facial expressions, and Veronica’s hard dance.
Their drastic and stoic performances, which are not interested in anything other than “the best in the world,” will have a great influence on Japanese DJ units.
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With the slogan “connect”, we have developed a total of over 500 songs for a wide range of people, from original songs to remix cover songs and BGM!
Enjoy the feeling of being a DJ in medley mode, where you can connect and play multiple favorite songs!
Also pay attention to the game original story where you can enjoy the new charm of the character and abundant card illustrations!
Official website: https://d4dj.bushimo.jp/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/d4dj_gm
App Store: https://bit.ly/3fdXpAO
project overview
Media mix content “D4DJ” with the theme of “DJ”!
With the theme of “connecting”, we will deliver in various forms such as animation, games, and live performances by voice actors.
We are transmitting a variety of music, including original songs by 24 characters in 6 units and remix covers of famous songs.
Connecting many famous songs of the past to the present, connecting people beyond gender and age, connecting characters to reality… Now, let’s connect to the new world that starts with D!
D4DJ official website: https://d4dj-pj.com/
D4DJ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/D4DJ_pj
D4DJ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/d4dj_official/ D4DJ Official YouTube Channel:
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