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Business alliance between Basic, which operates “ferret One”, and Bage

Basic Co., Ltd.
Business alliance between Basic, which operates “ferret One”, and Bage Accelerating the maximization of business negotiation opportunities in BtoB companies through “BtoB marketing tools” and “design know-how in web production”

Basic Co., Ltd. (Representative: Masaru Akiyama, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which operates the all-in-one BtoB marketing tool “ferret One”, and a stock that specializes in UI/UX design for BtoB sites and business applications. Company Baige (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President: Chikara Sogaya; hereinafter “Beige”) announces a business alliance.
Along with this business alliance, by combining the “BtoB marketing tool” of our company “Ferret One” and the “Web production that combines marketing research and UX design methods” of Baige, we will create opportunities for business negotiations with BtoB companies. We will contribute to the maximization of
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Background of the business alliance
According to a survey (*) by the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, an independent administrative agency, announced in 2022, about 50% of companies cited “creating a website” as a specific initiative to promote DX, the largest number. It is On the other hand, the overall challenges for promoting DX are “lack of DX personnel (31.1%),” “lack of IT personnel (24.9%),” and “difficult to secure budget (22.9%).” And so on.
(*) Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan “Survey on DX Promotion for SMEs” “Ferret One” provided by our company enables anyone to easily create and update web pages with no code in order to solve the problems of “knowledge”, “environment” and “people” that BtoB companies have in the field of marketing. In addition to the CMS function that can be used, we provide all-in-one marketing measures necessary for acquiring prospective customers. In addition, based on the know-how of BtoB marketing that we have accumulated by having more than 1,000 customers introduce it so far, we provide support while accompanying you, including strategic design and site creation.
Baige’s strength is web production that combines marketing research and UX design methods mainly targeting BtoB companies, and has 180 unique improvement methods covering BtoB winning patterns and 140 items. While making full use of our unique production workflow, we combine marketing, design, and technology to solve the management issues of BtoB companies.
Therefore, the partnership between the two will accelerate the provision of website design based on marketing strategy design and the early launch of website production, contributing to the maximization of business opportunities for B2B companies.
▼ Interview article “Importance and future of the website, discussed by two representatives of a BtoB marketing support company”
In addition to the background of this business alliance, Mr. Sugaya, CEO of Baiji, and our company representative, about the challenges faced by many BtoB sites in the world, hints for achieving results in BtoB marketing, and the future of BtoB websites. Akiyama talks in a dialogue format.
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About the content of the business alliance
1. Development of special package plan
Based on the strategy planning method that Baige has cultivated over many years of experience, we use our unique method that has been further compactly modified to identify the essential issues and requirements of the website, design, and design production. By jointly developing the template as a ferret one package plan, we will be able to deliver speedily and realize the early start of web marketing. 2. Ferret One utilizes the design template supervised by Baige when creating the site
By sharing with ferret One the design templates filled with B2B winning patterns in web production that Baige has accumulated so far, we will contribute to maximizing business negotiation opportunities for ferret One customers.
the next deployment
While sharing the marketing knowledge and know-how of both companies, we will deepen our collaboration to realize the promotion of web marketing for BtoB companies. Through this, we will support the success of companies suffering from lack of “knowledge”, “environment” and “people” in promoting DX, and realize a world where anyone can easily do web marketing.
About “ferret One”
ferret One is an all-in-one BtoB marketing tool that creates a mechanism for BtoB companies to continuously acquire prospective customers via the web.
As marketing measures in BtoB are diverse, the tools used are also multiple, and the environment tends to be complicated. Ferret One has a CMS function that allows anyone to easily create and update web pages with no code, as well as a function to execute multiple measures such as content marketing, email marketing, seminars, and white papers necessary for acquiring prospective customers. is provided as an all-in-one. Based on the B2B marketing know-how that we have accumulated so far, we provide support while accompanying you, including strategic design, so you can solve the problem of not knowing where to start in the first place.
Since the launch of the service, it has been introduced by more than 1,000 customers in total, and has contributed to supporting the marketing activities of many BtoB companies, including a record of 100% customer satisfaction with technical support (*).
*Accomplished a total of 10 times between January 2021 and June 2022 according to customer surveys conducted by our Customer Success Department
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About Baiji Co., Ltd.
Web production company strong in BtoB and UI. With the mission of “bringing out the power of companies on the web” and the value of “Make Benefit.” I specialize in creating UI. In-house consultants, designers, writers, and engineers. The company’s marketing that skillfully utilizes contents and SNS, and the management style that promotes methodization have also attracted attention, and there are many achievements such as interviews and event appearances.
[Image 4d6585-367-57708e80bb2e3c468ac6-1.png&s3=6585-367-114e50488ef5dbd20ba0dfc9f66b6a1c-800x311.png

About Basic Inc.
A technology company that develops its business with the mission of “as a group of problem-solving experts, solve all the problems in the world that hinder passion, and create a world where a wide variety of companies can focus on their strengths.” In order to solve the problem of lack of “knowledge, environment, and people” that companies face in promoting web marketing, all-in-one BtoB marketing tool “ferret One”, form creation management tool “formrun”, web marketing media “ferret” Developing three businesses.
[Image 5d6585-367-bcbadf64d49cfa00c9b2-0.png&s3=6585-367-d2366a09597aafacefc3fdd85caa5559-523x183.png
Company name: Basic Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Masaru Akiyama
Location: Ichibancho MS Building 2F, 17-6 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082 Established: March 2004
Business description: SaaS business / media business
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