Buzzreach Buzzreach x DCT Japan DCT / Started collaboration in the field of distributed clinical trials (clini cal trials)|Collaboration with visiting nursing solutions, e-recruitment, clinical trial platform systems, etc.

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Buzzreach x DCT Japan DCT/Decentralized clinical trial (clinical trial) collaboration started|Collaboration with visiting nursing solutions, e-recruitment, clinical trial platform system, etc. DCT solution collaboration 2nd step: Strengthen clinical trial DX by linking Buzzreach’s clinical trial platform system

Buzzreach Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takaki Igawa / hereinafter referred to as Buzzreach), which develops platform services that directly connect pharmaceutical companies and patients and support problem solving from clinical trials to the post-marketing market,
DCT Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinsuke Muto; hereinafter referred to as “DCT Japan”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd., is a decentralized clinical trial (hereinafter referred to as “DCT Japan”). We will start a strategic collaboration (hereinafter “this collaboration”) in the field of DCT.
Through this collaboration, Buzzreach’s e-recruitment service using a satellite site, the clinical trial efficiency platform system “Study Works”, and DCT Japan’s home-visit clinical trial (nursing) service, planning that both companies have cultivated so far. We will utilize our strengths and development capabilities to promote patient-centered clinical trials and aim to jointly develop services.
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Background and purpose of collaboration
Against the backdrop of the spread of the new coronavirus, efforts to conduct DCT in the homes of subjects participating in trials or in other places (such as nursing homes) are accelerating, rather than relying on visits to medical institutions. Along with this, there is an increasing demand for home-visit nurses who perform clinical trial work including medical treatment at the subject’s home, etc. and play a central role in DCT. There is a demand for measures such as improving productivity through
One of the advantages of DCT is that patients can participate in clinical trials wherever they live, regardless of their area of ​​residence. It is necessary to provide clinical trial information without regional disparities through networking services) and promote clinical trial participation for appropriate patients through cooperation between medical institutions and doctors.
Therefore, this time, DCT Japan, which has built its own home-visit nurse network nationwide and is developing home-visit clinical trials (nursing), and subjects who gather patients who participate in clinical trials from peripheral medical institutions/doctors, etc. to medical institutions where clinical trials are conducted By forming a partnership with Buzzreach, which owns a recruitment (e-recruitment) system and a clinical trial work efficiency system (Study Works) for clinical trial medical institutions, we will start providing DCT services that combine the strengths of both companies. .
Role of both companies
Buzzreach will develop a clinical trial efficiency system (Study Works) to streamline clinical visits at DCT, while DCT Japan will provide development support as well as utilization and deployment in the nursing business.
In addition, in the subject recruitment business (e-recruitment), we will utilize the medical institution/doctor network of both DCT Japan and Buzzreach, expand this nationwide, and jointly develop
infrastructure and provide services.
[About Study Works]
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Study Works is a clinical trial work (project) management system developed for clinical trial sites.
It enables one-stop business management and information sharing with stakeholders (pharmaceutical companies, CROs, patients, other departments in medical institutions, etc.) centering on the clinical trial coordinator (hereinafter referred to as CRC) who is in charge of clinical trials.
Currently, there are still many cases where business management at clinical trial medical institutions is managed using whiteboards, Excel, CRC personal notebooks, etc. Now, clinical trial-related work is enormous and complicated. Study Works is based on the project management of ongoing clinical trials, sharing progress status, CRC task management, subject schedule management that can also handle oncology studies, CRC resource management, billing management, and communication with pharmaceutical companies and CROs. It is possible to perform one-stop management of clinical trial operations centered on CRC, such as centralization of clinical trials. The role of Study Works is to ensure smooth implementation and management of clinical trials by centralizing this, and to reduce delays in clinical trials as much as possible.
In addition, as another value provided by Study Works, it is equipped with a subject recruitment promotion function that shares clinical trial information with surrounding medical institutions (satellite facilities) and manages the introduction of candidate patients. We have a track record of supporting more than 200 trials so far, and by collaborating with the function of promoting subject recruitment, which is our greatest strength, we are able to solve the problem of securing patients to participate in clinical trials only within clinical trial sites. This will speed up the entire clinical trial. Study Works introduction movie

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[e-recruitment (recruitment using satellite facilities)]
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The e-recruitment plan, which utilizes Buzzreach’s satellite facilities, is a recruitment plan that can achieve a high level of integration that adapts to recent pipeline trends.
Considering the work process of accepting patients from other hospitals at the implementing facility, functional linkage with Study Works will lead to more convenient case registration promotion. [Future efforts in the DCT field of Study Works]
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Future prospects
Both companies will promote the integration of infrastructure and services for overall DCT based on the realization of efficiency in on-site clinical trial operations, and contribute to the promotion and spread of DCT.
■Buzzreach’s business
Patient-specific SNS service
MiiLike Preparing to provide
MiiLike aims to provide an environment where patients who are suffering from the same disease and circumstances can obtain information that they really want to know, and to feed back the voices of patients to pharmaceutical companies and researchers. Currently under development.
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VOICE powered by Miraiku
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SaaS service that solves various issues in clinical trials (clinical trials/clinical research)
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puzz is a SaaS-type management system equipped with functions to solve various problems in pharmaceutical companies, academia, clinical trials including clinical trials conducted by doctors, and clinical research.
1. Feasibility and facility selection support function
Functions that support clinical trials, including clinical trials, feasibility studies for clinical research, and facility selection. All work from survey requests to tabulation and selection can be completed online, and facility information after surveys and tests can be stored in a database. In addition, it is also possible to introduce and match new survey request destinations.
2. Project (clinical trial) operation management function: Studyworks [Image 9

It is possible to centrally manage the overall clinical trial operations of the facility after the facility is selected.
In accordance with the workflow of medical institutions, various operations such as list up of candidate patients, visit schedule management, hospital order, work report, progress management, billing management, SDV management, etc., which have been managed in analog way, can be efficiently performed. This will reduce the workload of the clinical trial coordinator. With the pharmaceutical company account, it is also possible to visualize the status of candidate patients at each facility and compare it with the plan in real time, so it is possible to make more strategic plans such as subject recruitment plans, facility additions, and period extensions. will be 3. Clinical trial information disclosure and management function Pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial institutions take the lead in registering, disclosing, and managing clinical trial information, including clinical trials, and providing information to patients and their families who need clinical trial information. This is a function for pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and medical institutions that can complete the process of publishing and matching medical institutions conducting trials, and applying for participation online. Clinical trial information matching platform
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smt communicates with patients and families seeking information on new treatments and drugs.
It is a service that matches all clinical trial information in Japan on the web. You can find out not only about the clinical trial information that suits you and your family’s environment and situation, but also which medical institutions in your neighborhood are conducting the corresponding clinical trial. Clinical trial information published on smt by pharmaceutical companies can be completed online from the selection of clinical trial medical institutions to the application for participation.
In addition, since it is possible to link with various subject recruitment environments (PRO, patient associations, media), it also functions as a centralized management when implementing subject recruitment in a multifaceted manner.


smt for Doctor
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Utilizing the smt infrastructure, it enables doctor-to-doctor clinical trial information sharing and patient mutual introduction. Buzzreach will provide the system infrastructure and perform administrative work as a regional clinical trial network in cooperation with surrounding medical institutions centered on clinical trial sites.
Clinical trial (clinical trial/clinical research) participation patient management function
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Clinical trial management and retention app for patients (subjects) Study Concierge
The Study Concierge provides real-time communication close to study participants.
It is the industry’s first groundbreaking application that alleviates the anxiety of clinical trial participants, reduces the risk of clinical trial termination by efficiently obtaining valid data, and supports early approval of new drugs. It is a clinical trial management app that prevents patients participating in clinical trials from forgetting to take the investigational drug or taking too much, and plays a supporting role for the clinical research coordinator* (CRC: Clinical Research Coordinator).
* A clinical trial coordinator stands between medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and patients when conducting clinical research, including the clinical trials necessary for new drugs developed by pharmaceutical companies, etc. to be used as actual drugs. Staff to support progress to
smt API service utilizing smt registration information and IT infrastructure [Image 13

The clinical trial (clinical trial / clinical research) information matching platform “smt” has a one-stop infrastructure that allows you to perform everything from disclosing clinical trial information to applying to medical institutions. API that can provide our smt public information and infrastructure to pharmaceutical companies and patient groups (patient associations and media) that want to publish clinical trial information for patients as part of patient centricity on their own corporate site. Service.
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Development Support Site
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Covid-19 Cohort Study Site
This is a clinical trial participant recruitment site specializing in COVID-19 vaccines that supports the development (trials) of COVID-19 vaccines, mainly for domestic pharmaceutical companies.
By gathering volunteers such as those who can cooperate, it will be used to promote the development of vaccines and to bring the new coronavirus to an end.
Company Profile
Company name: Buzzreach Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: June 23, 2017
Capital: 890,325,015 yen (including capital reserve)
Representative Director and CEO: Takateru Inokawa
Location: In front of MG Meguro Station, 2-15-19 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo HP:
Business content
◦ Clinical trial business management system development / provision / SaaS development for pharmaceutical companies
◦ Clinical trial management system development / provision / SaaS development for medical institutions
◦Support for recruitment of clinical trial subjects
◦ Medical information matching service for patients
◦ Development/operation of SNS application service for patients ◦ Development/operation of patient subjective information (ePRO) service ◦For smartphones and personal computers
 Development and sales of application software
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Buzzreach Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Ishizuka
TEL: 03-4590-0258 Email:
Details about this release:


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