C-VALUE special project to create new brands along the Chiba Urban Monorail “Chiba Urban Monorail Area Feature”

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C-VALUE special project to create new brands along the Chiba Urban Monorail “Chiba Urban Monorail Area Feature”
Recruiting crowdfunding project owners that contribute to the revitalization of areas along the Chiba Urban Monorail

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Chiba Urban Monorail Area Revitalization Executive Committee (Executive Chairman: Hirokazu Koike, hereinafter “Executive
Committee”), Chibagin Shoten Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Masayasu Ono) We will carry out a special project “Chiba Urban Monorail Area Feature” in collaboration with the crowdfunding site “C-VALUE” that handles new Chiba products.
This project will discover and create “products and services that will trigger the activation of areas along the Chiba Urban Monorail”, and create products and services that represent the areas along the Chiba Urban Monorail.
In the area along the Chiba Urban Monorail, we want to create businesses that have such passions as “I want to create specialties along the line”, “I want to make use of the station”, “I want to create a spot that represents the area along the line”, and “I want to rent out the monorail”. We are looking for
-C-VALUE “Chiba Urban Monorail Area Special Feature” Implementation Overview- ◆ Crowdfunding publication start date
Start late January 2023 (planned)
◆ Project owner application period
October 6-November 21, 2022
◆ Entry conditions
Having a base (not limited to the head office) along the Chiba Urban Monorail, or having a product or service related to the area along the Chiba Urban Monorail
Having a strong will to create new products and services, and having the ability to take action
Be able to respect partnerships (be able to cooperate even after the project ends)
Must have basic PC skills
◆ Target genre
Agricultural, forestry and fishery products (rice, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, flowers, etc.)
Food and drink (processed food, beverages, alcoholic beverages, sweets, restaurants, etc.)
Product-related (traditional crafts, electrical appliances, various products, etc.)
Community development/regional revitalization (experiences, tourism, leisure, events, etc.)
Others (culture, education, sports, environment, art, fashion, etc.) ◆ Fee
Initial cost: free, running cost: free
Crowdfunding sales fee of 20% + settlement fee of 4%
Organized by Chiba City Monorail Area Revitalization Executive Committee -Contents of support for this project-
Chibagin Group’s regional trading company, Chibagin Shoten, will sell products and services through its own crowdfunding “C-VALUE” special feature along the Chiba Urban Monorail.
Crowdfunding can be expected to have various effects such as “test marketing” and “promotion” in addition to “financing”. We will support activities that lead to “development of products and services” and “acquisition of fans” by the following support not only during posting on the site but also before and after posting.
[Main support contents]
Support for product development and planning launch utilizing the extensive network of Chiba Urban Monorail and Chibagin Group Promotion through Chiba Urban Monorail and Chibagin Group’s various channels (traffic advertising, stores, SNS, etc.)
Support for event planning, event sales, and market development Sales strategy formulation support, advice from various experts -Flow of project publication-
Enter the necessary information in the dedicated entry form
https://monorail.cbmnet.co.jp and send
Predetermined examination by the executive committee (up to 10 projects selected) ⇒ to member store examination
We will discuss the details of the project on the web or visit Create a project page (create it with the support of the secretariat staff) Updating information to the site
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-Chiba Urban Monorail Area Revitalization Executive Committee- Chiba City Monorail Co., Ltd.
Contribute to regional development through business that “connects people and towns”
We aim to provide safe and stable transportation, and to be a public transportation that is always trusted by customers.
[Image 3d53539-92-d8bd6b216ae16a0d94ce-2.jpg&s3=53539-92-8eeb45b2e4942d9d6181b531911455a3-408x123.jpg
The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
In order to “provide the latest financial services and contribute to the sustainable development of the local economy as a partner of our customers and local communities,” We aim to be a bank that is truly helpful to our customers by fully responding to their needs. [Image 4d53539-92-e8cb61e532fac6b3743a-3.jpg&s3=53539-92-ad2e2e7576c5140beaf8393a0b8fe160-374x148.jpg
Chibagin Co., Ltd.
Established in May 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Chiba Bank, we will discover and create “products and services that will trigger regional revitalization” from Chiba and create a new Chiba brand “C-VALUE”. )” project.
[Image 5d53539-92-f4591e1cd34904503eac-4.jpg&s3=53539-92-1a2303a35814e610d3a29e283bce1365-353x146.jpg
Onion Newspaper Co., Ltd.
We provide project services in the areas of regional revitalization support and digital shift support, and various companies, governments, and local organizations and Onion operate projects together. We will make use of various networks to realize the goal of “vitalizing people and society.”
[Image 6d53539-92-fc21778f1569f2a4e3a2-5.jpg&s3=53539-92-256759cfea0058ba563aca0f7bc107b9-278x157.jpg
Chiba City (Urban Identity Promotion Division/Transportation Policy Division) Based on Chiba City’s unique history and roots, we will establish a “city identity” with “Kasori Shell Mound”, “Ogahasu”, “Chiba” and “Beach” as starting points and reference points. In addition, through the revitalization of areas along the monorail, we will ensure the sustainability of the Chiba Urban Monorail, which is indispensable as a means of transportation for citizens.
[Image 7d53539-92-3374d28e8157dee1c5af-6.jpg&s3=53539-92-774494c4a28b54f5e0db007c313af131-275x158.jpg
-What is C-VALUE-
Under the theme of “More VALUE for Chiba”, discover and create “products and services that will trigger regional revitalization” originating in Chiba.
Supporters can support the drafter in the form of “purchase on the C-VALUE site” and receive goods and services in return. And the drafter will work to realize new products, new services, and new projects from Chiba based on the funds that have been supported. https://www.c-value.jp/
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