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C3 Film Co., Ltd. Advertisement video production company C3 Film, disseminating know-how on branding and inner branding using videos in “Branded Video News”

C3 Film Co., Ltd.
Advertisement video production company C3Film disseminates know-how on branding and inner branding using videos through “Branded Video News”
C3 Film Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Shuzo Yamada), a video production company focused on advertising, based in Tokyo and Nagoya, utilizes its video production know-how for over 30 years, We actively support the planning and production of videos for the purpose of branding and inner branding.
From 2022, we will launch the owned media “Branded Video News” for people in charge of companies who have troubles such as “I want to start inner branding but I don’t know where to start” or “I started but it doesn’t penetrate the company” We are disseminating branding know-how using videos.
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▶︎Branded Video News
In addition, from June 2022, we will start the communication support business “REBRA”. It is possible to provide total support according to the budget and schedule, from communication strategies to production and distribution, for companies with branding concerns such as differentiation from competitors and inner branding.
[Image 2d108719-1-db81e808320133351286-1.jpg&s3=108719-1-d599b5a81cd2fedd566d291c05247a21-1920x600.jpg

▶︎REBRA website
■ Background of the initiative
In recent years, as the trend to introduce diverse work styles is accelerating due to the spread of remote work, etc., an increasing number of companies are facing problems with communication within the organization, recruitment and training of human resources, and maintaining employee motivation and retention rates. Opportunities for management to convey messages face-to-face to employees are becoming fewer, and there is a growing need for videos that convey corporate philosophies and visions in an easy-to-understand manner.
Since our founding in 1991, we have been involved in corporate branding through the production of advertising videos, such as TV commercials. We will apply advertising creatives that move consumers’ hearts and change their behavior to inner branding videos,
contributing to the improvement of corporate employee engagement. ■Production example
[Image 3d108719-1-35f09999267df162e117-3.png&s3=108719-1-30c9d0908af3be199d34c923ee15d07c-1920x1080.png
Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. / Video of Sustainability Promotion Measures *Our company in charge: video production
[Image 4d108719-1-7bd9705f8696412f47be-4.jpg&s3=108719-1-5e590ca573fa7e272f73843705749c65-1920x1080.jpg
Toyota Woven City “Why are we building Woven City?”
*Our company in charge: video production
▶︎ Click here for the video
■ Other production examples
We have many achievements such as major home appliance manufacturers, major resort management companies, and real estate companies. * We will send the work reel only to those who have made inquiries. ■ Compatible genres
Company introduction videos, purpose videos, interview videos, recruitment videos, IR videos, event distribution, etc.
■ Strengths of inner branding videos handled by C3 Film
1. Over 300 advertisement video production results per year
C3 Film ( is a video production company of the AOI Pro. Group, producing more than 300 advertising videos a year, including national clients. In the production of inner branding videos, it is possible to appoint staff with many achievements in advertising videos. In addition, we have a track record of producing SNS videos and videos specialized for digital, etc., and we propose optimal content that mixes a wide variety of media according to the purpose.
▶︎C3Film video production results * We will send the work reel only to those who have made inquiries. 2. We have an in-house creative team “ENDOJI_LABO.”
Creative directors, planners, directors, and videographers with many achievements in advertising videos are enrolled at ENDOJI_LABO. Our in-house creative team and external staff work together to plan and produce videos for inner branding.
In addition, ENDOJI_LABO. has CG directors, motion graphic designers, editors, illustrators, and art staff, so we can quickly respond to video content production that requires quality, cost, and speed. ▶︎ENDOJI_LABO. Website:
* We will send the work reel only to those who have made inquiries. 3. Content production for global market is possible
We have staff members who can speak English and Chinese, and we also support content production for global markets. In addition, we have group companies with bases in Asia and North America, and it is also possible to produce videos using overseas networks.
4. Reliable production system
We have acquired ISO27001 certification, the international standard for information security, and have established a compliance system. In addition, we have formulated guidelines to ensure the health and safety of those involved during the COVID-19 crisis.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
New requests to our company, consultations, requests for materials, requests for interviews

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