CAICA DIGITAL Co., Ltd. Zaif INO will be available soon! Introducing features such as site image and compatible blockchain

Zaif INO will be available soon! Introducing features such as site image and compatible blockchain

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Our subsidiary, Kaika Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Shin Suzuki) will soon start offering “Zaif INO”, an NFT marketplace specializing in blockchain games. Prior to this, I would like to introduce the features of “Zaif INO”. [What is Zaif INO]
Zaif INO is an NFT marketplace that specializes in primary sales of NFTs, so it is a service that can be used when launching new projects or scaling up NFTs. Therefore, the NFTs sold by this service are likely to have added value, and you can become an initial holder of unique and valuable NFTs.
■ Advantages for those who want to purchase
・ You can purchase limited NFTs that are only available here. ・The quality of the NFT is guaranteed because we have introduced screening. ・ If you get the right to pre-sale the project, you can purchase it earlier than general sales.
■ Advantages for those who want to sell
・ In addition to regular sales, pre-sales can be made for whitelists (pre-sale). ・We have also prepared a function that “randomly selects NFTs each time” at the time of purchase.
・ Compatible with multi-chains.
[Five blockchains supported by Zaif INO]
NFTs can be sold on five major multi-chains (Ethereum: ETH, Polygon: MATIC, BNB Chain: BNB, Avalanche: AVAX, Aster: ASTR) that can cover the needs of various blockchain games and GameFi projects.
Furthermore, by utilizing public chains, we are also considering cooperation with overseas blockchain game and GameFi companies. [Image 3

[Emphasis on quality of exhibited NFTs]
 Many NFT marketplaces allow anyone to freely list their works, but Zaif INO has introduced pre-screening of the NFTs to be listed, thus maintaining and guaranteeing the quality of the NFTs.

[Zaif INO site image]
[Image 4

[Overview of marketplace specializing in blockchain games]
The marketplace will be called “Zaif INO” with the name of Zaif, and we plan to conduct marketing activities utilizing the Zaif brand. Zaif INO also plans to collaborate with various Web3 companies. We will announce the game development companies that will exhibit NFTs as soon as they are decided.
[Image 5d97511-58-5b97a27ecd66c4c053c6-3.png&s3=97511-58-41494607710949cec0f4d1c6e3f3bd5c-808x522.png
that’s all
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
TEL: 03-5657-3000
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