“CAMPER (Camper)” The latest product that has evolved into high performance is released, and “BRUTUS TREK” with the highest quality and durability is released.

“CAMPER (Camper)” The latest product that has evolved into high performance is released, and “BRUTUS TREK” with the highest quality and durability is released.

The latest item of the iconic line “BRUTUS” will be released from “CAMPER”, a shoe brand from Mallorca, Spain. The new WINTER SHOES “BRUTUS TREK”, which further enhances the functionality of the chunky yet lightweight “BRUTUS” with the highest quality and durability, will be released in a wider lineup than the 22AW collection.
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Inspired by the world of outdoor and trekking, the BRUTUS TREK features a strong and durable MICHELIN(R) rubber outsole with rubber studs for excellent grip and protection. did.
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Furthermore, in addition to the characteristic thick rubber sole, high-quality materials such as waxed suede leather and high-quality materials such as more eye-catching volume and winter protection than the previous “BRUTUS” model and maximum durability. While strongly focused, it retains the best comfort that is also a feature of the “BRUTUS” family, such as 360 ° stitching and cushioning with Ortholite (R) insole.
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The debut collection of “BRUTUS TREK” is finished with well-fitting side gore boots, classic derby shoes, waterproof Gore-Tex (R) boots, lace-up boots, and outdoor protection details. , Lace-up boots using Primaloft (R), which has excellent heat retention, and a wide range of styles with designs that are ideal as winter partners.
With a highly versatile design, it can be used in a variety of styles. In addition to the basic all black, Camper-like colors are also available. A bright, contrasting outsole adds a playful touch while creating a winter vibe.
Comes with a pull strap at the opening, and the U-shaped side gore makes it easy to put on and take off.
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Men BLK×RED K300435-001 (39-44)
https://www.camper.com/en_JP/men/shoes/brutus_trek/camper-brutus_trek-K300435-001 GRY×ORG K300435-002 (40-43) / BLK K300435-005 (39-44)
Women BLK×RED K400646-001 (35-40)
https://www.camper.com/en_JP/women/shoes/brutus/camper-brutus_trek-K400646-001 GRY×ORG K400646-002 (36-39)/ BLK K400646-005 (35-40)
Each ¥34,100-(tax in) / BLK×RED already in stock, others scheduled to arrive in late November
DERBY SHOES / unisex
Versatile design that creates smart feet in casual style. Great for seasonless and timeless.
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BLK / ¥29,700- each
Men K100838-001 (size 39-44)
https://www.camper.com/en_JP/men/shoes/brutus_trek/camper-brutus_trek-K100838-001 Women K201436-001 (35-40)
https://www.camper.com/en_JP/women/shoes/brutus/camper-brutus_trek-K201436-001 ■ Primaloft (R) BOOTS / unisex
Lace-up boots using Primaloft (R), which has excellent heat retention, protect your feet from the cold road surface in winter. Bold, bright one-tones add a playful twist while creating a winter vibe.
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ORG Men K300436-002 (size 40-43) E-shop only
Women K400647-002 (36-39) E-shop only
¥42,900-(tax in) / Scheduled to arrive in late November
Chunky sole lace-up boots that protect your feet from the cold create a strong silhouette and give your feet a strong presence.
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BLK Men K300433-001 (39-44)
https://www.camper.com/en_JP/men/shoes/brutus/camper-brutus_trek-K300433-001 ¥37,400-(tax included)
■Gore-Tex(R) BOOTS for Men
Chucker boots using Gore-Tex(R) (Gore-Tex) membrane with excellent waterproof and moisture permeability protect your feet from cold winter roads and rain. The timeless design is easy to match, but the chunky and powerful form gives you a unique presence and tightens your styling.
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BLK Men K300437-001 (39-44)
https://www.camper.com/en_JP/men/shoes/brutus/camper-brutus_trek-K300437-001 ¥37,400-(tax included)
■Gore-Tex(R) BOOTS for Women
Uses Gore-Tex (R) (Gore-Tex) to keep your feet dry and comfortable in any climate. With a length that protects your feet from the cold and a basic design that is easy to match, this pair will go well with a variety of styles.
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Women only BLK K400645-001 (35-40) / BRN K400645-002 (35-40) ¥39,600-(tax in) / Scheduled to arrive in late November
■Middle BOOTS for Women
The casual middle-length boots have a masculine design with a simple one-tone design.
There is a side zipper on the inside, making it easy to put on and take off. The moderately voluminous chunky sole goes well with feminine items such as skirts and dresses.
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https://www.camper.com/en_JP/women/shoes/brutus/camper-brutus_trek-K400644-001 ¥37,400-(tax included)
It will be released sequentially at Camper shops nationwide and the official online store.
*Products handled vary by store, and some stores may not carry them. [Image 11

[ Camper ]
CAMPER is a premium casual footwear brand born in Mallorca, Spain. There are 400 stores in about 40 countries around the world, and currently about 50 stores nationwide in Japan.
The advanced design inspired by the rich nature of the Mediterranean Sea, the craftsmanship of craftsmen, and the ultimate in comfort, created by combining cutting-edge innovation, make walking a means of transportation a joyful and happy time. sublime to
Put on Camper and enter an extraordinary world that is a little happier than usual.
Walk, Don’t Run.
Camper Japan Official Online Store: https://www.camper.com/ja_JP/ Camper Japan Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camper_japan/

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