Canon MJ Launched new version V16 of security software “ESET” for personal use with enhanced ransomware countermeasures and a renewed user interface

Canon MJ
Security software “ESET” with enhanced ransomware countermeasures and revamped user interface New version V16 of personal products launched
Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (President: Masachika Adachi, hereinafter Canon MJ) will start offering a new version (V16) of the “ESET Security Solution Series” for individuals from October 25, 2022. [Imaged13943-902-6d2fb9885ed3b4ae2d18-0.png&s3=13943-902-f64560768e0353b75bd1d92f5129ad21-1155x728.png
Revamped user interface
The new version (hereinafter referred to as V16) strengthens ransomware countermeasures by integrating Intel (R)’s hardware-based ransomware detection technology and ESET’s software-based multi-layer defense function, and also renovates the user interface. This improves operability and visibility.
1. Cooperating with Intel(R) technology to enhance protection against ransomware while maintaining system performance
As cyberattacks continue to become more sophisticated and diversified, ransomware infection routes and attack methods are also changing, and various damages have been reported. In response to this situation, ESET (headquartered in Slovakia) partnered with Intel (headquartered in the United States) in March 2022 to strengthen its countermeasures against ransomware. Below, we announced the integration of Intel(R) TDT) into ESET’s defense-in-depth function.
Based on this announcement, V16 now integrates Intel(R) TDT to enhance protection against ransomware. Intel(R) TDT uses a machine learning model to clarify the behavior of clever ransomware that attempts to avoid detection on the computer memory, further strengthening ESET’s multi-layered defense function. Intel(R) TDT also reduces the burden of this enhancement to help detect ransomware while maintaining overall system performance.
* Supports Intel(R) vPro(R) platform, 9th generation Intel(R) CoreTM processors and above.
2. Redesigned user interface for improved operability and visibility The user interface of each screen will be redesigned to improve the operability and visibility of notifications and menus. In addition, a new dark mode is installed, making it possible to select colors that are easy to see depending on the system environment.
ESET homepage:
-About “ESET Security Solution Series”-
The “ESET Security Solution Series” is a security solution developed by ESET, a company founded in Slovakia. We were the first in the industry to implement proactive detection technology “heuristic technology” that detects unknown threats, and through more than 30 years of research and development, we have repeatedly strengthened our “defense in depth” by multiple approaches, protecting our computers from various threats. protects devices such as Canon MJ serves as ESET’s exclusive domestic sales agent and develops products for individuals and corporations.
As products for individuals, we have a lineup of products according to the type and number of devices and needs, such as “ESET Internet Security”, “ESET Internet Security Marugoto Anshin Pack”, and “ESET Smart Security Premium”.
In Japan, ESET won first place among six security software providers for the fifth consecutive year in the “NPS (R) Benchmark Survey 2021 Security Software Division *” by NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. It has received top-class evaluations in the industry in terms of “high protection rate, including virus detection rate” and “light movement.”
Products for corporations are focused on endpoint protection, and include countermeasures against advanced threats using cloud sandboxes, information leakage countermeasures, protection from online collaboration tool threats, and post-incident measures assuming breaches. We are focusing on the “ESET PROTECT Solution” series, which realizes comprehensive protection with multiple defenses according to the target, scale, and needs, reduction of operation load with management tools, and centralized management of terminals.
*NPS(R) (Net Promoter Score(R)) is an index that measures customer loyalty calculated from the answers to the question “Do you want to recommend us to your friends and colleagues?”
– Main features of “ESET Security Solution Series” personal products – ESET Internet Security
ESET protects against various threats by responding with
“multi-layered defense function” against cyber attacks that continue to be sophisticated and diversified.
Protection from malware infection, protection from attacks that target credit card information and account information entered in online shopping, etc., prevention of access to phishing sites embedded in e-mails, etc., inappropriate depending on the age of the child Block access to malicious websites, scan Wi-Fi routers for vulnerabilities, and more.
● ESET Internet Security Marugoto Anshin Pack
In addition to the functions of “ESET Internet Security”, we support the use of third-party software other than ESET.
We support email, document creation, spreadsheets, document creation, image editing, video editing software, online communication tools, how to use smartphones, etc. with a dedicated dial.
●ESET Smart Security Premium
In addition to the functions of “ESET Internet Security”, a password management function that supports the use of online services with a wide range of functions such as automatic generation of strong passwords, centralized management and automatic entry of account information and personal information, password leakage check. Offers “Password Manager”. Compatible with Windows/Mac/Android/iOS, you can share your account information between your computer, smartphone, and different web browsers.
In addition, the ESET Smart Security Premium for Windows program is equipped with “ESET LiveGuard”, which enhances the immediate detection and defense against unknown threats such as new and subspecies viruses, and further strengthens the multi-layered defense function. * ESET is a trademark of ESET, spol. s r.o. Windows is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, Japan and other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Net Promoter(R) and NPS(R) are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Fred Reichheld, and Satometrics Systems (now NICE Systems, Inc).
The company names, product names and service names of each company are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.
* Please refer to the website for details such as specifications, price, and operating environment.

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