Cape Cellar Co., Ltd. Cape Cellar, a South African wine specialty store, releases “19th hole”, a wine for golfers popular at prestigious European golf courses, in Japan

Cape Cellar Co., Ltd.
CapeCellar, a South African wine specialty store, releases “19th hole”, a popular wine for golfers at a prestigious golf course in Europe, in Japan
~ I want to create a golf & wine culture! ~

Cape Cellar Co., Ltd., a South African wine specialty store that advocates “becoming a bridge between South Africa and Japan”, will launch “The 19th (19th hole)”, a South African wine for golfers popular mainly at prestigious golf courses in Europe in 2022. Now on sale.
The 19th hole after enjoying 18 holes of golf.
The classic and elegant etiquette can be placed anywhere, but it has a playful and fashionable look, such as a golfer silhouette, and is sure to excite any golfer.
Considering that the breed is after golf
・Refreshing chenin blanc without barrel (white)
・ Cabernet Merlot (red) that goes well with various foods
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(There is a mechanism that golfers will be pleased with on the back side) All of them are screw caps so that you can enjoy them outside, so they are easy to handle even if you don’t have a sommelier.
Not only for after-golf launches and drinking parties,
1. As a souvenir
2. Providing at restaurants (easy to handle with a screw cap) 3. As a competition product
4. Games, tournament eves and after parties
5. Wine, as the centerpiece of golf packages with lodging
And so on, there are various active scenes.
It also looks great on social media, so I think it’s an effective product for advertising golf courses and facilities as a whole, and as memories of dinner after golf.
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[Official EC site]
About South Africa and South African Wine
Many people think of safari when they hear South Africa, but Cape Town in particular is very beautiful, and as for golf, there are many famous players, and there are many prestigious courses that are popular locally. Wineries are also attached to many of the wonderful courses, and you can enjoy a set of spectacular courses and delicious wine, which is different from Japan. Through wine, I would like everyone to know the charm of South Africa, such as art, food, and culture, in addition to golf courses.
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Characteristics of South African wine;
There are many characteristics and charms of South African wine that we would like to share with you.
“Delicious! People and nature friendly South African wine”
-Put simply-
1, Over 360 years of winemaking history = not New World!
2, Optimal environment for grape cultivation (climate/soil). The oldest soils in the world, diversity: topography, terroir, style 3, There are many wines that contribute to society
4, Making wine that is friendly to people and nature
5, The taste of the old world (elegant) and the new world (fruity) (Iitokodori) 6. Residual pesticides and antioxidant content are the strictest standards in the world, so it is difficult to get a hangover. 7, Introduced the world’s first sustainability seal. (with traceability) 8, Pinotage is a unique South African variety
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Overview of the 19th hole that makes golfers smile
■ 19th hole Cheninblanc 2021
Pale straw color with a green tinge. Bright peach, apricot and melon scents. Refreshing acidity and balanced fresh citrus mouthfeel. It goes well with all kinds of seafood such as crabs, shrimps and oysters.
ALC13.0% 750ml
Retail price 3,190 yen (tax included)
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*This product is alcohol. drinking is not allowed before 20. Drunk driving is prohibited by law.
The reason for this is that many of our members and customers are golfers. When we hold a wine party at our company, there are many golfers. The wine parties held by our company are often attended by a wide variety of fun people, such as wine lovers, business owners, and people involved in African affairs, and many of them are golf lovers. We often gather with wine after golf, and just when we thought that there should be more wine to liven up, there are many wine lovers from the owner of the winery that we have already imported to the cape cellar (our company) members. It all started when I was introduced to our company.
We also believe that both golf and wine have a good understanding of their personalities and that they can spread out well, and we plan to set up golf-themed events on this wine hook in the future.
Future Prospects ──A daily life where everyone can casually enjoy wine── Our company founded Corona Vortex in 2020 based on the philosophy of contributing to South Africa through the daily enjoyment of wine. In the meantime, I have visited Cape Town many times, and the
representative, Mr. Yachida, has a network with the country for a long time, such as serving as a director of the South African Chamber of Commerce. The desire to brighten up has increased and the company has been established.
Recently, the number of people who casually enjoy wine with their meals has increased, but there are still many people who drink champagne when celebrating and red wine when eating good meat. South African wine is also excellent as an accompaniment to a meal, and we hope that you will take in wine on a daily basis, increase the amount of time spent with conversation, and increase your overall happiness. We advocate “always recommending 3 bottles”, and we would like to spread the culture of enjoying various meals and pairings by keeping 3 bottles free at all times (because it can be enjoyed in the
refrigerator for more than a week). thinking about.
In addition to the 19th hole, we also import original wines that contribute to society, wines with stories from small boutique wineries, and wines that are highly artistic. We plan to hold wine parties that are not too difficult to enter, collaborate with other industries, and hold a golf competition with the 19th hole.
South Africa is home to over 900 great wineries. We will continue to actively import attractive wines that have not yet been introduced to Japan, and return part of the sales to local support.
Through our wines, we hope that everyone will become interested in South Africa and become a bridge between the two countries, so in the future we plan to develop businesses other than wine that will benefit both countries.
*Currently, we are actively importing wines that can be drunk and supported, such as women’s support wines and school lunch support wines.
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About Cape Seller Co., Ltd.
“A bridge between South Africa and Japan”
Our cape seller will use wine sales as an opportunity to solve South Africa’s employment problem, solve poverty problems, strengthen exports of Japanese culture, technology, education, and food, and deepen exchanges between the two countries with a view to improving countermeasures against the declining birthrate. It was launched with the aim of creating an environment with
[Image 14d104700-2-1ea110cfbf6a478e8ec2-14.jpg&s3=104700-2-5870664f33c8a2d31c5a1b46194fde8b-361x354.jpg
* Local contribution sticker affixed to our wines. We look forward to your corporate sponsorship!
【Company Profile】
[Image 15d104700-2-eda42facacb35f73606e-15.png&s3=104700-2-8c7785047474235860cb710f249b6e72-271x78.png
Company name: Cape Cellar Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Takako Yachida
Business: Import and sale of South African wine, import and sale of South African merchandise, support for expansion into South Africa Established: October 2020
EC site;
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