Cartier High Jewelry order event “Cartier Salon” will be held from October 8th (Tuesday)

Cartier High Jewelry order event “Cartier Salon” will be held from October 8th (Tuesday)

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From October 8th (Tuesday) to 16th (Sunday), Cartier will hold a high jewelry order event “Cartier Salon” with the theme of “Pantère”, which symbolizes the Maison, in Tokyo.
Today, at the press preview held prior to the opening, many
celebrities, including “Friends of Maison” who have a close
relationship with Cartier, visited.
In the exhibition space where you can feel Cartier’s savoir-faire everywhere, I was a step ahead of the many jewelry and watches centered on high jewelry.
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At this event, more than 450 pieces of jewelry and watches will be gathered, including new works from the high jewelry collection “Pantère de Cartier”, as well as fascinating pieces that only exist in the world.
In the corridor that connects the two exhibition areas, you can see a video summarizing the design drawings of Panthère’s brooch and the work scene in the atelier. Experience Cartier’s savoir-faire through the stories of the origins and craftsmen of Panthère, which are created by bringing together various specialized techniques. [Image 8

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In addition, on October 17th (Monday), a special public release will be held for one day only, and from Cartier LINE official account We will invite 250 groups and 500 people who have been selected after applying in advance. (Applications for the special public exhibition have already closed.)
-About Cartier-
As one of the world’s leading luxury houses, synonymous with open-mindedness and curiosity, Cartier stands out in its creations, revealing the beauty in everything. From jewellery, fine jewelery and watchmaking to fragrances, leather goods and accessories, Cartier creations combine exceptional craftsmanship with timeless signatures. Cartier, a member of the Richemont Group, is expanding its presence in boutiques, including flagship stores, authorized distributors, and online boutiques.
-Pantère that symbolizes Cartier-
Since its debut in 1914, Panthère has inspired Maison creators. So far, it has presented new appearances. Sublime and unapproachable, the Panthère possesses a captivating power that reveals the strength and character of its wearer.
-Pantère Spirituality and Cartier-
A Cartier icon, the Panthère has the power to overwhelm everything. Panthère’s spirit of “boldness,” “personality,” “confidence,” “charm,” “grace,” and “flexibility” is hard to resist.
There is a charm, and everyone can find Panthère in themselves. -Pantère de Cartier-
Panthère has always been represented realistically, abstractly, or graphically. Discover the jewelery collection that boldly captures the versatility of the supple and graceful panthère.
Contact: Cartier Customer Service Center 0120-301-757

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