Cassina ixc. Christmas 2022 11/17 (Thursday) start

Cassina IXC Co., Ltd.
Cassina ixc. Christmas 2022 11/17 (Thursday) start

Every year during the Christmas season, Cassina IXC stocks recommended items for gifts for loved ones, rewards for yourself, and interior coordination for home parties. We will propose a lifestyle for the holiday season with special items such as Cassina’s new “MODULAR IMAGINATION” designed by Virgil Abloh and a limited edition gift box from the popular patisserie ASAKO IWAYANAGI.
Cassina IXC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President: Yoji Takahashi) will start a Christmas promotion at each directly managed store from November 17, 2022 (Thursday).
[Image 1d20741-41-f54d7215a52f81bc2665-5.jpg&s3=20741-41-9ec33da0280807971bd3509572e538a2-1241x726.jpg
The holiday season is full of imagination.
Choose a gift while imagining the recipient.
The moment you receive a gift, you can imagine what’s inside the box. Imagine the feelings of the other person, which is included in the box along with the present.
Is the contents of the box hung in the hands of people on the street a Christmas cake or a present for someone important?
What kind of Christmas decorations are in the lighted houses? What kind of smile will a box placed by the pillow or under the tree bring to the next morning?
While imagining the various pleasures that may happen in the future, Cassina IXC will prepare special gift items for this limited time. -Cassina-
MODULAR IMAGINATION designed by Virgil Abloh
[Image 2d20741-41-28c635ca64920ddf50e5-1.jpg&s3=20741-41-551eb264f318292ba643c18265173c7a-1800x2700.jpg
Virgil Abloh, a designer with a master’s degree in architecture and a contemporary cultural visionary, envisioned this unique project with Cassina that explores and develops the design implications of modularity.
The two sizes of blocks have a hard, industrial look, but are soft to the touch and slightly elastic, and can be used as a seat or side table. By inserting the orange cylindrical parts between the units and connecting them, ottomans, benches, tables, etc. can be completed by arranging and stacking them like blocks.
MODULAR IMAGINATION parts are designed to be easily separated at the end of the product’s life cycle. The dashed line at the bottom indicates where the soft polyurethane upholstery with bio-based polyol can be separated from the recycled wood core and the components can be recovered and recycled at the end of the product’s life cycle. I’m here.
W450×D450×H450mm ¥330,000 (tax included)
W780×D450×H450mm ¥550,000 (tax included)
CAB BABY chair designed by Mario Bellini
[Image 3d20741-41-7785e75967722953272f-2.jpg&s3=20741-41-0ad8e4f055069cbd0e24f0527e3975c7-2362x1575.jpg
Since its introduction in 1977, the CAB chair has become a global bestseller as a representative of Italian modern design. We have prepared a CAB BABY armless chair for children in a color that matches Christmas.
W330 × D370 × H570 (SH300) mm
Plus thick leather (plus Bordeaux / plus blue / plus green) ¥ 154,000 (tax included)
-Home Accessories/Sweets-
Xtal Gacrux
[Image 4d20741-41-d49913258d6f35aa7d08-3.jpg&s3=20741-41-5d791bc83136aac8bb84d24f63554419-3504x2628.jpg
Cordless table lamp Xtal (Crystal) is a beautiful piece of fantastic light art that radiates out from crystal glass. High-grade solid glass blocks are carefully hand-finished by skilled craftsmen, from shaving to polishing. The appearance is full of charm that draws you in, yet does not overstate it. As a light that entertains people, it adds color to the table and creates a dramatic scene.
Xtal Gacrux emits complex light refraction and sparkle with numerous geometric facets. It has the most detailed cut in the Xtal family and gives off a richly expressive light. In addition to clear, two colors are available: amber, which is a limited color for Cassina and IXC. Clear ¥ 33,000 / Amber ¥ 38,500 / Clear & Amber 2 piece set ¥ 69,300 (tax included)
[Image 5d20741-41-5a047c4ff2d2d03cfc67-6.jpg&s3=20741-41-240b19cf755fc0ce028560162b3ade93-1000x667.jpg
Chef Patissiere Asako Iwayanagi opened “PÂTISSERIE ASAKO IWAYANAGI” in Todoroki, Setagaya Ward in December 2015.
“notre inspiration, c’est vous. Inspiration starts with you.” is the shop concept.
This time, only 100 items of assorted gift boxes such as baked sweets prepared for Cassina IXC will be pre-ordered exclusively at the online store. In addition, we will sell sable mignon, tablet chocolate, and confiture at Cassina IXC directly managed stores.
“BOX OF IMAGINATION” (assorted baked sweets) ¥15,000 (tax included) *Limited to 100 items sold by reservation only
Cassina IXC will start accepting reservations from 11:00 on 11/1 (Tue) on the special Christmas website (The reservation page can be accessed from the above date and time) -Gift box contents-
galette nante
Financier Florentine
sable ramboise chemin white sesame half
Sabrepistache Schmanteber half
Brownie Petit Madeleine
Cake Lamb Raisin Chocolate Chip and Valencia Almond Scone
3 types of tea (grape sansho herb tea, chamomile brown rice tea, fragrant rose and hojicha)
■ Other limited items
We have recommended items for gifts for loved ones, rewards for yourself, and interior coordination for the holiday season.
[Image 6d20741-41-07d42a256b4480f27e7a-4.jpg&s3=20741-41-f0be7a8e58b6ff316b93d1c9414b42ae-927x642.jpg
*Photo: Clockwise from top left
T’a Milano (Italian chocolate sweets)
Romanengo (Italy, sugar confectionery)
LSA international (UK・interior miscellaneous goods)
dudubags (Italy, leather accessories)
NONFICTION (Korea・Body care item)
AMOLN (Swedish fragrance candle)
We also have other items available.
ODUJEJ (Korea・Object crayon)
WEICH (Germany, alpaca fur accessory)
Cassina ixc. Christmas 2022
Period: November 17th (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022 Location: Aoyama Main Store, Nagoya Store, Osaka Store, Fukuoka Store
We are planning to hold a special exhibition at the store with the key color orange, which was also used when MODULAR IMAGINATION was announced in Milan in June.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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