Casting company’s evolutionary “talent platformer” Aisley launches advisor introduction service

A3 Co., Ltd.
Casting company’s evolutionary “talent platformer” Aisley launches advisor introduction service
Matching companies and advisors regardless of industry with our unique network and highly accurate proposals

A3 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoki Yamamoto; hereinafter A3) has started an advisor introduction service.
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As a “talent platformer” that transcends the scope of casting companies, we are trying to solve corporate problems.
A casting service for all genres, talent photo subscription service “Talent Stock”, comprehensive human resources and M&A intermediary services specializing in the entertainment industry, talent second career / parallel career support, etc., with a style that is not bound by the common sense of the industry. We have matched talents. In order to solve corporate problems by matching talent more than ever, we have started a consultant introduction service.
We introduce the following classes of advisors to various companies regardless of the entertainment industry.
・Director/Executive Officer/Division General Manager class
・Accounting and financial management
・ Management planning / business planning / business development management position
・Sales management
・Marketing/advertising/sales promotion manager
・Personnel, legal, and general affairs managers
・Public relations/PR/IR management
・Information system management
We will strive for optimal matching by utilizing the unique network we have cultivated so far and by providing accurate consulting based on a deep understanding of the needs of companies and job seekers. Service overview
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■ Corporate benefits
・We will introduce advisors of various classes
・Since we have a consultant who was a former manager, we will propose the most suitable advisor according to your management issues. ・Since it will be a success fee type, there will be no cost for introduction or selection.
■ Benefits for job seekers
・Completely free support from consultants with over 20 years of experience in the human resources industry
・Since we also have consultants who are former managers, we will introduce jobs that maximize the value of job seekers based on the management issues of candidate companies.
・We will introduce exclusive recruitment for advisors by utilizing the management network we have built so far.

If you are a company or job seeker interested in our services, please contact us below.
In charge of Advisor Referral Service: Yamamoto Fukuoji
Athree Company Profile
It is a platformer that matches all kinds of “talents” with the mission of “professionals who connect the talents of the world”. Talents, entertainers, actors, models, VTubers, YouTubers, idols, singers, voice actors, athletes, experts, cultural figures, creators, artists, cosplayers, extras, MCs, characters, etc. are assigned according to your request. We are developing services such as “comprehensive casting”, “comprehensive human resources” that specializes in the entertainment industry, “entertainment-specific M&A brokerage”, and “talent support” that supports talent’s parallel second career.
[Image 3d38184-47-915cac558ab13ff6a6b0-2.png&s3=38184-47-b80dd55e988beb9bf4538495ac8fc497-296x245.png
Company name: A3 Co., Ltd. / A3 Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Naoki Yamamoto
Location: Croce Jingumae Building 6F, 3-35-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL:
Capital: 10 million yen
Established: October 2008
Business description: (1) Comprehensive casting service
     ・Advertising/CM unit
     ・Video・Audition Unit
     ・Event・Production unit
・Influencer unit
     ・YouTuber・TikToker unit
・Japan Culture Unit
     ・Rights Unit
     · Game/e-sports unit
     ・Expert/Cultural Unit
     ・Creator unit
・Athlete unit
・Talent Stock Unit
(2) Comprehensive human resource services
     ・Entertainment-specific recruiting service
     ・Entertainment Recruitment Service
     ・Executive Human Resource/Advisor Referral Service
(3) Entertainment-specific M&A brokerage service
(4) Talent support service
· Talent second career support service
· Talent parallel career support service “Watare”
     ・Expert matching service “Tasquel tax”

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