Castle Hotel Co., Ltd. Hotel Lodge Maishima, aiming to become an “ethical resort” in anticipation of the Osaka/Kansai Expo, is looking for !

Castle Hotel Co., Ltd.
Looking ahead to the Osaka/Kansai Expo, aiming to become an ethical resort, Hotel Lodge Maishima is looking for official ambassadors! The application period is from October 19th (Wednesday) to November 7th (Monday)
The resort facility “Hotel Lodge Maishima” (location: Konohana-ku, Osaka City) surrounded by the sea and forest in the Osaka Bay Area has started recruiting official ambassadors in anticipation of the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo.
The application period is from October 19th (Wednesday) to November 7th (Monday). After registering as an ambassador, you can actually experience lodging for free, send out information about your experience at Lodge Maishima through your own Instagram posts, and announce your impressions of the realization of an ethical resort at an online roundtable to be held at a later date. I would like to receive it.
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■ Background of implementation
The other day, Hotel Lodge Maishima declared an “ethical resort” in preparation for the 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo.
The ethical resort that we think of is a resort facility that incorporates the idea of ​​​​”ethical” with consideration for people, the global environment, and society.
We decided to recruit ambassadors because we would like to realize an ethical resort together with people who sympathize with this business philosophy, which is also connected to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
[Image 2d15570-42-2be802c6f033f3f2d5fa-6.jpg&s3=15570-42-ad15f52a704f46802364a8c5bfb1bbc9-651x402.jpg
■ What is Lodge Maishima Ambassador?
Colleagues who sympathize with the ethical resort idea of ​​Hotel Lodge Maishima and create an “ethical plan” together, friends who send wonderful information about Lodge Maishima through Instagram posts, and friends who share content. We are looking for
After registering as an ambassador, we would like you to actually stay at the hotel and announce your impressions of the ethical resort at the online round-table discussion held at a later date.
[Image 3d15570-42-d63031505baf90e88dae-3.jpg&s3=15570-42-2abf73b514f69bdc651e6ef2e509a31b-591x443.jpg
The conditions are as follows.
★ Accommodation special treatment
Invite up to 4 people (5 groups) free of charge with 1 night and 2 meals ★Application conditions
・ Girls in their 20s and 30s who like to travel, families with children ・People who can sympathize with this activity and ethical resorts ・People who can post tie-ups
・People who post about hotels and lodges Maishima once every other week on their own Instagram for 2 months (4 times in total) and promote them
・Those who can actually stay from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) to December 23, 2022 (Friday)
・ Those who can participate in the ambassador online roundtable from January 10 (Tuesday) to January 25 (Wednesday), 2023
・Those who can be introduced on our official Instagram @hotel_lodge_maishima ・Those who have agreed to our terms
・Those who consent to SNS transmission, including commercial use of the photos and videos taken
・Persons who can entrust the usage of the photos and videos taken to the Hotel/Lodge Maishima
・ Those who are okay with media exposure such as TV, magazines, newspapers, etc. ・Rights regarding the photos and videos taken belong to Hotel Lodge Maishima ・Those who can provide personal information
(It will not be used for purposes other than those related to the operation of this project.)
★ How to apply
Please comment your enthusiasm on the Instagram post of the Hotel Lodge Maishima Ambassador and send it by DM clearly stating “I want to be an official ambassador”.
★ Recruitment period
October 19th (Wednesday) to November 7th (Monday), 2022
★ Recruitment number: 5 people (representative of each group) (It will end as soon as the ambassador is decided)
★Announcement of results
If you would like to request an ambassador, we will contact you via DM. (Please refrain from contacting us by phone, DM, etc.)
★ Application URL
[Image 4d15570-42-a04b5a5d0b66f859139d-10.jpg&s3=15570-42-58aef5a2d8eb696fe6a682f9b715ef9a-626x418.jpg
■Hotel/Lodge Maishima
Hotel Lodge Maishima is just a 20-minute drive from Osaka.
Facing Osaka Bay, it is a famous sunset view spot selected as one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan. You can see Mt. Rokko, Awaji Island, and even the mountains of Shikoku. When the sky turns orange, a path of light runs along the sea, and the glittering sunset and the gently changing seascape are soothing to the soul.
[Image 5d15570-42-a22f46d3253fa1a22071-4.jpg&s3=15570-42-654170efaee4bb4c02932231394c0467-652x436.jpg
There are 14 log houses imported from four countries: the United States, Canada, Finland, and Sweden. The sight of the triangular roof is like a foreign country, and you can spend your time like a villa. [Image 6d15570-42-99486cc6d60bddcd0c2a-9.jpg&s3=15570-42-015b2a63d829d3d80249c3fc18407a37-627x417.jpg
In the back of the garden, there is a barbecue facility “Forest and Lil’s BBQ Field”. It is an all-weather type with a roof on the terrace.
It is a peaceful square with a babbling brook on a grassy hill. You can bring your own food, but we recommend the empty-handed plan with a full menu.
[Image 7d15570-42-60dc1c9208c036df702a-8.jpg&s3=15570-42-45ac7e498023f4beec1d1dd0d39c4bed-627x418.jpg

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