Cava Denomination of Origin Control Committee Spanish sparkling wine CAVA and gastronomic marriage “Ginza CAVA Discovery Week” participating 20 participating CAVA pairing special menus decided!

Kava Denomination of Origin Control Commission
Spanish sparkling wine CAVA and gastronomic marriage “Ginza CAVA Discovery Week” Participating 20 CAVA pairing special menus decided! Period October 12 (Wednesday) to October 25 (Tuesday), 2022

At 20 stores participating in the CAVA awareness campaign “Ginza CAVA Discovery Week” (held from October 12 to October 25, 2022) developed by the Hippo Denomination Control Committee (Headquarters: Spain, Chairman: Javier Pagès), A special menu “CAVA Pairing Menu” that highlights the charm of CAVA has been decided.
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*Top: Ginza Sushiko Main Store (from last year’s pairing menu) Bottom: Makiyaki Ginza Onodera
In the second year of “Ginza CAVA Discovery Week” this year, four famous restaurants in Ginza, such as Michelin-starred restaurants that offer international cuisine such as Japanese cuisine, Spanish, French, Chinese cuisine, etc. A total of 20 stores are participating, including 7 restaurants that are participating for the first time. The CAVA pairing menu is a campaign-limited menu that includes 2 CAVA glasses (2 brands) of Spanish sparkling wine and selected mariage dishes from each store. Each of the participating shops has a different CAVA from 37 brands from 19 wineries. You can enjoy it at Sushiko Honten. A special two weeks where you can get to know the diverse CAVA, from the youngest CAVA to the Cava de Guarda Superior Reserva, the Gran Reserva and the Paraje Calificard.
You can check the detailed menu of each store on the special site of “Ginza CAVA Discovery Week”.
[Overview of “Ginza CAVA Discovery Week”]
■ Schedule: October 12 (Wednesday) to October 25 (Tuesday), 2022 ■Hours: Event hours vary by store. *Please be aware of regular holidays ■Organizer: Kava Denomination of Origin Control Committee
■ Management: Hippopotamus Designation of Origin Control Committee Japan Representative Agent Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd.
■ URL:
■ Participating stores: 20 stores in the Ginza area
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[About new coronavirus measures]
・In order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19), each participating store is taking measures to prevent infection such as temperature measurement and disinfection.
・We may refuse entry to customers who have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of poor physical condition.
・Please note that the event period may be changed or canceled due to the infection status of the new coronavirus.
■ Participation method:
1. Make a reservation directly at the store in advance on the reservation site of each participating store or by phone.
When making a reservation, please tell us that you are making a reservation for Ginza CAVA Discovery Week.
2. Visit the reserved store on the day
3. Order “CAVA pairing menu *”.
Payment is made at each store.
* CAVA 2 glasses (2 brands) and a set of dishes. Prices are per person (1,650 yen to 29,524 yen including tax).
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[What is the Control Committee for the Denomination of Origin of Cava (D.O.CAVA)?] URL:
The Cava Denomination of Origin Control Commission is a decentralized body of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, composed of winemakers, producers and representatives of both the autonomous regions and provinces of the Cava (producing) regions. The Kava Denomination of Origin Control Board is responsible for protecting and ensuring the quality of Kava and complying with regulatory specifications. A monitoring body mandated by an
appropriate public authority to certify wine-growing regions, production methods, analyzes and characteristics. We are fully committed to the control of the winemaking process: production, handling, sorting, preparation, processing, preservation, packaging, storage, labeling, presentation and transportation.
■About CAVA
CAVA is a high-quality sparkling wine with the “CAVA Denomination of Origin” system, made in Spain using a specific production area and manufacturing method. The traditional method of secondary fermentation of the alcohol in the bottle gives it a value unmatched by any other beverage on the market. CAVA is produced in four Spanish regions of origin: Comtatz de Barcelona, ​​Valle del Ebro, Viñedo de Almendralejo and the Levante region (unnamed). There are two main segments: Cava de Guarda (over 9 months) and Superior Cava de Guarda Superior. The upper classes consist of Cava Reserva (18 months and above), Cava Gran Reserva (30 months and above) and Cava de Paraje Calificard (36 months and above). The great advantage of these different types and styles of CAVA is that they are suitable for a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world.
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*The top superior class hippopotamus in the red frame will be 100% organic from 2025.
[Inquiries about Ginza CAVA Discovery Week]
Kava Denomination of Origin Control Committee Japan representative agent: Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd. 070-6636-1079 (excluding weekends and holidays) Contact person: Kakizaki

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