Ceiling decoration of Japan’s largest chocolate festival “Amour du Chocolat” as an accessory? !

Tsukuri Co., Ltd.
Ceiling decoration of Japan’s largest chocolate festival “Amour du Chocolat” as an accessory? !
First collaboration with upcycle accessories SHITSURAE and JR Nagoya Takashimaya!

A ceiling decoration that brightens up the venue of Japan’s largest chocolate festival “Amour du Chocolat”.
Until now, the role was finished when the event was over, but this year, we wanted to create items full of originality by making use of the decorations, so we collaborated with the upcycle brand SHITSURAE. By combining ceiling decoration parts and acrylic scraps, accessories with a modern impression were born.
It is a sustainable initiative that not only “sells” but also sticks to the cycle of “no waste” and transforms “throwable things” into “things you want to use for a long time”.
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[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=0evq2f_QeZM&list=TLGGbI50hee32jEyNDEwMjAyMg]

Earrings that are all one-of-a-kind and full of special feeling. Please enjoy each different expression.
[Image 2

-Sitsurae-×-Amour du Chocolat-
upcycle accessories
4,950 yen for one ear (9,900 yen for both ears)
* Earrings or earring parts will be attached at the store.
* The accessory pouch and gloves are also made by reusing materials that are no longer needed.
SHITSURAE is an upcycle brand that enjoys a sustainable society through design. I create motifs with materials that have finished their role and offcuts that are unavoidable.
We dared not use any coloring, but made use of the colors and textures of the materials, and the overlaps that could be made by chance, and breathed new life into them as accessories.
Please enjoy the different facial expressions that cannot be mass-produced. 2021 LIFE×DESIGN Award (Best Sustainability Award)
・web https://shitsurae.tokyo
[Brand establishment background]
Plastic waste is the villain of environmental problems.
On the other hand, acrylic partitions have been produced in the largest amount ever due to the corona disaster, and with the end of the crisis, a large amount of business waste is about to be generated. Don’t just make plastic the bad guy, use it right and most importantly don’t waste it afterwards. The representative has more than 20 years of experience as an acrylic craftsman. Utilizing the technology cultivated there, we have established a brand to add value to used plastic and create a system that cannot be thrown away.
■ Tsukuri Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Fuminori Imura
Established: October 2014
Business: Design, design, production, construction, consulting, branding, upcycling
・web https://tsukuri.co.jp
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