Celsys, Inc. CELSYS’s e-book viewer “CLIP STUDIO READER” has been adopted by France Shoin’s e-book sites “Tiara Bunko” and “Opal Bunko”

CELSYS’s e-book viewer “CLIP STUDIO READER” is adopted by France Shoin’s e-book sites “Tiara Bunko” and “Opal Bunko”

The e-book viewer “CLIP STUDIO READER” provided by CELSYS has been adopted from October 4th on French Shoin’s e-book sites “Tiara Bunko” and “Opal Bunko”.
About “Tiara Bunko”
A long-established teen love novel that celebrates its 13th
anniversary as “Otome support rate No. 1”. A paperback label that publishes many exciting historical and fantasy stories that are loved by the finest men such as emperors, kings, knights, soldiers, and aristocrats.
About “Opal Bunko”
A new Joshiroma-style romance novel for grown-up girls where Pure and Midara live together! It is a paperback label with the concept of “. With the theme of modern adult love, we publish works full of euphoria that are realistic but full of dreams and heartbeats.
“CLIP STUDIO READER” is a WEB/application compatible e-book viewer that can distribute works of various genres in various file and display formats such as EPUB and Webtoon. Since it is possible to provide a viewer engine, it is possible to customize the UI and add functions according to the service content, and use the viewer in a distribution environment that matches the scale and cost of the service, and has an industry-leading adoption track record. . “CLIP STUDIO READER”
About France Shoin Co., Ltd.
Established in 1975 as a publisher of translated novels. In addition to sensual novels for men, Printemps publishes boys’ love and teens’ love novels and comics. In 1999, we entered the e-book business ahead of other companies, and have been actively distributing content on our own website.
About CELSYS, Inc.
CELSYS’ mission is to “expand your passion through creation”, and we support everyone involved in creation with digital technology. Through the provision of services that support creative activities such as illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production applications “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” and “CLIP STUDIO”, as well as solutions related to content creation, distribution, and viewing such as the e-book solution “CLIP STUDIO READER”. , we will support everyone around the world so that they can enjoy a variety of experiences through creation.
Celsys Corporate Site: https://www.celsys.com/
Contact information
CELSYS, Inc. Public Relations Masukawa / Furuno / Takahashi
Pacific Marks Shinjuku Parkside 2F, 4-15-7 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
e-mail: press@celsys.com
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