Certified as an official partner of Cybozu, Inc.

Hoover Brain Co., Ltd.
Certified as an official partner of Cybozu, Inc.
Collaborating to Expand Support for Corporate Productivity Improvement
Cyber ​​Security Company Hoover Brain Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideyuki Koshimizu, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth 3927, hereinafter referred to as the Company) is Cybozu, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Aono Yoshihisa, hereinafter referred to as Cybozu) has been certified as an official partner. Points of this release
Cybozu official partner ( product) has been certified.
By linking with Garoon’s calendar information, Work Smart Cloud comprehensively visualizes not only PC work, but also the work style of employees, including registration details such as schedules, and improves the productivity of companies using Garoon. We support. As an official Cybozu partner, we aim to collaborate with Cybozu partners responsible for Garoon sales, and provide work smart cloud productivity improvement and work style reform support to more companies using Garoon.
Our company has been certified as a Cybozu Official Partner (product) in recognition of our achievements in linking Work Smart Cloud, our work style reform support product, with the groupware Garoon provided by Cybozu.
Work Smart Cloud visualizes how employees work from PC operation logs and calendar registration information. By linking with various calendar functions, work that does not use a PC can also acquire calendar schedule information, making it possible to comprehensively understand how employees work, improve work and productivity, and eventually work styles. Support reform.
By linking with Garoon’s calendar function, which is used by 6,600 companies and 3 million people, Work Smart Cloud will work as an official partner of Cybozu so that it can contribute to work style reforms at more companies.
As a result, we will work with Cybozu’s partner companies, which are responsible for selling Garoon, to expand the Work Smart Cloud market. ■ Productivity improvement support provided by Work Smart Cloud Work Smart Cloud visualizes how employees work from PC operation logs. By acquiring various operation logs on the PC, such as using various desktop applications, operating files, browsing websites, and using external devices (USB, external HDD, DVD, etc.), the work status can be visualized. It is possible to grasp the various work styles of employees.
In the recent corona disaster, we have supported the business management of corporate telework and have introduced it to more than 1,700 companies (as of March 31, 2022).
In addition, by visualizing operations such as information output and duplication by external devices and printers, it contributes to reducing the risk of information leaks by deterring and early detection of internal improprieties.
By visualizing work styles with Work Smart Cloud, we support business improvement, productivity improvement, and health management of companies.
■ Works Smart Cloud Garoon integration
Work is not always accompanied by PC operation. Work Smart Cloud has a function to comprehensively visualize work styles, including work that does not require PC operation such as meetings and out-of-office visits from the schedule information of the calendar function. Work Smart Cloud acquires schedule information from Garoon’s calendar function and comprehensively visualizes how employees work, including tasks that do not involve PC operations. By introducing Work Smart Cloud, companies using Garoon can gain a clearer understanding of how each employee works, and obtain hints for improving operations and productivity.
In addition, in the new normal era triggered by the new corona, the work smart cloud’s work visualization function, which supports the diversification of work styles such as telework, which is being challenged by various companies, will reduce the burden on the work management of companies using Garoon. This contributes to reducing labor costs and improving productivity.
■ Cooperation with Cybozu partners
Going forward, as an official partner of Cybozu, we will participate in the Cybozu Partner Network and collaborate with Cybozu partner companies responsible for Garoon sales to introduce and provide Work Smart Cloud to existing Garoon users and new Garoon adopters. I will work on it. By collaborating with Cybozu and Cybozu partner companies, we will support many companies in improving their operations, productivity, and work style reforms.
Taking advantage of this Cybozu official partner certification, we will make further efforts to further raise awareness of Work Smart Cloud and expand sales.
Comment from Keita Kuriyama, Executive Officer, General Manager of Sales Division and Business Strategy Office, Cybozu, Inc.
Cybozu, Inc. sincerely welcomes the start of collaboration with Hoover Brain, Inc. as an official partner. By linking “Work Smart Cloud” and “Garoon”, we expect that the work style of the employees of the companies that have introduced it will be visualized, leading to a reduction in the burden of business management and an improvement in productivity. We will continue to work hard to build further partnerships and provide the best solutions for our customers. ■ About Hoover Brain Co., Ltd.
As a cyber security solution, we provide protection against external malicious program (malware) attacks that exploit information and communication technology (ICT), and prevent unauthorized access to databases and information leaks by company insiders. In addition to countermeasures, we support work efficiency improvement and work style analysis by visualizing the work situation. We help improve
productivity and quality of life with our secure platform, and accelerate growth for the forthcoming 4th Industrial Revolution. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Hoover Brain Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideyuki Koshimizu, President and Representative Director Head office: New Otani Garden Court 22F, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094 TEL 03-5210-3061 (representative)
URL: https://www.fuva-brain.co.jp/
-Work style reform support product “Eye“247” Work Smart Cloud” https://www.eye247wsc.jp/
Established: May 8, 2001
Capital: 796 million yen (as of June 30, 2022) (Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market: Securities code 3927)
Business description:
● Providing cyber security solutions
● Building a telework environment
●Support for improving productivity and quality of life
●Commissioned development/SES (subsidiary)

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