Certified Career New Release of “JADP Certified Harassment Countermeasures Manager Qualification Harassment Countermeasures Course”!

Career College Japan Co., Ltd.
“JADP certified harassment countermeasures manager qualification correspondence harassment countermeasures course” new release! Achieving zero workplace harassment!

Career College Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, President: Masataka Yokota), which develops and operates correspondence courses and education, has released a new “Harassment Countermeasures Course for JADP Certified Harassment Countermeasures Manager Qualification”. did. We can achieve zero harassment and create an environment where everyone can work energetically.
▼JADP certified harassment countermeasures manager qualification corresponding harassment countermeasures course
Course overview
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The number of consultations about “bullying and harassment” received by prefectural labor bureaus nationwide is increasing year by year, and harassment has become a serious social problem. In this course, you will learn in detail what harassment is and why it occurs, what you should do to prevent harassment, and how to deal with it if it occurs, based on various specific examples. After completing the course, we challenged to acquire the qualification of “JADP certified harassment countermeasure manager”. Let’s take the lead and promote countermeasures and update the workplace so that everyone can work lively.
Three features of the “Harassment countermeasures course”
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Practical skills that can be used in the field
Easy to wear!
It takes time to understand and acquire it just by reading general books. The focus of career-career learning is to acquire practical skills. Through video lectures and abundant case studies, you can acquire know-how that can be used immediately and take action immediately.
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Establish knowledge in 3 steps!
Career Career’s unique teaching materials that pursue ease of learning You can efficiently acquire skills by using the teaching materials of this course from input to output according to the purpose. It is a perfect learning style for busy people who can use their free time effectively.

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With free question support and long-term support
Easy to learn even for beginners!
If you do not understand something, you can quickly solve it with free question support that you can use as many times as you like. Even when you get lost or your learning is not progressing well, we will support your learning while communicating. We also provide long-term support for 700 days. Learn at your own pace.

supervising lecturer
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Professor Takashi Watanabe
Representative, Life Balance Management Institute Co., Ltd. / Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Teikyo Heisei University
Certified Industrial Counselor and Business Coach. Joined an oil company after graduating from university. He then studied at Cornell University and earned an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Established Life Balance Management in 2003 after holding executive positions at several foreign companies. Japan’s largest class of lectures, training, and coaching on themes such as workplace mental health, harassment countermeasures, and human resource development. He has also appeared in major mass media and is in charge of serial columns, and has written many books.
Teaching materials & tuition fee
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▼ Teaching materials to be delivered
○ 2 textbooks
○ 1 simple handbook
〇 Correction problem 1 volume
〇Caricare notebook 1 book
〇 Video lecture (viewable from the student page)
*A DVD will be sent to those who request it.
▼Learning support
〇 700 days learning support
〇 Free question support
〇Correction guidance support
〇 Support email support
〇 Employment/change of job support
〇 Opening support service
▼ Tuition fee
regular price
One-time cost: 49,600 yen (tax included) Split cost: 2,390 yen per month x 24 times
10,000 yen discount with web discount
One-time cost 39,600 yen (tax included) Split cost: 1,910 yen per month x 24 times
About “Qualification Career”
The qualified Career College offers more than 140 courses that are directly linked to your “want to be”, such as bookkeeping, nail care, food education, medical office work, and mental psychology counselor. Even those who are trying correspondence courses for the first time can realize their dreams with peace of mind and generous support, such as learning support that can be continued until the end, employment, changing jobs, opening a business after obtaining qualifications, and advantageous systems such as return guarantee within 8 days and full refund guarantee. I’m rooting for you!
【Official site】
[Caricare WEB limited movie “#Let’s get started”]
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdsF7ELiJ_A&feature=youtu.be]

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