Certified NPO ESA Asia Education Support Association Held a walking program “Tekuteku Hatta” to realize “health promotion x social contribution”

Authorized NPO ESA Asia Education Support Association
Held a walking program “Tekuteku Hatta” to realize “health promotion x social contribution”
Let’s get healthy at a walk event with Bangladeshi children!
The authorized NPO ESA Asia Education Support Association (Komae City, Tokyo/Chairman Tomoko Uchida) provides children in villages in Bangladesh with opportunities to learn so that they can live with their dreams and hopes on their own. To this end, we will hold a charity event “Tekuteku Hatta” in November, in which children from the village walk 10,000 kilometers from Japan to a village in Bangladesh. “Hatta” means “walk” in Bengali. With a dedicated app, you can walk anywhere you like, at your own pace, and aim for 10km. In addition, participants will receive a 10-minute yoga session delivered by a yoga instructor every day, a talk live with runner Rei Ueda, who
distributes plogging activities and podcast programs for runners, and a real event only for one day (optional). Yes, there is a
participation prize… It’s a greedy project that makes it fun and healthy, and it also contributes to society.
[Image 1

Tekuteku Hatta Logo
[Participating via the app “Tekuteku Hatta”]
■ Program name:
Tekuteku Hatta
■ Implementation period:
Two weeks from November 1st (Tuesday) to 14th, 2022
■ Participation fee:
1,500 yen
■Program content:
Install the dedicated app “minpo” and walk for two weeks from November 1st to 14th, wherever you like, with a goal of 10km per person. Anyone can participate from anywhere.
For those who have entered, during the period, you can distribute 10 minutes of yoga for comfortable walking, talk live with guest runner Rei Ueda, and optionally participate in real events.
《Profile of Rei Ueda》
[Image 2

Akira Ueda
While working for a foreign-affiliated company, he distributes the popular podcast program “Running Channel” for runners.
He also works as a trainer for Liverun, an exercise app with live commentary. With the keyword Social Good Running, they actively donate running equipment that is no longer needed and blogging activities. As Garmin Master of Garmin Japan, he is active not only in Japan but also in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
■ Purpose of the program:
In addition to securing funds for the NEXT SMILE project (*Details will be described later) to recover from the damage of education received by the corona in Bangladesh and to help the children in the village live with hope, Spread understanding and concern for the difficult situation In addition, by making it a program that anyone can participate in anytime, anywhere, we aim to promote a fit and healthy “social contribution x health promotion” by providing an opportunity for everyone to walk toward one goal and eliminate lack of exercise and improve health. Suggest.
■ How to enter:
Apply from the dedicated web page for “Tekuteku Hatta” to be released on October 15th.
Details will be announced on the official ESA blog, Instagram and Facebook. ESA Homepage: http://www.esajapan.org/
Instagram: @esajpn
Facebook: ESA Japan

[Real event (optional)]
During the Tekuteku Hatta program, an optional one-day face-to-face event will also be held.
Date: Saturday, November 12, 2022
First 50 people
Goal: 14:00 to 14:30 at the Izuminomori Kaikan Hall (in front of Komae Station) Course: From Futako Tamagawa Station to Komae. Walk about 7 km while passing through recommended spots along the way. After clearing the task while walking, we held a party at the goal venue while drinking ESA’s chai. It is a fun event with participation prizes and online exchanges with Bangladeshi children.
《What is the NEXT SMILE Project?》
[Image 3d86168-3-80e7916a139a33cbdcbc-2.jpg&s3=86168-3-466fe8c3bb888f0735f1ac05a0051cf4-854x571.jpg
Bangladeshi village children
Along with the rapid changes in the times these days, and in the course of our activities, there is an increasing need for changes in the education of ESA children.
Therefore, ESA would like to focus on the following education for children’s NEXT SMILE.
“Human rights education” that children know their rights and recognize the obligations of parents and adults around them
“Job Guidance” to expand your vision after graduating from school “Gender education” to nurture the ability for girls to protect themselves “Women’s Empowerment,” which teaches mothers and women’s social participation from various angles.
All of these are necessary learnings to live powerfully in the new era, and to aim for the realization of a community where each child can live with their own dreams and hopes.
Organization overview
[Image 4d86168-3-2c1a14a8a6b2d917fd51-3.jpg&s3=86168-3-04d908c6a8d8afe9933ce0885e1de67f-413x256.jpg
■Organization name: Authorized NPO ESA Asia Education Support Association ■ Location: 1-23-3-101 Higashiiwazumi, Komae City, Tokyo 201-0014 ■ Representative: Director Tomoko Uchida
■ Established: 1979
■ URL: http://www.esajapan.org
■Business description: Based on the idea that education protects human dignity and is a great power to overcome poverty and discrimination, children left behind in Bangladesh and India have the right to go to school and receive an education. We are working to realize a peaceful and equal society where people can freely choose their future and live with hope by protecting their lives. Since its establishment in 1979, a total of 42,000 children have been able to receive education.In addition, the educational environment has been improved by
constructing and renovating toilets, libraries, and dormitories, including the construction of eight schools. I’ve been

★For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact us at the address below★ Accredited NPO Corporation ESA Asia Education Support Association Public Relations Manager Naoko Hama
1-23-3-101 Higashi-Izumi, Komae-shi, Tokyo 201-0014
TEL: 03-5497-2261 (Mon/Wed/10:00-17:00)
Mail: info@esajapan.org

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