Certified NPO ReBit October 29th and 30th (Saturday and Sunday) 15 speakers have been decided for “DIVERSI TY CAREER FORUM 2022”, the largest career forum on diversity and employment in Japan!

Authorized NPO ReBit
[October 29th and 30th (Saturday and Sunday)] 15 speakers have been decided for “DIVERSITY CAREER FORUM 2022”, the largest career forum on diversity and employment in Japan!
Exhibitors: 37 companies including Sony, NEC, Morgan Stanley; Sponsors: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Education, Keidanren, etc. Viewed last year: 300,000 times

Certified NPO ReBit will hold the largest diversity and employment career forum “DIVERSITY CAREER FORUM 2022” in Japan from October 29, 2022 (Sat) to February 17, 2022 (Fri). .
This forum is mainly aimed at students and young people, and introduces corporate diversity (LGBTQ, gender, disability,
multicultural, etc.) initiatives through six events, including talk shows and exchange events.
This forum, which has been held every year since 2016, was viewed more than 300,000 times last year. This year, 37 companies, including Nomura Holdings, EY Japan, and Johnson & Johnson, will be exhibiting, with support from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Education, and other administrative bodies and various organizations, as well as cooperation with more than 200 universities. , we aim to realize a society in which everyone can work in their own way, regardless of their characteristics and attributes.
The main forum will be held on Saturday, October 29th and Sunday, October 30th. Through 6 talk sessions by 15 gorgeous guests and messages from exhibiting companies, we will learn about the front line of diversity and think about future work styles.
[Image 1d47512-30-ed3c0859cea89b602ecb-21.jpg&s3=47512-30-8140c3dcc0488b8fce67c004ea6c82f2-3900x2761.jpg
“DIVERSITY CAREER FORUM” is one of the largest career forums in Japan with the theme of diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) promotion and employment.
By promoting communication between students and job seekers and companies working on DE&I, we will provide opportunities for everyone to take a step toward their own career, regardless of their
characteristics and attributes.
At the main forum, which will be held on Youtube LIVE on October 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), there will be talk sessions by executives, personnel in charge, and employees of companies working on DE&I, and messages from each company to the participants. Deliver.
In addition, two speakers who are active on the front lines of each field will be invited for each schedule, and a keynote session will be held on the theme of “a way of life and work that is unique to you.” ■ Special site: https://diversityworksjp.org/dcf2022
DAY 1 – Saturday, October 29th
1. A work style that starts with “for the time being” and enjoys the unexpected Mr. Wakamiya, “the world’s oldest app developer,” who the CEO of Apple wants to meet, started developing apps at the age of 80, and unexpected days began. We will ask you for tips on how to live and work in the era of 100-year lifespans.
[Image 2d47512-30-db593ddb9866b87f44cc-13.png&s3=47512-30-f2b74a900560975fcda7e9e2af37e7fd-940x788.png
・ Masako Wakamiya: Member of Digital Society Concept Council / Director of NPO Broadband School Association
2. Ask the author of “100 Year Calendar” how to live your life only once? work? We asked Mr. Osumi, the author of “100-Year Calendar” that shows you how to live your life only once, about how to find your own way of living and working.
[Image 3d47512-30-fa9ccd689d8aa418cce5-14.png&s3=47512-30-c1cb682bcc35d28412ffc72feb29117f-940x788.png
・ Mr. Riki Osumi: Representative Director of Public Interest Incorporated Association Children with Incurable Diseases and Their Families / Representative Director of Sokoriki Educational Research Institute
3. The Future of Diversity Promotion Aimed by Leaders
What is the significance of companies working on diversity?
We will ask the leaders responsible for promoting diversity about their efforts to date and the points they are paying attention to in promoting diversity in the future.
[Image 4d47512-30-b9a2a3118cafab543dc3-15.png&s3=47512-30-0513a6157996e0f4ddd3db8bea867287-940x788.png
・ Risa Kinoshita: Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd. Human Resource Development Department Manager
・ Akiko Sonobe: General Manager, Sustainability Promotion Office, Nomura Holdings, Inc.
・ Shingo Mori: General Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Promotion Office, Sony People Solutions Inc.
4. The “Purpose” of what I do
What does it mean to work with “purpose” as the starting point? I would like to ask about the significance of my work and what I consider important when choosing a career.
[Image 5d47512-30-ef1170def0e3f542dcf6-16.png&s3=47512-30-347cf966313d105f7e837d07435a1d25-940x788.png
・Hitomi Kawasaki: Unilever Japan Marketing Doveskin Cleansing Brand Manager ・ Shun Momose: Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Public Sector / Reconstruction Support Office Manager
・Peter Shima: Salesforce Japan Inc. Tableau Business Manager Business Value Service Director
DAY 2 – Sunday, October 30th
1. Extend your likes and abilities and connect with society-disability x challenge of art business
With the mission of “Let it stand out.”, Heralbony challenges the welfare area through art.
We will ask the founder, Mr. Matsuda, about his current career and future life mission.
[Image 6d47512-30-9cb329d13d58ffd68b70-17.png&s3=47512-30-1b570102c0a2f87185af949e9dfc57a0-940x788.png
・Takaya Matsuda: President and CEO of Heralbony Co., Ltd.
2. Anxiety/I can’t do it, but it’s a seed of ideas ~ Developmental disability x until you reach employment support
From an NHK announcer to a social entrepreneur.
We will ask about the twists and turns that led to the founding of employment support for people with developmental disabilities, and the passion and future that they have been working on for 14 years. [Image 7d47512-30-35f2439090bf32737267-18.png&s3=47512-30-f7389ff5233280642e4d1da26b4c7b4c-940x788.png
・ Keita Suzuki: Representative Director of Kaien Co., Ltd.
3. Create a workplace where you can work in your own way. Promoting Diversity Starting with “I”
You may be the one to create a workplace where you can be yourself. We will ask people in charge of diversity and leaders of the company’s employee network about changes in the surroundings and the company, starting from “self”.
[Image 8d47512-30-c7d11741d9b10cd1f7c3-19.png&s3=47512-30-dd60e31169b123f14a6b27cbfdfff39a-940x788.png
・ Kaori Umezu: Director and Chief Financial Officer, Morgan Stanley Holdings Co., Ltd.
・Takeshi Kawasaki: EY Japan Assurance Principal / DE&I Promotion Manager ・ Yuki Furuya: Johnson & Johnson Medical Company / Education Solutions Director Open & Out Japan Lead
4. Journey to find your own career
We will ask working adults with various backgrounds such as LGBTQ, disabilities, and intractable diseases about their career journeys of twists and turns in search of “work that suits them.”
[Image 9d47512-30-5dc51a0970aa003dd012-20.png&s3=47512-30-e1305e076838cb8a62dda462c1334d86-940x788.png
・Eriko Niijima: Manager, Accenture K.K.
・Satomi Nitta: Assistant Manager, Cloud Platform Solution Division, Public Solutions Business Division, NEC Corporation
Date: October 29, 2022 (Sun) to February 17, 2022 (Fri) *Including related events
■ Special site: https://diversityworksjp.org/dcf2022
[Image 10d47512-30-a1e5e808a233a96dbeb7-2.png&s3=47512-30-8d4bba4e4346dcaeb3926ff8a4bdd4d0-1276x686.png
■ Content:
An online forum where you can learn about the front lines of diversity and think about “future work styles.”
Through cross-sectional talk sessions by executives, managers, and employees of companies working on DE&I, we will deliver messages that convey the “temperature” such as the culture of companies working on DE&I and the values ​​of working people. Think about a workplace where you can be yourself.
October 29th (Sat) and October 30th (Sun), 2022 13:30-18:00 (YouTube Live) 2. MEET-UP *Related content
An online exchange and Q&A session with a diverse range of working adults and DE&I personnel who work at companies working on diversity. It will be an opportunity to meet working people with diverse attributes and characteristics, such as LGBTQ, disability,
nationality/culture, child-rearing/nursing care experience, and to learn and think about their own career and work style.
Friday, December 9, 2022, Friday, January 20, 2023, Friday, February 10, Friday, February 17, 18:30-20:30 (Zoom)
3. COMMUNITY *Related content
A registration-only official LINE account that allows you to receive information on companies and events that promote diversity. We will keep you up to date with the latest information throughout the year. September 2022 to August 2023 (1 year)
■Participation target person: Person who is interested in “working like oneself”. Job hunters, students, working people, company representatives, employment supporters, etc. who are interested in corporate diversity (LGBTQ, gender, disability, ethnicity, etc.) ■ Participation fee: Free (advance application required)
[Image 11d47512-30-ecf0f249bd004d415d9a-3.png&s3=47512-30-a6db32c692d21f1d9e96c0a5aa869d30-2566x2397.png
■ Participating companies (37 companies / titles omitted, in no particular order)
Accenture Japan Ltd.
EY Japan
NTT Group
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Japan Corporate Group
Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd.
Sony Group Corporation
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group
Nomura Holdings, Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Unilever Japan
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Moody’s Group Japan
Adobe Inc.
Kindril Japan Co., Ltd.
Google LLC
KPMG Japan
JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Shiseido Co., Ltd.
city ​​group
Shimizu Corporation
Sumitomo Corporation
Tokyu Community Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Century Corporation
IBM Japan, Ltd.
Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Persol Holdings Co., Ltd.
East Japan Railway Company
Bloomberg L.P.
McKinsey & Company, Inc. Japan
Rush Japan LLC
Robert Walters Japan Co., Ltd.
* We will inform you on the special site at any time.
■ Sponsorship (11 organizations / titles omitted, in no particular order) Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Ministry of education
Japan Business Federation
Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo)
National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
Japan Chamber of Commerce
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japan Association of National Universities
Association of Public Universities
Federation of Private Universities in Japan
■ Endorsement (18 universities/honorifics omitted, in no particular order) Aoyama Gakuin University
Osaka University
Kanazawa University
Kwansei Gakuin University
Gunma University
International Christian University
Sophia University
Chuo University
University of Tsukuba
Tsuda College
University of Tokyo
Tohoku University
Japan Women’s University
Hosei University
Meiji University
Rikkyo University
Ritsumeikan University
Waseda University
■ Organizer: ReBit, an authorized non-profit organization
About ReBit, an authorized non-profit organization
[Image 12d47512-30-92c4590cf1b7877a20a7-4.jpg&s3=47512-30-815916fd0aa1be41b2485a969a9efbd8-1728x1152.jpg
An authorized NPO (Representative Director: Miyoshi Yakushi) aims to realize a society in which all children, including LGBTQ people, can become adults as they are, by resolving the difficulties peculiar to LGBTQ children and young people and fostering a social climate that embraces diversity. , approved March 2014). Conducted training on LGBTQ and diversity about 1,300 times for more than 160,000 people at companies, governments, schools, etc. In addition, we will provide career support to more than 5,100 people, including job-hunting students and workers with minority characteristics. In 2021, we will start a disability welfare service (employment transition support) mainly for LGBT people with mental and developmental disabilities. ReBit official website: http://rebitlgbt.org
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