Certified NPO Shapla Neer = Citizens’ Overseas Cooperation Association International cooperation that can be d one with foreign currency, toward a future without child labor! “Foreign currency donation campaign that leads to supp ort for South Asia w

NPO Shapla Neer = Citizens’ Overseas Cooperation Group
International cooperation that can be done with foreign currency, toward a future without child labor! “Foreign currency donation campaign that leads to support for South Asia with travel memories” Implementation period: October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) to November 9, 2022 (Wednesday)
We collect foreign currency notes! Items to be donated: Foreign currency notes from various countries such as US dollars, euros, British pounds, Chinese yuan, etc.

The international cooperation NGO Shapla Neer, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in September 2022, collects unused foreign currency notes from overseas trips and business trips and uses them to support developing countries. A foreign currency donation campaign where memories lead to support for South Asia” will be held from October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) to November 9, 2022 (Wednesday).
After the foreign currency notes received by the association are converted into cash in Japan, they will be used for support activities in developing countries, such as supporting the reduction and prevention of child labor. Please put the target foreign currency bills in an envelope, etc., and send it to Shapla Neer’s Tokyo office. Now is the time to donate in foreign currency. Why don’t you cooperate internationally with foreign currency that has memories of your trip abroad?
[Image 1d54579-32-7552e57c4b2a04323634-1.jpg&s3=54579-32-95138c725b372e6cecfc79fe7dc8a5a2-1516x769.jpg
Due to COVID-19, the number of overseas travel opportunities has decreased dramatically in the past few years, but now, due to the relaxation of border measures in each country, the acceptance of tourists from all over the world and the opportunities for overseas business trips are gradually increasing. is in Shapla Neer calls for donations of foreign currency not used for travel or business trips, as well as foreign currency left unattended at home. In particular, the depreciation of the yen, such as the US dollar, will lead to more donations than ever before. In fiscal 2021, approximately 1.35 million yen in foreign currency donations was received from all over Japan. Why don’t you start international cooperation by donating foreign currency notes that are no longer used on this occasion?
What Your Donation Can Do
[Image 2d54579-32-150c2bfbaf04b9be696c-0.jpg&s3=54579-32-9c51909bf031aba82ca4e2ea5eca0947-2000x1125.jpg
Handing over educational supplies
● Chinese yuan 150 (donation equivalent to 3,000 yen)
⇒Educational support for children (tuition assistance, stationery, textbooks, etc.) equivalent to one person
● USD $7 (donation equivalent to 1,000 yen)
⇒ Equivalent to one bag necessary for commuting to school.

Shapla Neer’s efforts to promote fundamental problem solving ~Towards a society without child labor~
 About 1.08 million children (5-17 years old) in Nepal are said to be engaged in child labor, which is 15.3%, and it is a country with many child laborers in the world (ILO, 2021). The government of Nepal has set a goal of eradicating child labor by 2025, but concrete systems to eliminate child labor are not yet fully functioning. For this reason, Shapla Neer worked with local partner NGOs and administrative agencies to formulate a “Child Protection and Rights Policy” and an “Action Plan to Eradicate Child Labor” in Manahari Village, Makwanpur District, where child labor is being sent out. , we are working to strengthen the child rights protection function. Furthermore, in addition to awareness-raising activities for the entire region through workshops on child rights, etc., educational support tailored to the needs of each family so that children from poor families who are likely to fall into child labor can continue to attend school. We also provide life support for parents.
[Image 3d54579-32-0e5f48b1cd5e2abe6d20-2.jpg&s3=54579-32-754de8c2cdfd98618edc348359d8df4f-3900x2925.jpg
Local students participating in a meeting to formulate child protection policies [Image 4d54579-32-6001b6af55d8f6672f4e-3.jpg&s3=54579-32-3d0d4a6875b64d1ba3da3ba8283550bb-1024x768.jpg
Children working in a riverside quarry
Outline of “Foreign currency donation campaign where travel memories lead to support for South Asia”
● Objects: US dollar, euro, British pound, Chinese yuan, etc. ● How to donate: Put your donation in an envelope and send it to the address below.
〒169-8611 2-3-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shapla Neil “Foreign Currency Donation Campaign” Section
Shapla Neer Tokyo Office TEL. 03-3202-7863 (Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-18:00) ● Reception period: October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) to November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) ● Details: https://www.shaplaneer.org/youcan/sutenai/
* Donations will not be sent directly to the place of business. The foreign currency received by the association will be converted into cash in Japan through a specialized trader and will be used carefully for the general activities of the association. The collected donations will be used for all activities of the association, such as
administrative expenses.

About Shapla Neer
Approaching “left behind people and issues” where support is difficult to reach An international cooperation NGO aiming for a “society where the rich potential of all people blooms”
Established in 1972, the authorized NPO Shapla Neer (Citizens’ Overseas Cooperation Association) is an international cooperation NGO that does not belong to any particular religion, politics, company, or organization. Mainly in Bangladesh and Nepal, we carry out activities aimed at solving problems in the lives of poor people in South Asia, both locally and in Japan, aiming to “realize a society where the rich potential of all people blooms”. doing.
Main activities: 1. Supporting children today and protecting tomorrow; 2. Creating disaster-resistant communities; 3. Preventing isolation from society; We are working on support for “people left behind” and “issues left behind”.
[Image 5d54579-32-04cb81d99f6320b2005c-5.png&s3=54579-32-8e78920dc42150bb001764ff0b944aa2-1135x524.png
Standing in the same line of sight as the person concerned, working with all the people involved in the problem
Organization overview
・Organization name: Authorized NPO Shapla Neer = Citizens’ Overseas Cooperation Group
・ Location: Inside Waseda Hoshien, 2-3-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo ・Representative: Kazutaka Sakaguchi (Representative Director) ・ Founded: September 1, 1972
・Main countries of activity: Bangladesh, Nepal, Japan
・Main Activities: Support for child education, prevention and reduction of child labor, disaster mitigation and disaster prevention support, disaster emergency relief and reconstruction support, efforts related to foreign residents, fair trade activities, development education and publication activities, study tours, etc.
・ Number of staff: Japan: 18, Bangladesh: 13, Nepal: 6
・Official website: www.shaplaneer.org
・ Online shop “Craft Link”: www.craftlink.shop
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[Image 7d54579-32-43ce964fef2191fe4460-4.png&s3=54579-32-bdcb790e9b9c34c40246f39f68d9bd23-338x113.png

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