Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Spring color has joined the popular eye makeup series! Mimosa beige that shines in the sunlight from “Beige Tone Eyeshadow”, and bittersweet terracotta brown from “Gel Eyeliner”

Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
A pair of early spring colors join the popular eye makeup series! Mimosa beige that shines in the sunlight from “Beige Tone Eyeshadow”, and bittersweet terracotta brown from “Gel Eyeliner”

Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshiyuki Ida) has a 2-in-1 type of dense beauty, from the popular “Beige Tone Eyeshadow” to the new color 04 “Mimosa Beige” since its release in the spring of 2022. From the beginning of December 2022, the new color 90 “Terracotta Brown” will be released in stores from the beginning of December 2022.
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Introducing mimosa beige that creates a casual seasonal look in the spoofed beige palette!
“Cezanne Beige Tone Eyeshadow”, which was released in the spring of 2022 and became a very popular product, is a four-color eyeshadow palette that produces impressive eyes with three textures and delicate and natural beige tones.
The new color “04 Mimosa Beige” is a combination of soft yellow and coral pink, which is a special color scheme that creates a variety of expressions. While creating a soft and feminine impression with pastel tones, the shades of different textures make the eyes stand out. It is recommended not only to use the same color layered, but also to use a single color.
A terracotta brown gel eyeliner with a gentle warmth joins the ranks! The “Cezanne Gel Eyeliner”, which is soft and does not fall off easily, has a rich and beautiful color, and the “90 Terracotta Brown”, which tightens the eyes and adds a warm feeling, is now available. The oil-rich formula contains beauty moisturizing ingredients, so you can draw lines with a strong presence, and if you blur it, you can use it as an eye shadow to create a unified eye makeup. It’s a waterproof eyeliner, so it fits perfectly around your eyes. Resistant to sweat and tears, and even more resistant to rubbing, it keeps firmly. Contains beauty moisturizing ingredients.
“Cezanne Beige Tone Eyeshadow” ¥748 tax included 04 Mimosa Beige [Image 2

-Product features-
Exquisite color that adds a touch of casual sophistication
It is an exquisite color that focuses on ease of use and combination, centering on yellow and coral pink bases. You can enjoy various impressions with a single palette, such as using a single color when you want to enjoy a solid color, and layering and softly feminine when you want to use it daily.
Uses 3 types of beige with different textures
Three textures: shimmer pearl that removes dullness from the eyelids, matte color that creates shadows, and lame color that adds a three-dimensional effect. Layering different textures adds natural depth to the eyes. The lame color contains a punit gel that is easy to adhere with plenty of lame.
●Oil-rich formula
It has a soft and airy texture that stretches well and is easy to create gradations.
Uses highly transparent powder
Produces a sophisticated impression with beautiful colors that are resistant to dullness.
Fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free
Recommended makeup coordination
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Layered [B×C×D]
Exquisitely harmonized overlapping colors create a stylish face that everyone envy.
Yellow main [B]
Clear yellow with no turbidity makes it a seasonal look that is not too healthy. Coral pink main [C]
A one-tone pink tone for a clean and slightly sweet face.
●Existing colors
01 nuts beige
A mellow beige that blends well with the skin, and is a color that matches any makeup. Creates a natural yet striking look.
[Image 4

01 nuts beige
02 Rosy Beige
A sweet beige with a slight rose that is neither yellow nor bluish, and is easy to use regardless of your personal color.
It blends well with your eyes and adds a touch of warmth.
[Image 5

02 Rosy Beige
03 antique beige
An exquisite nuanced color with a balance between basic and sexiness, adding dullness and complexion to sophisticated beige. A neutral color that is easy to use regardless of personal color, giving the eyes a natural depth and complexion.
[Image 6

03 antique beige
“Cezanne Gel Eyeliner” ¥550 including tax 90 terracotta brown [Image 7

-Product features-
A brick-like brown color that tightens the eyes and adds a sense of warmth 2in1 type that can be used as an eyeshadow when blurred
“Oil-rich formula” that allows you to draw with a soft core
Contains beauty moisturizing ingredients
Contains hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), collagen (water-soluble collagen), and retinol (retinol palmitate)
● Waterproof formula
Highly adhesive and resistant to water, sweat, tears, and rubbing ● Reusable container
●How to use
・Please carefully draw a line along the hairline of the eyelashes. – Don’t try to draw all at once, but draw little by little for a clean finish. ・It can also be used as an eyeshadow if you blur it before it dries. [Image 8

●Existing colors
10 black
Versatile black with clear eyes
20 burgundy
Burgundy that adds nuance to the eyes
30 brown
A bright and soft brown that gives a gentle impression
50 pink beige
Plenty of pearls to create a loose feeling & pink beige that can be used as a tear bag
60 orange brown
An orange brown that adds a complexion and freshness to the eyes. 70 Greige
Mellow greige that gives a sense of transparency to the eyes [Image 9

Combination makeup coordination
Beige tone eyeshadow 04 is perfect when combined with gel eyeliner 90. [Image 10

Always safe, always beautiful.
Cezanne Cosmetics is a total make-up brand that focuses on quality and price that can be used every day, and puts safety and security first. The reason why Cezanne Cosmetics was born was the desire to provide high-quality, low-priced products to Japanese women. Half a century has passed since its birth in 1964. There are many long-selling items that have been on sale for over 10 years.
By eliminating wasteful packaging and using a common container, we have achieved a price that can be used every day. We do not cut corners on quality, we are particular about making all products made in Japan*1, we conduct patch tests*2 on all of our products, and we continue to make improvements based on customer feedback.
*1 Excluding miscellaneous goods *2 Excluding remover. This does not mean that skin irritation will not occur in everyone.
【Inquiries about the product】
Cezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0120-55-8515
(Monday-Friday 9:00-17:30, excluding public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)
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