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C&H Co., Ltd. Gorgeous autumn scent. Introducing new flavors using essential oils! High-concentration CBD VAPE “RICHILL+” will release “Grape” flavor on October 11 (Tuesday)

C&H Co., Ltd.
A bright autumn scent. Introducing new flavors using essential oils! High-concentration CBD VAPE “RICHILL+” will release “Grape” flavor on October 11 (Tuesday)
A little treat for your usual peace of mind, such as before going to bed or during meals.

C & H Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kota Iwama, hereinafter: C & H), which conducts research and product development of hemp and CBD, announced on October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) that high-quality plant-derived From the high-concentration CBD VAPE “RICHILL+”, which contains 30% (600mg) of CBD and essential oils, we will release a new flavor “Grape” that allows you to enjoy the taste of autumn.
You can purchase from the official EC site ( [Image 1

Contains 600mg of CBD! “Grape” flavor is now available from the premium series of high-concentration CBD VAPE born from customer requests.
[Image 2

The sweet and juicy juice of grapes is complemented by a fragrant acidity. It’s not just sweet, it’s a refreshing adult grape flavor.
RICHILL+ is a premium series of CBD VAPE containing 30% (600mg) of high-quality plant-derived CBD, which was born from customers’ voices saying “I want to relax more with high concentration”.
You can enjoy an elegant time with a gorgeous scent that uses essential oils for the flavor.
The refreshing and sweet sucking feeling is recommended for various occasions such as before going to bed, when you want to refresh, and during meals.
■ Development background
This season is also known as “Autumn of sleep”. Sleep has a function to recover mental and physical fatigue, and quality sleep is important for people who spend busy days.
In fact, it is known that the Japanese sleep time is extremely short internationally. Long-term sleep deprivation or neglecting sleep disorders can have a major impact on our mental and physical health. That’s why you need quality sleep. For quality sleep, it is important to create an environment before going to bed.
Sleep is the state of not being awake, so it is important to devise a relaxation method that suits you to suppress awakening.
For example, dim the lights, sit back and drink your favorite decaffeinated tea. While listening to slow tempo music, you can do light stretching or yoga.
Please spend a premium relaxing time with RICHILL +.
■ Product overview
[Image 3

Single item CBD Pod “Grapes”
[Image 4

Starter Kit (Device & CBD Pod “Grape” *Comes with hemp bag novelty) [Image 5

Privilege RICHILL + “grape” sticker

[Table 2: ]
RICHILL is a non-nicotine, non-tar CBD VAPE that proposes a “new form of deep breathing” that contains CBD, which is currently being researched around the world.
In order to use it with peace of mind, RICHILL uses CBD produced only from stems and seeds of hemp grown in the United States without pesticides for Japan. In addition, it is processed in a facility with thorough quality control, and it is an organic raw material that can be distributed in a healthy manner, having undergone component inspection by a third party.
We all have moments like that when we feel suffocated in our daily lives, or when we feel stressed out without realizing it. In such a modern society, we aim to be a brand that provides an opportunity to take a deep breath and encourages you to be yourself.
-RICHILL Official SNS-
[About C&H Co., Ltd.]
[Image 6

C&H Co., Ltd. is a hemp cleantech company that conducts CBD research and product development with the mission of “reducing stress for people and the earth”. Since its founding in 2019, it has started manufacturing and selling CBD products and hemp products. It was installed in D-egg, a university-collaborated incubation facility. We are working on developing more domestic hemp and CBD products. Company name: C&H Co., Ltd.
Location: 36-22 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1001
Representative: Kota Iwama
Established: July 2019
Business: Manufacture, sale and research of hemp and CBD products C&H Inc.:
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C&H Co., Ltd. PR
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