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Channel Corporation Co., Ltd. The number of companies that have introduced “Channel Talk”, an all-in-one c ustomer service chat, has exceeded 100,000 in about four years since its release. Sales in the first half of 2022 will g row by 102% compared t

Channel Corporation
The number of companies that have introduced the all-in-one customer service chat “Channel Talk” has exceeded 100,000 in about four years since its release. Sales in the first half of 2022 will grow by 102% compared to the same period of the previous year, and will continue to grow several times for the fourth consecutive year.
Rapid growth with a 98% introduction/continuation rate in 22 countries around the world

All-in-one customer service chat “Channel Talk” (Channel Corporation Co., Ltd., location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yo Tamagawa, hereinafter “Channel Talk”) has exceeded 100,000 companies in about four years since its release. I will let you know what I did. Since its official release in 2018, Channel Talk has solved communication problems between companies and customers online. As a result, channel talk sales grew 5 times, 3.1 times, 3.3 times, and 2.5 times globally for four consecutive years, and in the first half of this year also achieved a year-on-year growth of 102%. Currently, it is introduced in 22 countries around the world, including South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Last year, we raised 2.8 billion yen in the series C round, and expanded functions beyond “customer support, success, and CRM”, which were the main value provision areas of Channel Talk, to the area of ​​”acquisition and development of new leads.” From inside sales to customer success, we are making rapid progress toward becoming a tool that can contribute to customer success. In the future, we plan to implement an email/telephone linkage function, and plan to update it as a business OS tool that is expected to further improve the customer experience.
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Channel Talk, Background and future development of over 100,000 companies As a tool to realize a customer-centric culture, Channel Talk listens to the customer’s service needs and issues, rather than a simple inquiry window installed on a mobile app or website, and shares it within the company to quickly improve the service. We provide services that drive growth. Channel Talk also has a customer-centric culture since the service was first released, and has reflected the feedback of many companies. We were able to break through 100,000 companies. [Image 2

As for the environment surrounding business, 1) competition has intensified due to the progress of online services due to the corona crisis, and 2) major platform companies have tightened cookie regulations in recent years, attracting new customers. As a result, customer relationship management (CRM) becomes more focused on improving the customer experience and cultivating loyal customers. Furthermore, in addition to this situation, 2022 is said to be the year of 2022, when the global situation continues to be shaken, and the economy is said to have entered the “winter period”. Customers are becoming more and more difficult.
Channel Talk provides a tool to solve communication problems between companies and customers, so that companies can improve customer experience, purchase rate, and repeat rate without relying on advertisements to acquire new customers. , has contributed to increasing the number of loyal customers.
In the future, in order to solve a wider range of issues, we will rebuild customer communication by developing a unified function that links with email and telephone.
[Voices of customers using Channel Talk]
■ Anchor Japan:
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Mr. Saruwatari, CEO of Anchor Japan Co., Ltd.
By introducing Channel Talk, we were able to centralize chat management across multiple owned channels. As a result, we have achieved smoother responses than ever before, leading to improved customer satisfaction. In the future, we would like to use this tool not only as a chat, but also to efficiently implement measures from the customer’s point of view starting from channel talk. Anchor Japan manufactures products that value customer feedback, and we expect Channel Talk to be a tool that allows us to hear the voices of many people.
■ Rentio:
[Image 4

Mr. Miwa, CEO of Lentio Co., Ltd.
Rentio is a service that values ​​customers more than any other service. They had a very similar way of thinking to our way of thinking of Channel Talk, “If you face the customer, the service will be better.” Therefore, it was very easy to use as a tool. About half of the cases can be solved by the bot, so the burden has been reduced and we can now face each chat more politely. The template setting also leads to improved response speed. I feel that it is also an advantage that the user can check the chat history. In addition, since the statistics can be collected in detail and the amount of information is large, it can be effectively used for training and guidance. ■ yutori:
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Mr. Kataishi, President of yutori Co., Ltd.
I think that “channel talk from the fan’s point of view” is the only choice. As the role of yutori’s CS team, it is important not only to respond to customer inquiries, but also to listen to customers’ voices and solve fundamental problems. Channel Talk was able to solve both of the conflicting problems unique to the rapidly growing D2C, “I want to reduce the number of inquiries, but I still want to make CS in-house and listen directly to the voice of the customer.” By actually introducing Channel Talk, we were able to reduce the number of inquiries by 70%. We operate many apparel brands for young users, so I think the system of responding to inquiries in a chat format is perfect for yutori.
■ Living market:
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Minnano Market Co., Ltd. Representative Director Mr. Hamano
Compared to e-mail, the amount of information that can be obtained is far greater than that of e-mail, as you can see at a glance the page that the customer is looking at while you are responding. In addition, since it is possible to link with the company’s customer information, by combining it with the information collected by the chat, it is possible to automatically distribute content that suits the customer, enabling efficient CRM marketing.

■ JUN:
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Jun Group Director and Executive Officer Mr. Nakajima
By incorporating channel talk, it is now possible to provide an experience that eliminates the boundary between the web and the store. By making full use of our strength in customer service, we can enhance the shopping experience and promote purchases, making it easier to provide customers with an experience that meets the needs of the times. In addition, since it is possible to check customer information in advance, it is possible to acquire the behavioral route within the site and grasp the needs, which is useful for improving customer satisfaction.

■ Ace:
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Ace Co., Ltd. EC Manager Mr. Kitayama
In the mainstream of automation, channel talk, which emphasizes interpersonal communication, lowers the hurdles for inquiries and increases the conversion rate. Isn’t it probably only channel talk that can be diverted not only online but also offline? We are currently actively experimenting with various measures using Channel Talk. I am excited to use it because I am excited to realize an innovative customer experience that cannot be achieved with other tools.

■ Spir:
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Mr. Oyama, Representative Director of Spir Co., Ltd.
Many people say that it is important to face customers in software services and products, but on the other hand, I think it is also difficult to face customers seriously. Channel Talk is a product that listens to customer feedback, reacts to it, shares it with the team, and even proposes problems that have been solved. Product development at Spir cannot be discussed without Channel Talk.

[Channel Talk Japan CEO Yo Tamagawa comment]
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A company cannot grow sustainably if it operates a chatbot that simply aims to improve efficiency or if it remains a business that does not face customers. By listening to the voices of loyal customers and customers, reflecting them in business, and improving the customer experience, companies can achieve sustainable growth without being influenced by advertising or world affairs. Dialogue with customers is essential for any company of any size. Therefore, Channel Talk will lead the communication market while enlightening the importance of dialogue with customers.

What is Channel Talk?
In order to “support the sustainable growth of SMBs”, Channel Talk has set the mission of “solving the problem of” communication “between” customers “and companies” as the key to that, and has more than 100,000 companies globally. It is a business OS tool to be introduced. Based on the philosophy that “the answer lies in the customer”, functions such as “customer service chat” and “internal chat” that enable communication inside and outside the company, “CRM” that manages customers, and “statistics screen” that analyzes insights obtained from customers and provide a customer-centric culture that leads to business growth by improving customer understanding and creating fans through conversations with customers.
[Introduction examples (partial)] Introduced to over 100,000 sites, mainly EC/BtoB startups
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