Chatwork Co., Ltd.: News Release Chatwork, 2022 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Won No. 1 in the “Ma nufacturing and Logistics” Category by Business Chat Tool Industry for the Second Consecutive Year

Chatwork Co., Ltd.
Chatwork, 2022 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Won No. 1 in the “Manufacturing and Logistics” Category by Business Chat Tool Industry for the Second Consecutive Year
Deepen industry understanding and accelerate changes in business communication
Chatwork Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Masayoshi Yamamoto, hereinafter Chatwork), which provides business chat “Chatwork” (, said, “2022 Oricon customer We are pleased to inform you that we have won first place for the second consecutive year in the “Manufacturing / Logistics” category by industry in the “Satisfaction (R) Survey Business Chat Tool”.

The Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey is a large-scale questionnaire survey targeting only service users under the theme of “Informatizing Satisfaction.” The survey has been conducted every year since 2006, and based on the responses regarding customer
satisfaction, an index is created as the “Customer Satisfaction Ranking,” which is widely disclosed on the Oricon Customer
Satisfaction website.
This is the third year of the survey on “Business Chat Tools”, and 4,394 people aged 18 to 69 were evaluated based on the three items of “ease of use of the tool”, “enhancement of functions”, and “easy to understand customization settings”. carried out on the target. Among the 22 surveyed companies, “Chatwork” won first place in the “Manufacturing/Logistics” category by industry.
■ List of examples of introduced companies (manufacturers/manufacturers)
■ Introduction company endorsement
Yamamoto Seiko Co., Ltd. Representative Director Masato Yamamoto Congratulations on winning first place in the Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey in the “Manufacturing and Logistics” category for the second consecutive year. By using “Chatwork”, our company has experienced a communication revolution. Establishment of a cooperative system that allows quick sharing of photos and drawings of defective parts without restrictions on location or time Being able to look back later has greatly contributed to improving business performance. This led to work style reforms, and we were able to create an environment where everyone, including management, could finish their work by 18:00 and leave the office all at once. “Chatwork” is a business chat tool that anyone can use easily and, in a good way, can separate work from private life, so it spread smoothly at our company. We are looking forward to the further spread and development of “Chatwork” in the future.
*Yamamoto Seiko Co., Ltd. example page:
“Chatwork makes it possible to respond quickly to sales and project consultations! Achieved sales and profit growth for 3 consecutive years”
■ Comment from Masaki Yamamoto, CEO of Chatwork Co., Ltd.
We are very honored to have won first place for the second year in a row in the “Manufacturing and Logistics” category. One of the strategies in our medium-term management plan is the “Horizontal x Vertical Strategy.” Until now, in addition to the chat function that can be used regardless of industry, we have built a communication process that solves customer issues in each industry by deepening our understanding of the industry. Without slowing down and deepening our progress, we will continue to work closely with customers in the manufacturing and logistics industries, as well as customers in other industries, while accelerating changes in business communication and striving to solve all kinds of business issues. increase.
[2022 Oricon Customer Satisfaction (R) Survey Business Chat Tool Survey Overview]
・Research entity: oricon ME Co., Ltd.
・Survey method: Internet survey
・Number of samples: 4,394
・Regulated number of people: 100 or more
・ Survey period: 2022/05/14-2022/05/30
・Survey target: Gender: Not specified Age: 18-69 Region: Nationwide  Conditions: People who currently use the business chat tool for business (including side jobs) for 3 months or more and 3 days or more a week
・ Number of surveyed companies: 22 companies
・Definition: A communication tool that satisfies all the following conditions:  1) The main service is a text-based chat function
2) Tools specialized for business use
3) Individual and group chats are possible
■ About Chatwork Inc.
Chatwork Co., Ltd., whose corporate mission is to make work more fun and creative, is developing its main business by providing the business chat “Chatwork” with the No. 1* number of users in Japan. “Chatwork” has been introduced to more than 365,000 companies (as of the end of June 2022), including private companies, educational institutions, and government agencies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and contributes to improving productivity and
revitalizing communication in each organization.
* Nielsen NetView and Nielsen Mobile NetView Customized Report May 2022 monthly user (MAU: Monthly Active User) survey. Chatwork Co., Ltd. selected 47 services including Chatwork, Microsoft Teams, Slack, LINE WORKS, and Skype for the survey.
Representative Director and CEO: Masaki Yamamoto
Company establishment: November 11, 2004
Business description: Provision of business chat “Chatwork”
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