Chatwork Inc.: News Release Chatwork and KAKEAI form a business alliance

Chatwork Co., Ltd.
Business alliance between Chatwork and KAKEAI
Started providing 1on1 support tool “Kakeai” as a proposal service for “Chatwork DX consultation desk”

Chatwork Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Masayoshi Yamamoto, hereinafter Chatwork), which provides business chat “Chatwork” (, and 1on1 support tool “ KAKEAI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hideki Honda, hereinafter KAKEAI), which provides Kakeai
(, has entered into a business alliance agreement. , and will start offering “Kakeai” as a proposal service for the “Chatwork DX consultation desk”.
Chatwork is developing the business chat “Chatwork” with the No. 1 number of users in Japan*, and as a next-generation business communication tool to replace email, telephone, and meetings, it supports the improvement of business efficiency and productivity of companies. increase. The “Chatwork DX Consultation Desk” introduces services such as “Chatwork” that streamline the business of small and medium-sized enterprises and promote DX in various situations. KAKEAI uses multiple patents and technologies to develop and provide 1on1 support tool “Kakeai” that enables continuous implementation of high-quality 1on1 meetings (hereinafter referred to as 1on1). * 1on1 is not a meeting for the purpose of instructing and making decisions on work, but a regular meeting to support the growth and motivation of subordinates.
“Kakeai” is a cloud tool that brings out the true feelings of subordinates, prevents 1on1 from becoming personal, and establishes it in the organization in order to conduct high-quality 1on1. A high-quality 1on1 is a place where superiors and subordinates can have candid conversations, and where subordinates can find solutions to their problems and issues regardless of whether they are on their own or with others. In addition, it is important for subordinates to feel that they are glad to have talked to their superiors/that they feel refreshed. For that reason, for example, in this one-on-one meeting, the subordinates can ask their subordinates in advance to ask, “I want specific advice, I want you to think together, I want you to listen to me, I want to hear your opinions, etc.” By selecting above, it will be easier for the boss to grasp the true intentions of his subordinates. At the same time, you can reduce stress by matching the expectations of both sides for 1on1.
In addition, you can share the 1on1 tips and knowledge of hundreds of thousands of “Kakeai” users in a timely manner with your boss. As a result, the one-on-one knowledge possessed by other companies that use Kakeai can be used not only within the company, but the superior can provide accurate support and involvement without relying solely on his or her own rules of thumb.
In addition, in order to facilitate schedule adjustment, it is equipped with functions that eliminate obstacles to continuing 1on1, such as cooperation with Outlook and Google Calendar, built-in video calls, and management of memos and appointments.
By providing “Kakeai” through the “Chatwork DX consultation desk”, we support both improving the quality of 1on1 and reducing the burden, thereby activating communication and improving employee engagement. We will contribute to the improvement of productivity.
*This release is a joint release by Chatwork Inc. and KAKEAI Inc. Please note that there may be duplicate deliveries from both companies.
■ About Chatwork Inc.
Chatwork Co., Ltd., whose corporate mission is to make work more fun and creative, is developing its main business by providing the business chat “Chatwork” with the No. 1* number of users in Japan. “Chatwork” has been introduced to more than 365,000 companies (as of the end of June 2022), including private companies, educational institutions, and government agencies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and contributes to improving productivity and
revitalizing communication in each organization.
* Nielsen NetView and Nielsen Mobile NetView Customized Report May 2022 monthly user (MAU: Monthly Active User) survey. Chatwork Co., Ltd. selected 47 services including Chatwork, Microsoft Teams, Slack, LINE WORKS, and Skype for the survey.
Representative Director and CEO: Masaki Yamamoto
Company establishment: November 11, 2004
Business description: Provision of business chat “Chatwork”
Corporate site:
Download site:
■ About KAKEAI Co., Ltd.
KAKEAI Co., Ltd., which has a purpose of “Never undermine the potential of your life, no matter where you live or who you live with,” is the first Japanese company to be selected as one of the 30 HR technology startups in the world. As a “next HR tech” company, we are highly evaluated for our novelty and achievements.
President and CEO: Hidetaka Honda
Company establishment: April 2018
Business description: Development and operation of 1on1 support tool “Kakeai” Corporate site:
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