Chiba Bank, Ltd. Initiatives for “Chiba Bank SDGs Leaders Loan” for Toso Planning Service Co., Ltd.

The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
Efforts of “Chibagin SDGs Leaders Loan” for Toso Planning Service Co., Ltd.
On Friday, September 30, 2022, Chiba Bank (President: Tsutomu Yonemoto) will provide Toso Planning Service Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Atsushi Yokoo, Headquarters: Ichihara City, Chiba
Prefecture) with the “Chiba Bank SDGs Leaders Loan (Sustainability・We will inform you that we have worked on “link loan type”.
The “Chibagin SDGs Leaders Loan” is a loan system that allows businesses that actively try to implement sustainability management to set effective goals, etc. according to their business scale and business conditions.
Toso Planning Service Co., Ltd., the lender, has a management policy of “building homes where customers can live happily, for a long time, and with peace of mind” as their motto. We are working on.
 This time, as an initiative for environmental conservation, we have formulated a specific numerical target for the ratio of ZEH housing*1 in ready-made housing constructed by the company. By offering preferential interest rates when targets are achieved, the Bank motivates customers to achieve their goals and supports their sustainability management.
Going forward, the Bank will continue to work as a group to provide sustainable finance, and as a partner of customers and local communities, further promote initiatives that contribute to the resolution of social and environmental issues, and contribute to the realization of sustainable local communities. We will continue to contribute.
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