Chiba Dojo Fund Koki Hirota appointed as principal of community venture capital “Chiba Dojo Fund”

Chiba Dojo Co., Ltd.
Koki Hirota appointed as principal of community venture capital “Chiba Dojo Fund”

Chiba Dojo Fund is pleased to announce that Koki Hirota has been appointed Principal from October 2022, aiming to support and develop a stronger entrepreneurial community.
■Message from Kotaro Chiba, CEO
Mr. Hirota, who has been active as a venture capitalist since November 2020 when he joined Chiba Dojo Fund, will be appointed as a principal from October.
Since joining the company, he has played an active role not only in sourcing and drafting new investments, but also in establishing the No. 3 fund. I am confident that Mr. Hirota, who is highly trusted by existing investees, will be able to evolve into a more powerful community venture capital by appointing him as a principal with more authority!
Mr. Hirota, congratulations on your appointment as Principal! Let’s do our best in the future!
■ Overview of the Entrepreneur Community “Chiba Dojo”
“Chiba Dojo” started when Kotaro Chiba, the representative, consulted with startup entrepreneurs who had invested as an angel investor, saying, “I want a place where entrepreneurs can discuss management issues and worries.” Japan’s leading entrepreneur community. Only managers of investees can participate in the Chiba Dojo, and we have been working as a platform to support entrepreneurs with what they really need under complete secrecy. More than 80 companies are currently participating in the Chiba Dojo, and it is a place where entrepreneurs can learn from each other through training camps and study sessions to support the growth of unicorn startups that will lead the next generation.
-Company Profile-
Company name: Chiba Dojo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Kotaro Chiba
Location: Sakuragaoka Front Building 2F, 16-12 Sakuragaoka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business description: Operation of the startup entrepreneur community “Chiba Dojo” and operation and management of the venture investment fund “Chiba Dojo Fund”
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